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  1. Of Cos!!! Anyway, the haze was not too bad today and I did my lasy & final long run this morning. For the next 2 weeks, i will be on REST & RECOVERY So how? u joining us boh?
  2. yaaaa....... i woke up early today but can't run as it is unsafe to run this morning... haaaa will try again tomorrow
  3. Another 27 days more to next Craze Ultra!!! Rest well and see you all soon
  4. 6 more weeks. Just wanna share my Training Log for this event. https://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.com/2019/08/craze-ultra-2019-training-log.html
  5. seeya! at lest the heat is not ur friend yet.... the sun, the run, the terrain and distances are not my friends yet.
  6. Usually I will give this expensive run a miss. But then, it's so cheap and i cannot tahan and registered for FM. haaaa
  7. meaning finishers can drink more if they come back earlier then COT eh?
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