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  1. Its not about the organizer, there is no details at all at the webby..then they can put a link there to ask us to "Pre-register" Like that is like blindly plunge our head into a sea of unknown ! Cannot lah...
  2. ok ok, lets say we dun need to be in this "world marathon series" but just a better Singapore marathon for Singaporeans, at least the Logistic part of having a good transportation to bring runners to the race site at 4:30 am is a must rite? What i dun like is they discreetly remove the MRT service, (taking advantage of 2016 dun have it) then like pretend pretend dun tell us and feel we are ok to live with it. Then now can announce to Singapore that they are goin to be in the world marathon series...its like a bit cunning and sly or dishonest. Whats the point of being in the world marathon series when Singaporeans runners are'nt happy ?
  3. its not say no MRT service then wun get world marathon series, but we should phrase it as "bad logistic", runners have limited ways to get to the race site which start at a whopping early time of 4:30am and this should be a factor in getting this "world marathon series". Points must be deducted for this bad logistic factor.
  4. Thats why i say, Bus timing is extremely erratic, and they just discretely remove the MRT service just bec that 1 case of MRT maintenance in 2016 thinking runners are "okay" to live without it, and they can proudly say they wanta be some what "world marathon thingy" ! Haven world marathon already fail on Logistic. i strongly feel MRT is part of the logistic plan for a good running event. Com'on lah, they can cut cost elsewhere but the transportation wise they cannot skimp on it...People must get to the race side rite ?
  5. Guys, did the organizer gave a detail explanation why they cancel the MRT service, which was the tradition way runners go for standard chart? i knew last year was exceptional bec there is some maintenance work but cannot be every year just nice there is maintenance work rite ? Then just bec last year "some" runners can live with without the MRT then they try to normalized it to "No more MRT for future standard chart marathon" dun seems too rite leh..... Without the MRT i tell u big headache to get to the start point, i am not too willing to take the bus as the timing is weird..and taking cab will burn a hole in my pockets. Can anyone enlighten me why there is no more MRT? I never follow the media or anything...
  6. Guys, i was busy in work and just realized to my horror, after i sign up, there is actually no MRT service ! What happened this year huh ? Still claim wanta be in world marathon, last year they mentioned bec MRT is servicing, whats up this year ? Anyone knows ?
  7. I saw the article, it says this Rameshon did this record breaking in 1995, that time i think in 1995 still using papers and hard-copies. Who will be so free to dig back news 20 years ago ? And seems that Soh knows "insider info", i believe he is still a small kid in 1995, how can he says <<<< The 25-year-old also believes it could have been shorter than 42.195km, saying that the top five finishers all broke their personal bests, which is "unheard of">> if all the records are in hard-copies, by right he has no means to find out more, unless he got insider info....
  8. My 1st time running in Bedok, i read on papers there is a particular spot in Bedok reservoir where many people commit suicide, how do we know its that spot and will runners actually run pass the exact spot where they actually drown themselves ? or we will be diverted away ?
  9. Hopefully there is a new route, or else, the same route over and over again....Ai yoh. dun know run how many times the same thingy..
  10. Bro, i dun get what u mean, u mentioned there is 2 hydration points but its not operational during the day? Then at night without the hot sun, its operational ??
  11. Thanks for all the info Bro... Hopefully they serve at least some isotonic drinks, else quite unbearable under hot weather
  12. I think as a runner, "more or less" can run back to usual pace, but the running adrenaline wun be there, its the same feeling like singing KTV, u try singing 2 days in a row even with different friends, the "thrill" of singing KTV will have diminished. all i can says is Its a pity both Sundown and 2XU are placed too close apart...
  13. This year i gave 2XU run a miss bec its really too close to Sundown, just 1 week apart and to me, the element of running adrenaline would'nt be there if keep running week after a week. To me its really a huge waste that both Sundown and 2XU can't be spaced further apart. They should have actually talk things out and spaced it like 1 or 2 months apart. Not everyone is "fit enough" to run 2 races back to back. Btw...are they the same organizer and any idea why they are exactly 1 week after another. Lastly...Glad u bros and sis enjoyed the run !
  14. dear friends, if i opt for a specific time to run like Sat, must i stick to the time as indicated in the registering form as i had inputed? Or i can basically walk in any time on Fri Sat and Sunday?
  15. Bro, did u notice too late ? Yes, indeed $80 a singlet and a huge bag. The huge bag basically have zero use, u can't bring it to gym, u can't use it as a shoe bag, it landed in the storeroom collect dust. I salute this Adrain Mok really dare to do this.....