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  1. For me, I m quite an introvert and communicating with others for a long duration is quite "energy" draining. that's y I prefer to be "alone" for most of the run... 🤣🤣🤣
  2. 74 participants as at now. As for which side to run, i didnt recce this new route. should be correct as long as w run on the PCN will be correct. Cya!
  3. I prefer the 715h start off as 1. Start early and End early. Hopefully, Sunday can still go out. 2. Can start together with the majority of the nuts, and soaked in the nutty ambiences and be inspired by these elites too.
  4. I have registered for the 101km event, hope i can complete the event for the 3rd time. Anyway, we r left wif 2 months to train/slack. cya soon
  5. oh... speedy recovery and hope to see you at the start line in Sep.
  6. Five (5) more months to go!!! The session to train for the nutty run shall start soon
  7. the problem is.... running long distances is ........ addictive. you will be back for more u can jio ur frds to run 43km together mah. this is 1 race u can eat, rest & run altogether.
  8. oic. then try the 43km category. but I believe u will sign up for 74km not long after u have completed the 43lm though
  9. Oops, haaa, forgotten about that. then better try something manageable for the time being first.
  10. alternatively go sign up for OSIM Sundown Mara, then work your way to complete the 74km Craze Ultra
  11. well, me too... i oso walk most of the journey too..
  12. Recently i strike a toto ($40). Does it mean that you might join us for this year?