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  1. no diff to me for this year as it is fairly easy to recognize human and ghost. well, human wear mask and ghost doesnt wear. and to test if it is indeed ghost or not, simply cough loudly.... if he/she siam u, then must be a human
  2. Need to break it down.... My minister of home affairs disapproved me of running longer distances because I have not run anything longer than 10 km for this year.
  3. guys, check this out... sianz... https://www.today.com/health/wearing-bandana-or-gaiter-study-suggests-they-may-be-worse-t189066
  4. From now till Oct, i am hoping for easing of measures, perhaps 10-15 pax can start to participate in organised event publicly. what i have in mind for organised weekly is.... a certain designated running routes, and we can all run at that route at our own pace and share the experience online
  5. @RunningGuildJin Swee!!!! I hope i can join this event if i have the time I also hope my other predictions will come true too. haaaa Longer Mileage for the Event. I hope there would be another category for the running folks to clock 200km in 5 weeks though (~40km per week). I opined that 32 km per week for 5 weeks is quite "doable" for most marathoners.... Event Start on Weekend. Also, it would be best to start on 10 Oct (Sat) so that runners can start the event by clocking monster mileage on Day 1. Organised Weekly Runs. May be quite fun to break Craze Ultra
  6. Yup. And I thought Running Guild may be organising a Virtual ultra-runs. that would be very very innovative and interesting though. Haaa
  7. i have tried running with a buff..... wet liao still the same as fabric mask.....
  8. Haaaaa. no worries, i manage to find a plan colour buff the other day. hor sey liao, can run with ease liao
  9. Thanks for sharing. While Cori Mask was more breathable than the fabric one, it is not durable. I am going to get a buff mask for my daily runs right after the CB measures has been lifted tomorrow.
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