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  1. I also wonder why medal so big, until reached home, then saw the Name and Finish Time boxes behind, then go FB and saw the post about "Engrave your medals at the Merchandise Tent".
  2. Enthusiastic volunteers - you are right ! I like West Coast Highway for a change ! And I looked out for cable cars, none in sight. I don't mind the long walk too, but also feeling horrified at the same time ' I am further, and further, and further away from the MRT'. 'Coz many times queue for massage then while consuming all the food and drinks, must carry the garbage and move along, this time no need - banana and drink gone and into rubbish bin before reaching massage queue Muscle rub, wish more stations have them ( or maybe I didn't look hard enough ).
  3. Thinking, shall not bother to go down and exchange for smaller size. May just sew up the bottom and turn it into a recycle bag, become Singapore Marathon merchandise.😉
  4. pebbles

    OSIM Sundown Marathon - 1 June 2019

    Their FB says "stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out when you will be able to register online!"
  5. I have a problem with the neck line, feel like wearing the other event-T to tell them how an event-T should be like. Same size as last year but the neck line 🙄
  6. This number also found on the sticker for Gear Bag, could it be the truck / lane for Gear Bag ?
  7. pebbles

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    "Those looking for your nett time will need to click on your name to get the detailed spilt and race time (ie net time)" At the bottom of the table, the position would be based on net time I think, 'coz I'm in wave 1 and my ranking dropped from 1xx to 2xx. Still get to know ranking based on net time.