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  1. delldell314

    Challenge Iskandar Puteri 2018

    Gonna to miss this cheapest half IM race around the region.. due to family commitment and saving my budget for end of year race. Consider one of my fav race. Anyone going and pls feel freee to have post a race revise here. Many thank!!
  2. 1h37min! Very solid timing for HM!
  3. Thank for the link. Attend the event but i went for 10km run this rnd. Nice review on the 21km cat. May i ask what r u wearing on ur left wrist at the finish line pix? E Red colour thingy.. look too big to be a gps watch or it is really a big gps watch ???
  4. Finisher tee for 21km look nice for this year edition.
  5. Ran with my old colleagues in e 10km cat. It was enjoyable, smooth from bag desposit till e end of race. Hydration is well place n isotonic is cold enough during our time. Just that when i request for 2nd can of iso at e finishing line n was rejected.
  6. Thank! Totally forgot abt RPEC!!! .... I guess i abit out of tone from race event...Revert back to noob..
  7. Thank! Some major change in my workplace n end up i hav to change my job.. need to sort out first before i can resume bk to racing..
  8. Just signed up for it. Doing 10km with guys from work place. Been out of scene from local races for quite a while liao...😕
  9. delldell314

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018, 8 April

    For your reading pleasure, here is my post race review: Travel: Went for the cheapest transport i know, coach. Estimated about 5hr+ journey from KL/Sg vv. We book a hotel which just less than 1km from start/stop point. Hotel itself is not too bad and decent enough for 3D2N stay. For us, we must travel back to Sg straight after the race due to kids' sch day. If possible, runners can stay for 1 more day for R&R to enjoy a nice meal and entertainment. Currency exchange rate is still quite decent despite M'sia upcoming election. RPEC: Went over during the last day at KL convention centre. RP collection itself is a breeze. No queue for FM. Wifey & BIL signed up for HM and the queue time is less than 10min. RP: The usual stuff. Nothing worth noting. Expo: I think the expo itself is slightly smaller scale than our local SCM but still ok to get what you need. Price wise not as cheap as we think. (even with exchange rate) The usual stuff which on discount is gel. Other than that we just strolled thru the expo without any purchase except some gel. Starting: The best starting wave i ever experience for a major running event. Hardly any choke !! It is a the usual wave start with pen #1-#5. I usually like to start at the last few pen and chase up. It just took about 20min+ from first wave flag off to last second wave start where i in . I'm very surprised and impressed with such a flag off... No jam! Same applied to HM based on my wifey's feedback. The wave off is the smoothest she experienced so far. Route: The best part of the FM route is no ECP... .. (Joking). As usual for a major run event, the first 10km will abit packed with runners and some walkers. But the road is still wide enough for me to zip zap abit here and there to pass thru. No complain on the first 10km. Hydration point: If i remember correctly. There isn't any hydration point for the first 4km which is not really a issue for myself. After the first hydration point, the frequency for each station is quite high. Sometime there will be shortage of filled cup of water for the runner but overall still satisfied with the hydration. They even provide sponging at the later half of the race. The downside is that my wifey and i both don't like the isotonic drink. It just taste too sweet for us. There are cold waters at some hyd points. There are also plenty toilet booths. No worry if you need to go pp. Route: There are 2 points where HM and FM meet. I think it is one of the major expressway. Even both categories combined, i found that there are still enough space to run. Not too bad. There are some singing groups from time to time which is quite similar than SG SCM. Overall i found that SG SCM got much more cheering groups than KL SCM. Last 10km: To me, this is where KL SCM coz will wanna to "strike" you down. There are a lot of ascendings from 32km onward. I expected 2 elevations based on race guide. But on the ground, i just lost counts on the ascendings... Lucky there are enough hydration points where i can grab a cool drink and continue to push. For HM route, there are also plenty to climb. Based on wifey's garmin, elevation kick in about the last 5km+/-. First light/sun: I checked that the first light is about 8am. Thus not too bad for myself when i toward the last 10km of the race. During the 37-39km, I saw @prisangel running against the flow. I thought if she finished the actual 42 and still no kick thus decide to do a reverse marathon. I waved and call out to her to try to get her attention but in vain. Last 5km: My gps is showing 4hr3min when i'm toward my last 5km.. I was quite surprised and happy to see such timing in this coz and decide to fasten my pace to attempt to break my own sub430. No luck... I missed my sub430 by 4 min..... Honestly it is my first time to feel a little disappointing when i crossed tat finishing line. Nevertheless met up with my wife for a post race chat and photo... It is great that Wifey managed to break her PB instead! Overall it is a wonderful running experience for both of us. I can understand why KL SCM registration is able to be fully signed up in just within 24hours. Finishing point: We are surprised that the spectators' atmosphere is much more lively than SG SCM. They really go all out to shout and cheer the runners at the last turn-about just 300m away from the finisher line. Kudos to the spectators at KL SCM. Finally both our gps clocked more distances of about 1km+ more... For my own console, i was asking her if we have run more than FM/HM distance... she just to me.... Finishing area: Crew issued the finishers with a recycled bag and bottled water. It is thoughtful for organiser to issue finishers with a bag to take all the post race goodies. Apple,pear, banana and isotonic drink with the usual fin medal&Tee. The design of the fin Tee looked nice. (and it is ON sale please check classified thread) Bag deposit: Sorry that i can't comment on how the it fare coz we did not make use of the service. 10/5km: I did not realise till my wifey noticed that the 10/5 route is totally isolated (till the finishing line) from the HM/FM. I think this is another +point to prevent overcrowding. Recommendation: I will recommend to go for it at least once. Route scenery is not great since it is still another urban jungle however it is still a fresh take from our local SG SCM (and ECP).
  10. delldell314

    WTS: KL marathon finisher tee

    Hi to all, Selling KL marathon 2018 finisher tee.(mint) M size for $30.
  11. delldell314

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018, 8 April

    Can start to count down to race day liao... My last FM is sundown 2 years ago.. All the race fee budget last year went to IM70.3 races... Hope i can still run a FM....
  12. delldell314

    Pokémon Run Carnival Singapore 2018 - Jan 27 (Sat)

    REPC is on this weekend at Bugis+, TOG(Toy or Game), #05-04/05/06.. Remember gotta to collect them all !
  13. delldell314

    Safari Zoo Run 2018 - 27 Jan (Sat)

    tat is a good point for other who considering b2b
  14. delldell314

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Luck plays a big part to have a Finishing photo especially massive event... (Unless u r a pretty gal in sexy running outfit... Cameramen auto shoot many shots...)