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  1. i have tried running with a buff..... wet liao still the same as fabric mask.....
  2. Haaaaa. no worries, i manage to find a plan colour buff the other day. hor sey liao, can run with ease liao
  3. Thanks for sharing. While Cori Mask was more breathable than the fabric one, it is not durable. I am going to get a buff mask for my daily runs right after the CB measures has been lifted tomorrow.
  4. I hope everyone are staying healthy and safe during this COVID-19 period. Just wondering if anybody is running with reusable mask during this period? wore my government issued "cori" masks for my runs and had to replace it twice with the CB period.. They are indeed not very durable...
  5. nice seeing you too.... sad to say but my shin are still swollen till this day guess old liao, need more time to recover
  6. Haaa, I thought the video will be more watchable and allow you guys to feel and experience my happiness together mah. Anyway, speedy recovery to your sun-burnt, I am hoping for my swollen shin to become normal again..... Cya in SCMS 2019
  7. Haaaa, And I hope my reviews didn't disappoint you. As for the heat, i think we are staying in air-conditioned environment longer and longer, that's why we r unable to adjust back to the heat....
  8. Congrats! Nice chatting with you too. I had almost executed Plan C too, the heat and my shin pain were really a killer.... it is a sign that i did not prepare myself adequately for this race. well, i will do better next year ba! cya again!
  9. My Memories of this Event. For sharing just in case somebody is keen to sign up next year
  10. Nice meeting all of you during the event. I struggled & managed to reach the end point at 5am++ The heat was really unbearable and I was literally limping after both my shin started to swell with ~30km left... For this year, I felt defeated by the event, but I am really glad that I was able to complete this year event in one piece. Seeya in 2020 fir the recertifications.
  11. I am following my own Plan - Just stick to my own pace and finish it. And hope that there shall not "tabao" much pain back home. See you on Saturday!
  12. but you are also one of the nutty runners leh....doing a 23km run a week before CU2019 leh. power!
  13. Extracted from the CU2019 FB Page Check out your Craze Ultra 2019 Bib number & start times via this link: https://docs.google.com/…/1q24xqdygi3rvgbENeSFNqP93Jq…/edit… You may collect your bib number tag at the race start at MacRitchie Reservoir anytime from 6pm on 11 Oct 2019 Friday till 15 mins before your flag off time. But do note if you have any special needs bags(for your race-needs items) to be sent to any of the checkpoints, please deposit these bag(s) at the race start area by 5.30am 12 Oct 2019 Saturday. We advise you to drop off your special needs bag at the same time when picking up your number tag. There are about 230 participants so we advise coming early to pick up your number tag.
  14. to be precise, we r left with 10 days and 10 hours hor as for the wet weather, if wet only, continue to run. If thunderstorm, then better take cover hor. Safety first hor
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