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  1. never say never.... we shall see when is your turn loh haaaa
  2. can finish good enough liao lah. if can poison more ppl to join me for this run, even better. if can poison autumn n u into the event, best! lol
  3. hmmmm.... will give this run a pass for their first year. Somewhere in my memory, I can still remember the unknown purple colour drink at the water point of one of the marina run... yikes...
  4. well, no choice, i only participate in 2 events per year nia. so i must ensure i dont waste the money loh... haaaa
  5. so how? when are you joining? my training scheudle is vague and general leh...
  6. 11 weeks more!!!
  7. trg still got long long way to go leh.... i pray hard not to fall sick in the next 3 months too. haaa
  8. 12 more weeks to the event cya at the startline soon.
  9. by the time i reach the end point for SCSM, think u already reach home liao! haaaa
  10. oh come on, ice cream will taste sweeter when you eat it as a runner haaa
  11. I can treat you Ben & Jerry Ice cream during the race, ai mai? lol
  12. I can treat you Ben & Jerry Ice cream during the race, ai mai? lol
  13. Just once??? sounds like an anti-gambling campaign.... haaa