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  1. dont have 100 mils leh... haaaa and yes, i haven give up yet
  2. ya, I hope to see @AutumnRunner and maybe @prisangel for this time round?
  3. Completing 100mile within 32hr is impossible for mortals like me... either the distance or the time will kill me.... IMO, 101km distance seems to be a "do-able" distance within a "do-able" 24hr Cut Off Time.
  4. huh? signing up earlier is to commit myself early in hope to start training earlier.... but.... i havent start any training yet.... cham liao....
  5. Application to be a Nut is now OPEN! The 8th edition of Craze Ultra - Are You Nuts? will take place on 12-13 October 2019, and we're looking forward to having you join us to Go Nuts in these categories: *101km (7.00am start on 12 Oct Sat) - 101km finishers under 22hrs qualify to enter the ballot for the 2020 Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run *72km (7.30am start on 12 Oct Sat) - new category *55km (5.00pm start on 12 Oct Sat) - new category *45km (8.00am start on 12 Oct Sat) NOTE: The cutoff time for all categories is 7.00am on 13 Oct 2019 Event Souvenirs *All participants will receive an 8th edition Craze Ultra event t-shirt. *All finishers will be awarded a special finisher souvenir. *The finisher tee & medal will be available as an optional purchase. Registration Periods Early Nut entry - Now till 18 August 2019 Late Nut entry - 19 August till 1 September 2019 Sign up now at: https://www.townscript.com/e/craze-ultra-2019-430142 Find out more Craze Ultra details at: https://crazeultra.blogspot.com/ Presented by Running Guild (SG)
  6. Last year early bird for 101km was $150. And I was expecting for price hike given the fact that there is no 100mile event this time round. Anyway, I have signed up for 101km event liao... Wohoo!
  7. Thanks for the update! Had been lazy for the past few months.... Will start training once I have registered for the event
  8. Paging for @AutumnRunner & @prisangel. joining eh?
  9. Hosei liao, should have enuff time to train from Jun to Oct 19. Seeya!!!
  10. I have participated in the 42km category for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2018 this morning. Join me in my recap for this morning race.
  11. I think there won't be video recording if I am attempting 100mile, where got energy to do so?? 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks. I thought I have started talking gibberish after CP4... Haaa😂😂😂 Wrt rain, I continued to power-walk in the rain. :)
  12. Sharing the short videos I have taken during CU2018. Enjoy!!!! BTW, Pardon my broken singlish. And do turn on the subtitle before viewing
  13. roger that. let me thing about it first
  14. wow, super inspirational sia!!! let's wait n see if they can confirm CU19 early. if really cfmn to happen, i think i will need at least 6 months to train sia...