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  1. Hi all, interested to run this year SCM. Might be too early to ask now. Any1 wish to let go their FM bib at good price due to reasons... please PM me for fast deal. No rush.. i'm ok till even till the last min as long as rpec arrangement is comfortable for all. Many thank.
  2. SDM is making mistakes over e last few years.. somehow i feel lucky or glad i no longer interested to participate in SDM anymore.. in fact e negative feedbk n mishandling is making me losing all e interest to go for it.. Read from fb.. participants abandoned e race at start line with no reason on y late start.. this is just bad!
  3. Ya. Running marathon n watching a marathon on tv is different.. it is pretty boring to watch a bunch of ppl running long on tv even i into running.. Don't even mention ppl who not into it...
  4. Do not attend SCM for past few years due to oversea IM... Wish to return to this year edition but i'm was "shock" that scm convert to an evening race.. I still prefer am race rather than pm... and saw u guys talking abt another race fee hike/.... now i starting to hesitant to sign up..
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    Hi jay, i'm tried to PM you my number but somehow the PM function don't work. Pls email me at delldell314@gmail.com so that we can communicate private.
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    Hi to all, **SOLD**
  7. If all remembered that RSN used to organised annual biathlon until one of the navy man passed away along with big news headline then they also cancelled it due to "re-look" at training pace. No surprised but may have to say good bye to this hotdog run which is super cheap....
  8. Considering to go for SD 2019. I hav been focus on the oversea IM races last few years that i been "neglecting" to support the local running races.. Any1 who sign up but can't attend, please feel free to PM me to sell e bib (FM) I willing to offer back all the merchandises back to you.
  9. Nice post! shall KIV for the 10km as a running date with wifey...
  10. Took part in the 2km challenge junior with my 2 kids. Maybe due to the smaller crowd, it enhance our running experience. Kids got more space to roam and enjoy the running route without squeezing. The strongest pro for zoo run to the kids is the running pass the animals which they can admire thus make the whole race more interesting for them. Starting off is smooth and weather is just nice. Yes. There is no cups at the hydra point. I bring my own hydra pack so no issue among us. The only awkward part is that race claim to practice environment friendly act but mineral water with single use plastic bottle is still issued at the finishing line. Can't comment too much on the only 2km running route. It passed thru some of the animals which good enough to attract attention of my kids. No complain. Finishing line is up the slope and also a good moment to push the kids for their final effort and finish off strong! That is a plus point for this race. Anyway will still go for next year as my kids still enjoy the water playground after the race.
  11. Not sure if due to the small participant size?.. Based on my feel, the crowd is just no longer as big as it used to be.
  12. PM me. I got 1 spare bib and if you don't mind just on participate on the 2km category in the family category. My wife injured her leg during her training thus she won't be going. It also include free entry to the zoo/river safari etc.
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