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  1. I think 100mile is a great jump too. How about 101km instead?
  2. Next year you can try and bid for the same number loh
  3. My turn to post the blog on my 101km experience in CU2017. https://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.sg/2017/08/craze-ultra-2017-completing-my-second.html
  4. ya, SCMS faces the same GPS issue too - running thru the tunnel + thru high rise skyscrappers
  5. Well organised and plenty of water/isotonic/bananas for the event. Think the flag off was slightly late and the gate was opened quite late too... Think a lot of the GPS watches got inaccurate distance due to the poor GPS signal in the city area. Supposed to be a recovery run for last week ultra, but the strain on my left leg reappeared after 7km mark and is a bit unbearable.... had to use the "run/walk" technique in order to complete the run.
  6. wah, ur trg plan too siong for me... i think i better stay with my own training instead
  7. pris, 74km ai mai? u, me , autumn and wonderfulblevic? think jerry might be running too fast and could join us before we reach the end point
  8. mine does. anyway, can share your training plan for your 100 miles??? maybe i can use it to train for my 74km next year
  9. well, i can't use your trick... else i might be banned in the future loh
  10. Your posts are amazing and inspiring. Too bad my minister only grants me the authority to run to a maximum of 101km. Haaa
  11. Recovering in progress. And I had been going out to do marketing with my wife for the past few days. And I am glad that I can still walk slowly despite muscle aching on both legs. haa
  12. Normal jog will be good for AHM As at today, I am still recovering from the muscle aches leh, don't think i can fully recover by sunday loh. ha
  13. I think 100 miles is out of bounce to me... the distance and the cut off time are beyond my physical and mental capabilities. OMG!!! You are strong!!!
  14. thanks. hope my legs will have recovered by then... else i will have to DNS AHM.