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  1. This was my first time joining SGrunners & Team FatBird for a leisure run since I join this forum in 2006. It was an enjoyable run and scenic location run. Thanks to the organizer.
  2. IPPT, is a physical fitness test while serving the army.

  3. IN preparation of IPPT? WHats that?

  4. I used to run in TP, maybe you have seen me running there doing interval barefooted. Now I train there only when my hougang stadium is not available on Thursday. Say hi to me when you see me there.

  5. we will start at 6.50am this Saturday for the final Kingfisher 15km run and Newton Shoe Trial session - Venue: FatBird Nest, The PlayGround @ Big Splash. Please sign up here for the program or shoe trial -> http://www.teamfatbird.com/opskingfisher/t...rainingwk6.html. Thanks, I will try to make it since I dun need to rush home to send my kids to class. i dun need a shoe. :Big Grin:
  6. what time are you guys starting this sat (@BigSplash) ? I might be able to join the run this sat (8 Aug 09).
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