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  1. william_min

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    wat talking u, kindly explain.
  2. william_min

    wts : 2018 finisher t

    AHM 21km, size S, size M, size L, $25 each SD 42km, size M, $40 each SC 42km, size S, size M, $40 each sms8620 0513
  3. Breaking: Lim Baoying & Rachel See finishing 1st & 2nd respectively
  4. I had voted for Prischew. For so many years, I feel that she had contributed alot to the running community. May we show our support by vote her, thanks. https://www.theperformanceseries.sg/participant/priscilla-chew Votes to date: 548
  5. Well said, ------ Pain is temporary. Giving up is what makes it permanent. Voted for u
  6. no selling of race slot

    1. yamkamhoong


      No selling of race slot...haha, but you can give away coz "give away" is not stated in the rules and regulation here.

    2. yamkamhoong


      We are not allow to use these English words "sell,buy,transfer"....it is so sensitive here.

      It is better to use Singlish such "boay,buay,whuay"lho....haha

  7. no selling of race slot