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  1. Free advertising for JBL😅
  2. For those who drives, remember to redeem your complimentary parking coupon worth up to $6 on event day using your race bib at the suntec customer service counter just beside the racepack expo!
  3. I personally loved this thread. Totally no sugar coating involved! In sg context, this is called a shit stirring thread.
  4. yc_hsieh

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    How come no more shuttle bus from Punggol MRT for this year?
  5. I want to thank the unofficial volunteers along the full marathon: a few groups of Japanese housewives shouting "gambatei" & a few drunken men.
  6. Still haven't received the FOC pic even though i have registered...
  7. Template answer given by Ironman Asia
  8. Hi Bro AutumnRunner & Fellow Punggolian!!! Nice review u got there!
  9. Haiz, feeling disgusted by the various cost cutting measures employed by SCSM through out the years. Gold labbelled IAAF!??? Far from it!!!
  10. I am holding a S-sized finisher tshirt, looking to exchange with either M or L-sized instead. Pls PM me.
  11. Thanks beast for the headup! Only just received their PM to collect it at their information counter 6 hrs slower than your update! Beast is doing a much better job than their volunteers! for beast!
  12. Yup, managed to collect 300km tshirt during expo but no sight of the 300km "collector" medal. If collection at the finishers' tentage, how do those volunteers differentiated between 300km or non 300km finishers? Via bib number??? Forseeing a logistics nightmare over this part...
  13. Anyone spotted U Sports booth inside the race expo itself?
  14. Anyone facing any problems when trying to purchase bus ticket like me?