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  1. Hi @prisangel, thank you for your enquiry. As of now, there's no confirmation on the Milo van at the run carnival. You may check in with us again nearer the event date. ?
  2. That's the spirit ?! We reallly hope to see you there at the run next year, @kclschin ?
  3. Dear wonderfulblevic, Thank you for your comment. Please note that as there are limited number of shuttle buses to be deployed, the pick-up points are designated to areas that are more populated on the island. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. Ouhh we're feeling the heat now! Counting down to the last 7 days before early bird ends this Sunday, 30 June! Come join us as we run through the gates of the old Changi Prison wall this September. Do encourage your family and friends to join as well! Watch our space at www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg for more details on the run. ?
  5. It's the moment you've been waiting for! Early bird registration is out from now till 30th June. This year, we introduce the social rebate referral where you can be entitled to rebates by sharing your referral link with at least 5 friends after registration! Encourage your family and friends to register at www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg now!
  6. Heya folks! It's already May and yes, early bird registration is just around the corner. Let's keep this hype up and continue to stay tune for more deets!
  7. Hi bookie, Our most sincere apologies as currently, we do not have any promo codes or discounts for forum readers. However, do watch out for updates on the run on Yellow Ribbon FB and IG page!
  8. Run With Us - 15 Sep 2019 Registration opens in May 2019. Stay tuned!
  9. Hi ZZIZZ, Our apologies for the confusion. We are trying our best to resolve this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ?
  10. Hi lonewolf, Our apologies for the confusion. We are trying our best to resolve this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ?
  11. Hi Stephanie! We are happy to see that you are enthusiastic about the run! Stay tuned for the registration that starts in May 2019. Catch the Early Bird promo and do encourage your friends and family as well. Thank you for your support! ?
  12. Early bird rates are ending 22nd July!

    Sign up now at www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg if you don't want to miss supporting a good cause at a better price! 



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