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  1. Paging for @AutumnRunner & @prisangel. joining eh?
  2. Hosei liao, should have enuff time to train from Jun to Oct 19. Seeya!!!
  3. I have participated in the 42km category for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2018 this morning. Join me in my recap for this morning race.
  4. I think there won't be video recording if I am attempting 100mile, where got energy to do so?? 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks. I thought I have started talking gibberish after CP4... Haaa😂😂😂 Wrt rain, I continued to power-walk in the rain. :)
  5. Sharing the short videos I have taken during CU2018. Enjoy!!!! BTW, Pardon my broken singlish. And do turn on the subtitle before viewing
  6. roger that. let me thing about it first
  7. wow, super inspirational sia!!! let's wait n see if they can confirm CU19 early. if really cfmn to happen, i think i will need at least 6 months to train sia...
  8. After seeing you completing the 100miles event last year, and u zoom past me this year.... i compared and thought that i might need a lot more training before i can attempt this impossible feat. true... will attempt it if i am defining this 100miler as a YOLO event for my life. That is 'if'... haaaaa
  9. What i have learnt in the past few participation is .... "Slow is Fast"
  10. Was contemplating to participate in the 100 miles in the event in 2019 ... I mean if there is gonna be one event next yr.... After completing 3 101km event in the last 3 years, i am still unsure if i am ready to conquer the ultimate YOLO challenge and be the super nut... Anybody can share how did they overcome the huddle?
  11. Just an innocent question... Besides courage, what else do u need to transit from completing 101km to attempting 100miles within 32hours???
  12. Hi guys, My short post on Craze Ultra 2018, and yes, it has more photos and videos, and less text. For your viewing pleasure. http://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.com/2018/11/craze-ultra-2018-getting-re-certified.html
  13. hmmmm..... u win liao... body getting old.......... anyway, we will try to poison you from now till the next CU. haaaa
  14. but the finisher t shirt might need to renew... cya you next yr fully agree w u. the checkpoints are really life savers sia.
  15. IMO, this is an exciting foot race organised for serious runners by serious runner. What I love about CU include (1) Nutty Race Director & team; (2) passionate volunteers who sacrificed their weekends (and zzz) to man checkpoints; and (3) Runners who never fail to inspire other runners. I am keeping my fingers crossed too...