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  1. Hi, it's every Tue 6.45pm. Pls dun come on Thur.. hehehehe
  2. Guys/Gers, i believe most of you have seemed the Tee and try it out as well. Please indicate which size is your choice as we are ready to print. The sample we have shown during CBD runs are Ladies size S and Men size M. The measurement is: Women 'XXS' - Chest : 28", Length : 19", Arm hole : 17.5". Women 'XS' - Chest : 30", Length : 21", Arm hole : 19.5". Women 'S' - Chest : 32", Length : 23", Arm hole : 21.5". Women 'M' - Chest : 34", Length : 25", Arm hole : 23.5". Women 'L' - Chest : 36", Length : 27", Arm hole : 25.5". Women 'XL' - Chest : 38", Length : 29", Arm hole : 27.5". Men 'XS' - Chest : 38", Length : 23.5", Arm hole : 24". Men 'S' - Chest : 40", Length : 25.5", Arm hole : 26". Men 'M' - Chest : 42", Length : 27.5", Arm hole : 28". Men 'L' - Chest : 44", Length : 29.5", Arm hole : 30". Men 'XL' - Chest : 46", Length : 31.5", Arm hole : 32". Men 'XXL' - Chest : 48", Length : 33.5", Arm hole : 34". Please indicate on this thread what size you are having so that we can go ahead and get the print ASAP. Interested in CBD running tee 1. Tiwazz M - Size S 2. burnz 3. TLR 4. tohmin 5. brokie 6. bee 7. ronnie 8. kayano 9. LaserRunner F - Size S 10. terence0023 M - Size M..... :smilie_daumen1: 11. shutehelup 12. sxuanjing 13. tekko 14. stuck M - Size S 15. fennel 16. Roentgen 17. batx M - Size M 18. piglet 19. charlotte 20. tao F - Size L 21. Littletigger M - Size S 22. yankee 23. wensze 24. JT 25. hophlng 26. chacha 27. teelee 28. nikerocks 29. edwinchiam 30. -licht F - size M 31. terry 32. alvo M - Size S 33. chye kwee M - size S 34. jackohsk F - size M 35. sleek00000 M - Size S 36. imd M - Size S 37. yeehua F - Size S 38.
  3. Hi, Banana Relay 2008 participants & participants-to-be, i'll be dropping by at CBD Run tomorrow, so i can collect race entry fees. Pls bring exact $15 if possible as i might not have change. tks. see u all at the fun run.
  4. Good run everyone. All looking very strong & steady. Nice to see many new faces. Tks to Realrunner for keeping us at an average 5min 21 sec/km. We felt like a pack of Kenyans drafting each other in a pack..if only we can be as fast... hahaha.. Our pack followed the SCSM direction, whilst the rest did the reverse direction.. and Aichai's group did a shorter but fast & furious route. Rest well & good luck to everyone who's taking part this Sunday.
  5. even tho they recommend sprint 10secs, everytime i face MF hill, even run slowly also feels like i'm already sprinting... how to do 10secs fast fast??? aiyo...
  6. cool... how about throwing in some uphill 10 sec sprint intervals whilst doing the loops? hehehee...
  7. won't be dropping by in view of the downpour... sorry to those who wanted to pass their KL marathon registration form to me. Maybe you can drop it off at the Running Lab in Funan & i'll collect from there this Thur evening. tks.
  8. NEVER CHIO HOR!!!! The GIANT SOTONG has Awakened!!!
  9. got.. but she never run. decked in her shwee shwee clothes.. too bad u not there..
  10. Roonz, take care of ur knee... hope it recovers soon.. see ya on Sun..
  11. it seems the ladies are getting faster & faster... e.g. Meteor.. ran with her and she was doing like 4min 50sec/km pace... amazing!! Shutehelup was also running well & above his usual race pace.. i think like 4min 45sec/km pace.. well done Bro!! I sense some SGRunners getting podium position soon.. maybe at this Sun's Shape Run?
  12. tml all e mei meis not coming liao lik dis The FORCE is not that strong in me la... they will come cos it's such a great run together session :smilie_daumen1:
  13. mega hunk is not coming?? will miss him ... take care! i will miss u...
  14. sorry, won't be able to join this most enjoyable run tom.. u all take care ok? especially all the ladies.. :cool_grin: n guys too.. enjoy ur run.. will miss u all...
  15. Tks everyone for the great company & celebration tonight in the largest-ever CBD run! Each of u are special in your own unique way, & that's what makes this CBD run a truly sensational experience everytime we gather on Tue. :smilie_daumen1: A BIG SALUTE to all who were with us & we sorely miss those who were unable to come to join in the fun n laughter. The pics are up in Kodakgallery for ur enjoyment and remembrance of this really special event. :cool_grin:
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