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  1. ya. if no kids are involved then it is concur that you save ur money for other races. Nothing fancy for adult to run or experience..
  2. Speaking from experience, it is not enough to think of getting and wearing a tight to hope it will do magic from injury. I suggest u take your time to build up the distance consistently and slowly pending on your body state.. Tight= compression is not the full story. The full post workout recovery is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. (RICE) if u wish to do compression.. remember to lift the body part to same / or higher than your heart level. (you will need to lie down and raise your leg in order to achieve Elevation position) Lastly usually pain is caused by inflammation thus the best way to speed up the recover is via your diet. Avoid processed sugar/food and eat more natural stuff like tomato or orange etc. Google food for inflammation and u will get ton of info. Hope it helps !
  3. if u got kids then u will know.. now the show format changed.. elmo become the main ad while big bird/elephant step back. it is a dffient SS from what we used to watch..
  4. yes totally agreed. e reg fee is on the high side. it really make sense to visit e attraction post race. i go with my kids annually n enjoyed e zoo or river safari. merchandise is good too.
  5. Reading all e environment friendly move on e cup, i decide to take my own recycled hydration pack to reduce e waste too. Doing a half marathon.
  6. Hi any1 wish to release their SCM 21km bib. Please PM me. Willing to give all the merchandise (running tee, medal etc) back to you. Willing to go over RPEC myself to collect coz wish to hunt for some discount gels.
  7. Hi all, interested to run this year SCM. Might be too early to ask now. Any1 wish to let go their FM bib at good price due to reasons... please PM me for fast deal. No rush.. i'm ok till even till the last min as long as rpec arrangement is comfortable for all. Many thank.
  8. SDM is making mistakes over e last few years.. somehow i feel lucky or glad i no longer interested to participate in SDM anymore.. in fact e negative feedbk n mishandling is making me losing all e interest to go for it.. Read from fb.. participants abandoned e race at start line with no reason on y late start.. this is just bad!
  9. Ya. Running marathon n watching a marathon on tv is different.. it is pretty boring to watch a bunch of ppl running long on tv even i into running.. Don't even mention ppl who not into it...
  10. Do not attend SCM for past few years due to oversea IM... Wish to return to this year edition but i'm was "shock" that scm convert to an evening race.. I still prefer am race rather than pm... and saw u guys talking abt another race fee hike/.... now i starting to hesitant to sign up..
  11. delldell314


    Hi jay, i'm tried to PM you my number but somehow the PM function don't work. Pls email me at delldell314@gmail.com so that we can communicate private.
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    Hi to all, **SOLD**
  13. If all remembered that RSN used to organised annual biathlon until one of the navy man passed away along with big news headline then they also cancelled it due to "re-look" at training pace. No surprised but may have to say good bye to this hotdog run which is super cheap....
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