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  1. Yep. Was thinking of moving to Suunto 5. But I am in the Civil Service and today’s announcement has just stopped me from my purchase.
  2. Anybody's GPS managed to tracked the distance properly? My Fenix 3HR tracked 45km - same problem as last year. I wonder if there is any GPS watch can track the distance correctly in city areas.
  3. I already anticipated. Fortunately, I got a car and I parked at Suntec. Cost me $3.90 in parking fees. I did wonder how those without cars get home.
  4. Morning run for me too. I never felt so drained after 21km. The humidity was too much. I should be going for Chicago 2020, which is on 11 Oct 2020. After 2 weeks rest, I don't think I can clock sufficient the mileage to get a good run for SCSM. To qualify for the 300km club, I don't have to run a FM, right?
  5. Given the finishing times of the elites, I think it will go back to a morning day race next year. I hope the 5:15hr pacer who fell out at the Marina Barrage bridge is ok. He nearly collapsed and was attended to by medics.
  6. Actually, it is the return journey that does not suit me. Where I stay, the nearest MRT is Lor Chuan MRT and it is 1km away. ShareTransport does not go there. Bishan is the next MRT and it is about 2km from my place. Walking with limp legs at 2:30 am for 2 km is just not for me.
  7. Ya. I am driving. I do not expect myself to finish before 12 midnight. Still got scratchy throat and a bit of sniffles. And the longest I ran is 26km. ShareTransport stop is still too far for me and it is a long walk for me in the night.
  8. Oh man. Got scratchy throat and feeling a bit off and tired. 3 days from FM. What should I do?
  9. Of coz. It is just a wish. I hope for sunny and cool when I did Berlin marathon in Sep. Ended up with persistent rain and 14 deg C temperature..
  10. Cool is OK. Rain is not OK. I hate soggy, heavy shoes and the blisters that follow.
  11. I am in trouble. Only done up to 19km for LSD so far since completing running Berlin marathon in late Sep. My longest run will probably be 25-28km. Hope to make it under 6h.
  12. Late reply but I understand that as long as near train station would be good enough. Our bib gives us free transport on the actual run day. See you in 3 weeks time!
  13. The link came up at around 4:05 pm. I was already trying at 3:50 pm. I had a bad experience last year when the link came up before 4 pm and I missed it. They use the Queue-IT software. The queue indicator was moving but my hopes were not high. I was surprised when the registration page appeared.
  14. I managed to get one of the 1,000 charity places. So, I am going!
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