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  1. Actually even FM radio...I feel that this time alot of ppl find SCM evening to be a nuisance and all the negativity from e general public... I also think it is better to revert back to morning race instead to prevent all these bad publicity..
  2. Although travel to morning race is also won't as be convenient... but i will prefera morning race as it is will easy to travel after the race when we are in our fatigue state. I also won't consider SCM next year too if it is going to be an another evening race... In additions, the road closure for this evening race actually cause quite a small uproar /complaint from non-interested group... With negative media coverage... not sure if will also affect the AWMM qualification... For all FYI, i just discover that there is a Johor Marathon at Nov 2020.. Instead of dealing with the c
  3. Hi if u wish to experience spectators cheering kinda of marathon, u won't experience it in Sg... the nearest race which u can feel tat is KL marathon. Based on my experience, spectators' supportive action in Taiwan and Australia are superb.. Nevertheless congrat to your first finishing!!.
  4. Actually when i first realize this year SCM is going to be an evening run.. it will be a disastrous event for ppl who not into such event... road closure with jam at weekend evening in central area when and where there are so many other activities going on.. I wish IM will consider to move the marathon back to sunday dawn time.. when there is minimum activities... On the other hand, they are aiming for the AWMM kind of thingy... they need to achieve certain spectator quota etc.. so they will continue to head on another evening race next year then more complaints will come... so la
  5. ya. if no kids are involved then it is concur that you save ur money for other races. Nothing fancy for adult to run or experience..
  6. yes totally agreed. e reg fee is on the high side. it really make sense to visit e attraction post race. i go with my kids annually n enjoyed e zoo or river safari. merchandise is good too.
  7. Reading all e environment friendly move on e cup, i decide to take my own recycled hydration pack to reduce e waste too. Doing a half marathon.
  8. Hi all, interested to run this year SCM. Might be too early to ask now. Any1 wish to let go their FM bib at good price due to reasons... please PM me for fast deal. No rush.. i'm ok till even till the last min as long as rpec arrangement is comfortable for all. Many thank.
  9. Ya. Running marathon n watching a marathon on tv is different.. it is pretty boring to watch a bunch of ppl running long on tv even i into running.. Don't even mention ppl who not into it...
  10. Do not attend SCM for past few years due to oversea IM... Wish to return to this year edition but i'm was "shock" that scm convert to an evening race.. I still prefer am race rather than pm... and saw u guys talking abt another race fee hike/.... now i starting to hesitant to sign up..
  11. running shots, running kaki, eye-see-eye-shoot, runsociety, run mo cap, runevent shots, sg running (personal page), chasing shots, tan kim lai (personal page), runcapture, sports snapshots, run gallery SG, lifestyle1881, run & capture, pixelated, runningpics, Leong Kwan Weng (personal page), seanworld of marathon (malaysian page), eu gene (personal page), sentient moments those highlighted are those Facebook pages with SCMS photos.. hope it is useful! Good reference.. Maybe u can appeal to admin to put it as a sticky ? It can attract more new runners to forum when they realised they can
  12. I'm admit i'm one of these cheapo.. I took 4 packs but comsumed 2... Now the 2 remain packs is for my race/ long training... On the other hand, if u do triathlon... there are so much gel packs that volunteers are squeezing to u as much as they can...
  13. To b fair there is a a shotz gel station with only 1 flav.But it was a samll table n alot of room for improvement...
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