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  1. i never knew there is "forced volunteering" nowadays...If the matter gets big, MOM might get drag in. How can the school force students to volunteer for a paid event like Standard Chart ? Something is'nt right ! More rotten worms are starting to dig out from the can... https://alvinology.com/2017/12/06/ironman-singapore-volunteers-complain-poor-coordination-lack-food-event-even-officially-registered-participate/
  2. Here is one more report, exposing IronMan leeching on cheap cheap Polytechnic students, the students actually never volunteered but "forced to volunteer" ! Luckily we have social media nowadays..... What happened during the marathon? Daryl said that they were required to “volunteer” for this event by their school, to be able to complete their Midsemester Evaluation. According to him, he did not register at the event itself, and expected that his school handled all the arrangements. https://alvinology.com/2017/12/06/ironman-singapore-volunteers-complain-poor-coordination-lack-food-event-even-officially-registered-participate/
  3. I think they have a group of committee that does collect feedbacks and improvements, but to me the group isn't that established, i realized one thing, they tried to improve but somehow they caused another problem, i remembered in past editions, they placed the baggage counter at the floating platform, people complained that after finishing at Padang, they still have to walk a real long distance to the baggage collection point, so this year, they put it extremely near to the race site, however, another problem came out, they didn't cater enough vans to bring it to the finish point ! Then they placed the 21km and 42km altogether at Orchard, thinking they can handle the massive amount of people, to me this kinda failed, there was no MRT service that can bring runners there, so most runners took the catered bus, but the buses jam up the place. And taxing the baggage counters with so many runners to deposit the bags, they should revert to the 21km start point at Sentosa like previous editions, this will flee up the place, and runners will have more place to run. (at least for the earlier part of the race). Then they came come with the "empty your bag" into 2 plastic bag thingy this year, if there are so many thousands of runners, they should have used the scan bag system like in the Army half marathon, but no. They thought the few student volunteers that station at the baggage deposit can handle...this failed too. For the finisher tees, (To me) being a big company, they should have printed more tees, saving your reputation is more important than saving cost, but it appears that they print only limited Tee sizes, like example, i just quote a random example, 500 runners going for size L, i print extra 100, those that are not distributed, they can keep and give it to the 2018 sign up, like what cheapskate Sundown always do, give the past year singlets/tees to "tempt" people to sign up for next year's Sundown. Ironman never did that, they just printed just enough Tees. (Printing more tee will solve the first come first serve logic too). Finally the merger of the 21km, 10km and 42km runners problem always exist, they never improve on this, since the past editions. Last but not least, i still insist that the Standard Chart should be held at the national stadium, (at least try once), holding it at the national stadium, u can have everything there all sheltered, And if National Stadium is not for a huge Sporting event like 50,000 runners, i really got nothing to say. And the National stadium is in the center of the marathon route, u can easily plan the usual route to ECP, then to city etc..its not out of the way. i knew u all will say, Expensive, costing etc, but think about it, they say our Standard Chart is iconic, just like F1 racing, they attract all the foreigners, the government is willing to pump in money and show case Singapore, why not standard chart marathon that also attract foreigner runners ? Maybe even attract more foreigners to come than F1 racing ! Singapore government can do something about Standard Chart Marathon too ! (as in sponsorship) Then u see..our National stadium aka Sports Hub is always empty and huge white elephant with no events...
  4. That’s why they say we have “controlled media” haha...They can sugar coat the reviews but they can’t delete all the comments in Social media and the runners unhappiness. To me this will backfired causing more unhappiness. Like the recent MRT breakdowns, yet they report we are satisfied with the MRTs. They will have lesser participants if they cheats the review. Black can write until white review wun earn respects from the running community.
  5. It’s totally wrong to commercialised the sports hub, some more it’s still bear the name “National Stadium” if it’s not for the nation, then dun call it National Stadium, shame on u! it’s been a white elephant for a Long time, and Standard Chart marathon having so many participants, it will be fully utilised. Singapore government should step in or collaborate with standard chart to do something to promote sports and wellness. Not money money money all the time.
  6. I think is high time to make use of our national stadium to host the Standard Chart marathon, I mean...it makes sense right? Singapore biggest sporting event, dun use Singapore's Best, then when ? I mean u can use it for those Singapore soccer matches with so few audience, why dun use it for our ironic marathon ? The sport hub is basically a white elephant now, with so little events held there. Ironman, u can really consider this !
  7. AdiZero

    Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2018

    haha..just joking ar Bro, enjoy the run !!
  8. AdiZero

    Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2018

    Bro, did u check if this Hotel is clean or not? haha...many Thailand hotel are rumored to have ghost haha...
  9. To add on to my above comments..Baggage is a must for many ! I still see people commenting in Facebook that "Run light Run light, Who ask u bring bag to races" Ya...U can run light, dun bring anything, but not for some, One can't be selfish and presume what u do equals to what other does, Even bring a small bag that small bag also need to be deposited, so the size of the bag doesn't really matters, u still have to deposit it some how ! Running a full marathon, is like 5-6hrs, your body literally stinks badly with sweat and the track shoes are soaked with sweat, many needs a spare tee to change or wear slippers home to take public transport home. My 2 cents thought to those who scolded us for bringing baggage. Lastly spare a thought for the ladies too, they need to bring sanitary pad of the "in case" issues.
  10. I find that people love to laugh at people saying 10km as marathon etc, but to non-runners or leisure runners, they dun really know the "jargons" in the different distances, many runners have family and commitments, coming out to join a running event is already a great encouragement so we as runners must learn to forgive them lah, i remembered when i am just a army boy, i just run 2.4km, what the hell is a marathon to me? Only when i sign up for races i knew what is marathons, the distances, to many a marathon means a running event... Just like how much we know about golf ? Golf to many is an alien sports, they use terms like "Handicaps", "Bogey" imagine u just started golf people laugh at u ? Different sports have different terms and jargons, not all runners are serious runners, many are leisure runners, so dun laugh at others....its a bad habit !
  11. i find that some of the comments by the netizens are damn bloody selfish and self-centered, saying things like "We asked for it, why bring bags to events and deposit" Comm'on... Ya i know, its good to run light, but nowadays we need to at least deposit our smartphones in the baggage counter rite? Running long distances with such a expensive gadget like Iphone is prone to spoiling it, sweat etc. Ya, we can dun bring smartphones to events, but ask yourself how u feel without bringing your hp out ? nowadays, having no smartphone when going out is like a "lost soul". How to capture memories of the races ? Some runners need to change their sweat-soaked track shoes into their slippers, or bring an extra-tee to change and all these they need to be put into a bag somehow, last but not least, spare a thought for the ladies too, they need to bring sanitary pad of the "in case" issues. When commenting, dun be too self-centered...
  12. Thanks for sharing, i just saw this, very honest review of the race ! Ya hor, reading your blog reminds me, the official SCM merchandise at the Race Expo are very expensive, the apparels are all printed Dec 2017 Standard Chart Marathon, and now being DEC 2017 is just 1 month away to 2018, seriously once 2018 comes, the value of the printed apparels with the SCM 2017 wording is pretty much worthless as in out-dated, i dun understand why its still priced at so ex. I mean, at least give SCM participants a 20-25% discount, they should be able to clear off all the 2017 version of SCM fast, but they dun...serve them right for the poor sales.
  13. I think this empty the bag and put into 2 bags caused one of the "major disruptions". To me its totally stupid and going thru the motion, with thousands of runners depositing their bags, there is no way the student volunteers see 1 by 1 what is put inside, and the tentage is dark at 3am-4am period, even i put a small time bomb, i can bet with u, nobody can see it too, so this so called "security measure failed big time" Never mind. When the race is over, the organizer created a small Maze like route to the race site, which is totally silly, end up the whole place is flooded with people. The nightmare part is....poor runners who already had a painful and sore legs have to queue again to retrieve their bags, the queue took very very long to clear, many runners are limping and standing just to get their bag, this portion some logistic might have went terribly wrong, but i dun really know what happened, all i can see are the bags seems to be in a mess....Haiz. Luckily there is'nt any hot hot sun or rain, else i tell u, bye bye to the organizer's reputation. Merging all the runners at Benjamin shears bridge to me is a disaster, the serious runners are literally with those walkers, leisure runners struggling to climb up the heart break bridge, making the whole place congested to the max, time and again, the organizers dun learn. I find this "iron man" this organizer very funny loh, things are going pretty good last year, then they implement some new weird things and badly tarnish their image, and suddenly simple things like baggage deposit they flopped. Hmm...world Marathon series, to me....NOT YET ! They are still not up to that caliber.
  14. AdiZero

    Transformers Run Singapore - 6 Jan 2018 (Sat)

    i think the organizer totally has no sense of taste, the Tee design can be voted as the ugliest running tee ever in Singapore running events History, more suitable for kids, totally sucky look and expensive run @ $85....who ever that sign up is seriously a "Robert"
  15. AdiZero

    YOLO Run 2017 - 11 Nov (Sat)

    My apologies bros and sister, its actually Hivelocity.