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  1. Madmax

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    I guess it is the time to manage the servers and so on. Not easy if you have a full time job and family.
  2. Madmax

    Fenix 5x firmware update

    Are you not supposed to update it using Garmin Express?
  3. Madmax

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Thanks for the offer, but it is not necessary. My bib was given by someone else. So, I already got a free run. I am just surprised at their attitude. There will be leftover medals and it will be disposed off. So, they could taken my name down and contact me later.
  4. Madmax

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    My garmin showed 21.47km. But then it is not a gold class event. So, the actual distance may not be accurate either. Overall, it was ok. I checked into the race pen at 4:15 but ended up in the last wave. Wave 4 and 5 started together at about 5:10. MC said there was some issue but I could not make out what he said. On a personal note, I was careless and dropped the medal. Tried to make my way back but stopped by security. Then they asked me to go to information counter to ask for a replacement medal. I went there and they tell me everyone is entitled to one only. The tone I got from them was “Since you lost it, it is your problem”. I admit being careless, but I never asked for a replacement medal and security refused to let me look for it. Such a letdown.
  5. Madmax

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018, 8 April

    Still available under foreigner category. SGD$60 for 42km, $55 for 21km.
  6. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    I did it in 2013 and 2017. If you are on the fence, don't hesitate! I am skipping 2018. So, I can wish all those who register - Good Luck!
  7. Madmax

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017 - 1 - 2 July 2017

    In terms of this forum, maybe the 2 of you. But the Scoot flight will be full of SG runners.
  8. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Not sure if anyone has tried that. Maybe someone can shed some light. The worst thing that can happened is that he flies all the way to Tokyo and they refuse to provide him with the bib. Taken from the rules and regulations: (8) Participation by an individual other than the applicant (proxy entrant, transferred rights), and deferment of their entries to the next year is not permitted. To put the right of entry or the Number Card up for auction is strictly prohibited. Participation shall be disqualified in any of the above cases, and the entry fee shall not be refunded. Even if I did pay up and they send me an entry card, they check my passport and my entry card when I collect at the race expo. So, things may go wrong.
  9. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    It is not transferable.
  10. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    It is Tokyo marathon week. To those who are participating, good luck. Enjoy the atmosphere!
  11. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Yes. The expo is huge. Lots of Asics shoes on display. You can buy your commemorative tee as well. Back in 2013, they gave out ice-cold alcohol-free beer too.
  12. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    2013 was the 1st year TM became a major marathon. During then, the chances of getting it were already 1 in 10. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/02/sports/tokyo-will-be-added-as-sixth-major-marathon.html I do suspect slightly better chances are given to newcomers. My friend was successful for TM 2016 and he is a first timer to TM. When my bro and I balloted for 2013, both of us got it and ran together. To those who got in, congratulations and never give up the slot. It is like winning the lottery. For those who did not get it, better luck next time! Me included...
  13. Madmax

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Wow. Getting 3 Tokyo marathons successful ballots consecutively!!! You are very lucky. I have not been able to get a slot since my virgin TM run in 2013. Now got to wait till Aug 2016 to try to ballot for 2017.
  14. Madmax

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Yes....no more finisher tee. I never wear them anyway.
  15. Madmax

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Disagree ! Do not DNF those real runners (incurred injury during the race or due to some other reasons) that indeed spent many hours to complete the whole race route such as Uncle Chan, the 84 years old oldest marathoner as long as deem accepted by the race organizer ! Agree with that. If you did not cheat, no one will call you a cheater. You want to try running at age 84? Give some people credit for their guts.