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  1. yup, time for easy training and superb body maintenance haaa
  2. objective achieved 3 weeks 5 days before CU2017. Time to taper down
  3. i concurred with your observations too! lol
  4. yup, 4 weeks and 2 days more
  5. had a sprained ankle a few years back, and had to attend physiotherapy sessions. the physiotherapist prescribed me with a series of exercises to do and also measured my progress. after 4 sessions, she tested my recovery and then declared me "fit for jogging". my suggestion to you is to rehab to strengthen the kneels, before you go for any runs. another suggestion is to lose some weight to reduce the stresses to the kneel. p/s - just sharing my personal experience, i am neither a professional or medical personnel, pls dont flame me
  6. Thanks for the tips, I shall try to clock a 35km trg for my 101km event this year then
  7. 50km trg 4 weeks before craze ultra leh, not well train enuff meh?
  8. taste better after u sweat for 51km leh... supermarket one not nice one...
  9. Here is my post wrt my training progress. Enjoy~!
  10. i am one of them who like the noodles leh Autumn, u should try the Craze Ultra noodles one of these days, very sedap!
  11. but it tasted good for someone who is dying from hunger ( i m refering to myself). haaaa
  12. no need to be better, i m targeting for a smooth completion.:) thanks but no need lah. same as last year can liao i mean the instant noodle should do its job to replenish my energy
  13. It has been extremely hot or cold for the past few weeks, I wonder what kind of weather are we getting in another FIVE weeks + THREE days times.