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  1. oh... speedy recovery and hope to see you at the start line in Sep.
  2. Five (5) more months to go!!! The session to train for the nutty run shall start soon
  3. the problem is.... running long distances is ........ addictive. you will be back for more u can jio ur frds to run 43km together mah. this is 1 race u can eat, rest & run altogether.
  4. oic. then try the 43km category. but I believe u will sign up for 74km not long after u have completed the 43lm though
  5. Oops, haaa, forgotten about that. then better try something manageable for the time being first.
  6. alternatively go sign up for OSIM Sundown Mara, then work your way to complete the 74km Craze Ultra
  7. well, me too... i oso walk most of the journey too..
  8. Recently i strike a toto ($40). Does it mean that you might join us for this year?
  9. It's really depend on your fitness level, your goals and how much time you can spare for training. Speaking for my own experience, my fitness level is considered so-so and my goal was to complete it again. And I can't afford the time (and fitness) to do a mega- mileages or super-long runs... As such, my training peaked mileage was about 75km, and I have to break it down to multiple days (and B2B runs) just to complete the training sessions. Maybe the rest of the peeps can share on their trg plans. I also wanna learn from the seasonal ultra-runners too.
  10. Yes.There are water points but they are located quite far apart. Based on last year's conducts, they should be at the start point, Check Point 1 (12.5km), Check Point 2 (21.5km), Check Point 1a (31.5km) and End Point (43km). You might need to carry your water (e.g. hydration bag, belt or bottles)as the water points are ~10km apart. To note, the water points for the Sundown or Standard Chartered marathon races are usually 2.5 to 3km apart. Hope this helps.
  11. The registration for the event usually opens in May and closes in July, so you would have sufficient time to decide on the category to sign up for.
  12. I think I will still stick to 100km again for 2018. 100 mile is way beyond my league. And yup, time flies, 8 more months to go.
  13. simonleng

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    I put my phone in my running belt + I used a ziplock bag to protect it from sweat/water.