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  1. Seems like ppl don’t read the detail of road closure. Assuming and accusing. Please don’t sign up again, since they give so much of negative view n feedback. Sign up for other race... I really hope the participation will drop drastically. Still many runners causing bottleneck.. thanks for not signing up again to reduce the crowd for whatever reason. Too expensive, Delay in race, no hydration or too far apart, no elm medal, isotonic drink, banana or gel not enough..kudos for not signing up.. keep complaining here in forum... really don’t know what to say.. don’t sign up, don’t need to complain...
  2. The delay was to clear obstruction of vehicles for the safety of the runners, i think it understandable. Safety of the run is still the top most priority I reach the station near GBB east with hydration being run out. They cater for the drinks but was not enough. Maybe they will improve and take note of this during next year SDM seriously, whether it ELM quality medal or not.. I really find it funny. What’s the purpose of the run.. - For health, to achieve a PB, to achieve a longest distance which u have never done, to complete at least how many marathon in yr life. Maybe this are more valid reason - instead of ppl posting in this forum, want a better quality medal, for finisher tee, cause Friend or gf jio me run then I paisei to reject.. all sort of funny ppl. Pls go to Carousell n purchase yr finisher tee or medal if u only have this objective.. ELM medal maybe customise n pay them to make one for u
  3. Actually whether it IAAF certified race or not really doesn’t matter. My Garmin recorded the distance was quite near to 42km or using apps like strava was also quite accurate. What I know of as long for FM if got timing to proof will be all right. Singapore FM - SCMS,SDM or 2XU Ultra marathon will timing to proof. HM - 2XU compression run, Marina run, SD, AHM, CSC run, SCMS But there are running events like Newton challenge- which are not organising this few years for whatever reason. As Long able to proof with previous timing will be all right. I believe using of oversea race timing for respective start Pen will be also feasible with similar condition. Even always heard ppl say timing will improve... but I doubt so. Cause it the same distance. Unless yr training really improve tremendously
  4. . I asked my bro, why you choose, he told me the same reason, because he can start early and so can go back early, a matter of convenience. Likedat is the reason not "bochap" attitude. Given the opportunity, why go with Pen C with highest chance of being cut-off? Thats inconsiderate - start early go back early and just to place in Pen A or B. Seriously i know a lot of this type of inconsiderate people in Singapore. Highest chances of cut off in Pen C? Not correct.. cut off at 7.30am By the way @james, at 5.5 hours, next time go for Pen B, so you can be made to be motivated to do 4++ hours because you have been recommended by uncle, happy? i already say i completed in 6 hour plus.. so not even qualified for Pen B, seems like u don’t read.
  5. Agreed. They should have record of previous runner participating in previous SDM and with timing and place them accordingly. Not let runner choose their start pen of A by stating they can complete in 3-4 hours... in fact they are slow runner and hogging the lane.. some Friend in group of 3-4 can even walk in a row and chatting..
  6. Pls to do anyhow advise people... Pen A and B is for fast runner. A lot of inconsiderate runner with a “bo chap” attitude is making the runner a disgrace. I am also a slow runner...i cannot even run at the speed of the “slowest” pacer of 5.30 timing. Seriously finishing at 6 hours plus is literally walking a lot and nothing to proud of. Ppl are running sub 3,4 or 5 hours The cut off time was 730am which was quite generous. Only Singapore race got this so long of cut off timing... pls read other oversea race... don’t be a tortoise in Singapore
  7. I think the cut off time is based on the Pen G last wave starting time at 530am instead of official starting time... they block based on this last starting wave which was suppose to be fair. those in the earlier starting wave and run slower than the cut off time won’t be penalised.. since it diffcult to monitor everyone. Maybe when yr net timing hit more than 7hrs. I think they should put u under DNF. I think they are not strict on medal and shirt since u know how much u pay for this race.. all this already included in yr race package. but I am surprised that I am from pen G and can overtake some of those pen DEF runner which start earlier and I am also quite slow. i thought Pen DEF runner are better runner than G runner? Even de prove also can’t be that lousy right. also this is the 1st year I ran on F1 pit building. Usually I start from Orchard. Plus they are the 1st race which play national anthem before start which I run quite regularly, then some runner bo hew just walk while playing.. I thought suppose to stand still.. I dunno if I am right. Plus this year got mamee and biscuits near the start of Golf course, slightly better..but I find it weather quite hot make me don’t feel like running, maybe can suggest ice cream or something cold instead... last year didn’t see it. But this year the isotonic and drinks are ample and cold.. really a plus point...maybe I don’t like to go up the Sheares bridge..which they didn’t remove it since the route was change.. If you are running at the back, u will saw 70years old running i think 219 marathon in 76 countries if remember correctly.. that’s really amazing at that age... doing marathon
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