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  1. Williamteobc

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Every race I brought my own bottle. In 2016 and 2017, the volunteers at the water station refused to pass me the 1.5litre of mineral water or isotonic drink to top up my empty bottle. They asked me to use the half-filled cups instead, saying it was not hygeniic for me to fill my bottle with their bottle (even at half full or less). So instead of saving the drinking cups, I used more cups. There are always other races. Hence, this year I joined the 50hrs Non-Stop Run where I paid less than half price of EcoRun and ran double the distance; finished the 43km with satisfaction. Now preparing for Perlis Marathon.
  2. Williamteobc

    PCCW Global Charity Run 2018 - 27 Jun (Wed)

    Paid $35.
  3. Williamteobc

    PCCW Global Charity Run 2018 - 27 Jun (Wed)

    Registered liao
  4. Williamteobc

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018, 8 April

    RPC @KL Convention Centre Friday 4:30pm was a breeze. Pic showed race pack items.
  5. Williamteobc

    PCCW Global Charity Run 2018 - 27 Jun (Wed)

    Excellent! Gave 2017 edition a miss after returning SCKLM. Will sign up for a wonderful cause when Registration opens. Thank you Lonewolf for the heads-up.
  6. Williamteobc

    50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Registered liao
  7. you mean the needle they use in acupuncture in De Xing Clinic? im in the medical field and it didnt come in to my mind if they are using a disposal one... hahaha. anyway, thanks for reminding me. you can call them before you go to lessen the waiting time coz sometimes the queue is very long. Goodluck on your treatment and hope for ur fast recovery. cheers :)

  8. Thank you kaitii for the clinic info, I will visit the clinic this Friday. I am a regular blood donor and happy they are using disposal needles so that I would not be turned away for my next donation. Cheers