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  1. To all runners, 加油!May the weather b on e runners side for PB!!
  2. Local weather forecast monsoon may last till the end of Nov. Cross finger and there is chance that the weather might be cloudy/wet during the race date!
  3. delldell314

    Ironman Western Australia 2018

    Hi all, Finally it is less than a month toward my race of the year.. This year i skipped a lot of races to save up fund and to fully focus training for this race. It is going to be my first FULL iron distance. I'm looooooking forward to race with post race review to share with all! Wish me luck for my first full-ironman! Thank all!
  4. Yes. The new route is something to look !
  5. delldell314

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    It is a race which i will KIV. It is consider one of kid race which more worthy due to the free entry to river safari /Zoo
  6. delldell314

    Safari Zoo Run 2019 - 24 Feb (Sun)

    Wish you good luck to get HKSC. It is a damm nice experience!!! Climate is fantastic for a marathon. Wish i can do it again.
  7. delldell314

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    I also think based on domestic quota.. commerical return is maxed out for 2 FM road races. Anything more it is hard to keep e profits rolling in just based on hardcore ppl..
  8. Based from one of my pals who working in SMRT, after all the train "incidents" which happen frequently nowadays. SMRT management will be abit more reluctant to undertake such tasks. You are right on the first factor on the less maintenance hours. The more crucial factor is on the publicity. Imagine news headline a major running event with xxxxx runners can't make it on time to the starting line due to train breakdown... It will be another disastrous headline for them to handle..
  9. With some oversea working/races experience in different region, i think it is much more toward a climate thingy, local population density and life style habit. Under a cooler climate, ppl will tend go out for outdoor activities. I agreed with you that based on our local climate unless ppl have strong interest or else most other will prefer to stay indoor with AC. When i in temperate country like england, seasonal weather enable ppl to just sit down at the park even at noon. (who will do this here?? ) Other than temperature, the high humid con'd also make sweating feel worse. Expect a crowd of supporters to attend a outdoor event etc under a hot sun... slim chance. (Q' for iphone/lottery consider under strong interest category...) Other region where a big race event actually able to boost economic and liven within that town. Thus local population will tend to be more supportive (even maybe 5% of the local pop attended as supporters, it can become a huge crowd) as it is out of norm in their town . Buz owner will try to make their buz relevant to the race/event in order to attract more customers. Sg is too small to even consider the race venue as a separate town and gain the above conditions. Lastly life style, physical activities such as running, yoga etc is growing its popularity. But our national favorite pass time is still eating. Ppl spent a big amt of time/effort and money to travel/queue for food. Other than feasting, activities (regardless physical or cultural ) won't able to spark up to the majority. With or without local authority support, my opinion is that it won't able to spurt much from public regarding to these.
  10. delldell314

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    wow seem to me that trail race events are increasing year aft year.. Anyway i not yet plan for 2019 races..
  11. Take care of your injuries and recover well.. Been there before and it is not a nice feeling especially for ppl like us..
  12. Oh change back again? Skipped this event for consec 3 years liao.. Can't make it this year too... Maybe will KIV for 2019..
  13. delldell314

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    It was very hot yesterday morning! Kudp to all who completed this tough trail race! I hope e post race treat is still as good as previous years
  14. delldell314

    Challenge Iskandar Puteri 2018

    Gonna to miss this cheapest half IM race around the region.. due to family commitment and saving my budget for end of year race. Consider one of my fav race. Anyone going and pls feel freee to have post a race revise here. Many thank!!