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  1. Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 - 1 - 2 July 2017

    Saw running shots posted a quite photo and realised pris chew went for it too! Fantantic !! Await for her blog on the Gold coast Marathon experience and await to be poison.... Too occupied in work recently and hardly for check out here and plan for any race for myself..
  2. MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 2017, 15 July 2017

    Race at Puteri is delay!! Look like i may reconsider to sign this race.... Hardly any race for the first half of e year...
  3. Challenge Iskandar Puteri

    Very disappointed/// One of the cheapest half iron race around the region is delay!! The new official date is now 23 Sep 17.... Time to slack back////
  4. Hi virtual run... I think such business model is workable.. Yes.. I agreed most runners are all very seasoned and experienced racers in regardless of e distance/local/overseas etc. They don't require any additional motivation to push for running. We loved running here! The catch for your business model is to cater to the interest for the ppl here.. Instead of "medal", "spa and facial" , "freebie" etc.. I think you are offering the wrong type of reward to the ppl here... .. You should consider to "trade" running mileage for local or even oversea race slot!! For example, if a runner able to clock a certain distance over a REASONABLE period of time... He can "trade" with his running point (watever the term is) for some major local races such sundown or SC marathon slot. Then i believed most runners here will change their view toward your virtual running serv. Nevertheless the runner need to train for his race anyway.. It wlll be like training to participate in a free race! In term of registration fee ... u need to work out on your business model.. so that runners will find it cheaper to sign up for your plan instead of directly with the official race... It can even become international reward when runners are able completed a certain challenging task to win for oversea races, eg hongkong marathon etc.... Hope it helps...
  5. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Yes. If u wan to sign up, u MUST hav a active acct. Well.. it come with new letter subscriptions..
  6. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Actually as long as the M-dot organizer is involved, participants will hve to pay off the 8% active fee upon sign up.. Same applied to their IM triathlon races and 8% can be quite alot if u are sign up an oversea IM which is usually in USD!!. U also need to have the Active network account in order to sign up. Not sure if it is a contact between IM and active NW.
  7. DreamWorks Day Run - 24 Jun 2017

    Actually i'm one of the carrot who considering to sign up for my kids x 2... hahaha I like the enclosed race route for the kid dash. Kids will be running on their own this time while daddy is standing at the spectator side enjoying his cold drinks.
  8. WTS: Finisher Tee

    Hi to all, Lost my selling thread. Anyway create another to sell off the finisher tee. 2XU 21km 2017 Finisher. New n sealed (Male M): $20 Pls PM me to deal.
  9. Challenge Iskandar Puteri

    The date is set for one of the cheapest half iron distance race (with promo code) and also nearest to Sg.. Date is 22 July 2017. Did i mention the merchandise in the race pack?? U will be amaze !!! http://www.challenge-family.com/challenge-nusajaya/ Looking for anyone to share tpt to Puteri (and even accommodation if he don't mind too).. I wish to do this race with minimum cost possible this year. Wanna to try and conquer the running coz this time.. Its roughness and heat took me by down last year.. Pls PM me.
  10. MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 2017, 15 July 2017

    I agreed to that too! Compared to TNF, this long distance trail is very cheap.. I just realised that the date clashed with e Challenge Iskandar Puteri which is just a week after... Can't have these 2 long races back to back... Thus hopefully i able to join this race next year..
  11. 2XU Compression Run 2 April 2017

    i think overall e organizing is good from forming up till finishline. The only con is the staircase in/out from the ECP... it is muddy, slippery and dark.. so basically stop and walk slow during that section... Other than that e rest are just good n up to standard.. just loved the pocari as isotonic!! Hope more local races can provide pocari instead of 100+... Lastly despite of the cool weather w/ my best effort but still miss my sub2 by 1 min..... sian.....
  12. 2XU Compression Run 2 April 2017

    while mine is 20.99km...
  13. 2XU Compression Run 2 April 2017

    Thank to a forumer for giving a cheap deal. My first race since my injuries. Check on e weather n it mayb a wet dawn.. n might even affect starting hour..take note!
  14. Sundown Marathon Singapore 2017 - 25 Mar 2017

    it is just a normal laser printer output.. that is wat we got during zoo run.. quality wise so don't e b expect high quality bib..
  15. Sundown Marathon Singapore 2017 - 25 Mar 2017

    Encountered such vending machine during zoo run rpec. This idea is very good. It will b even greater to scatter ard island wide.. No to travel all e way for rpec liao.. ( which is bad for retail race sponser through)