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  1. Today's FR. And thanks to TKTAN, the "housefly" (read in hokkien), the rain came along with him from Woodlands. But despite the rain, it did not dampen the spirit. Everyone was hoping the rain would stop before 7pm. By 7pm, there was no sign of the rain stopping, so we went MAKAN@BK. Then talk cock sing song till 8.30 plus plus and call it a day.
  2. My friend AcidBurn and myself should be doing the 11.5km loop. C u guys tmw.
  3. Sorry guys. I jump ship today. Run at Velocity.
  4. Count me in. Thanks. Oh.. then how abt the barang barang service since Trainer is not back...
  5. So is the meeting place still the same? Next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Yes, u wanna join in the fun ? will try.
  6. So is the meeting place still the same? Next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.
  7. unable to run with you guys today. stuck at work.
  8. Hi all, paiseh. Need to give the anniversary a miss. I had a prior dinner appt at 7pm. AND just to remind everyone one that is bringing the food. If there is 20 persons turning up and there are more than 5 variety of food stuff. Do NOT bring exactly 20 person portion. Bring slightly lesser, say around 13 portions. I wun be around to help u guys hard sell the food tomolo :-)
  9. Are u talking about today (02 Jan) cbd run? If so, tonight run had been cancelled due to PH unless u want to run alone ? huh? Is it? I thot today on ..
  10. Hi all, I will be there. Need to sweat a bit. Had been slacking since last Saturday.
  11. BR Barley dun need to offer one! She just need to say, "anyone?" and a long queue liao. Completely boh chun wan. Sorry hor, I'm a IT person. Not into sales..
  12. It turn out to be a blessing in disguise for yesterday's gathering. Someone up there felt that we run too much, so water the earthy ground to deter us from running at around 5 plus. When most of us give up the idea of running, whola, rain stop and is time to feast! The Food Marathon begins! A lot of food was brought/ bought by the sponsors. After rounds of gorging, it is obvious that there is simply too much food. So I started to "hard sell" some of the items by going around serving the group. Unfortunately, the curry puff and muffins proves to be quite a challenge to push out. All in all, everyone had a good time. Unfortunately, I was late so maybe miss out a couple of the early birds? Dream and the DB duos? Cosmic? The group disperse relunctanly at 9 plus. I had to say good bye a number of times to really move away. Thanks all for the company and food!