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  1. I am in trouble. Only done up to 19km for LSD so far since completing running Berlin marathon in late Sep. My longest run will probably be 25-28km. Hope to make it under 6h.
  2. Late reply but I understand that as long as near train station would be good enough. Our bib gives us free transport on the actual run day. See you in 3 weeks time!
  3. I gave up after the 30km mark due to heat and finished at 5:16. I found myself placed 2821 among 9388 (nett time). That is exactly 30% percentile. My colleague finished at 5:49 and his position is 4440. That is 47.3% I wonder how many did not complete the race.
  4. Check your results. https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/races/15270/
  5. Kudos to the organizer. The water points were long and was well stocked. The volunteers did a very good job. The new route was refreshing. The viaduct was wide and could fit both FM and HM runners easily.
  6. Yep. It was hot and too hot for me. Lack of training due to illness and unable to sleep last night took its toil. Next time, I am going to take melatonin. And I have a bad tolerance for heat. Did walk run after 30km. I do like to run on the bridge. With the elevation, it was more breezy.
  7. I guess everyone is bringing an extra set of dry clothes, including underwear. Now I get to tell people what underwear I am wearing. What a freaking joke. Whether they like it or not, there will be other plastic bags in it to keep the wet clothes (eg. NTUC) and it will not be transparent. Sigh...I am wondering if this race is planned by non-runners.
  8. Cannot put a bag inside the transparent bag? How am I going to put my flip-flops in? And I hate carrying my hp as it is extra weight. I am taking Grab to the starting line. I never encounter such situations in overseas marathons.
  9. The link came up at around 4:05 pm. I was already trying at 3:50 pm. I had a bad experience last year when the link came up before 4 pm and I missed it. They use the Queue-IT software. The queue indicator was moving but my hopes were not high. I was surprised when the registration page appeared.
  10. I managed to get one of the 1,000 charity places. So, I am going!
  11. Congrats to those who managed to get selected. I did not get into Berlin 2019. So, it is 3 rejections (Tokyo, London and Berlin) for me.
  12. I have been sick for past 2 weeks. Longest run so far is 24km 2 weeks and then literally stopped running due to viral fever and cough. Training programme went out of the window. I started to feel better and I did 15km yesterday evening. Felt ok and not tired. Will do 25-28km on Friday. I hope I am fit enough for next Sunday.
  13. Registered. Failed to get it for 2018. I really need some luck after failing to get Tokyo and London for 2019.
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