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  1. AdiZero

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    The numbers may keep dropping unless Straits time spice up something, like introducing a half-marathon category? The 18.45km run..really serve no meaning to many seasoned runners, its neither here or there, not a half marathon or not even recognized Olympic distance. U dun even know how u will fare in a half marathon if u do a 18.45km....its just weird ! Unless u run for the sake of running? Might as well make it 18.88km, more huat numbers... Or maybe something like add like a Full-marathon category...as in, a Full marathon ending in a sports hub. making runners feel great etc. Else the fee keeps going up but the running route remains, dun justify to pay so much for doing the same thing but at a more expensive fee...
  2. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    I personally feel there are too many runs already, since 2015 there is a sudden surge of so many runs, if u were to drill in the running calendar, almost every weekend there is a run. Talking about Newton Run discontinuing, if u noticed, Even the biggest players in Sports like Nike, that has the "Nike run" is gone, Adidas, that has the King of the road is gone. Maybe all these investors find little profits in these runs despite the number of runners are growing. U think they care u need LSD for any big race meh? Haha...For business terms they see dollars and cents. Moreover, i feel all these running organizers can milk from the newer runners only, if they keep holding the same thing in the same running route with a higher pricing, the more seasoned runners will feel bored with it. Same route never mind to some, but same route higher price turns runners down, in addition, many race pack nowadays are literally vouchers and advertisement papers. So if Newton run is discontinued, i dun feel that puzzled, but many people are more puzzled that why another company can use their Newton challenge patent trademark brand name and logo, and decided to run its own version of "Newton Challenge" as mentioned by beast. Run its own version never mind, if u read in the details, it becomes a substandard version of Newton run..No this, no that, not enough time prepare etc.
  3. Oh, ok thanks for enlightening, How come there are still so many Army guys amidst the pool of public runners in the run ? Or they look like Army boys but in fact are not those Army unit people ? The whole run still look congested with a lot of Army boys...despite first and second wave, my observation...
  4. Actually...there is something that year after year i dun understand, why dun put the army boys or those Army units in another wave ? Let the public go first, the army boys tend to walk, chit chat and mass block the jogging road. Example, public and the seeded runners starts at 4:30am, then the army boys starts at 5am, this will make sure that the roads are pretty clear off. U lump all the army boys and public together, the whole place become super congested and making people unhappy.
  5. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Absolutely agree with this. Everyone is entitled to their views and preferences. No right or wrong. Some feel this race is stingy race but Guy A, Gal A feel as long as cheap cheap dun need anything also ok, everyone has different opinions, U dun like hold a cup fill at diff location, some are ok to run with a cup to save environment etc... Travelling without shutter bus to some is ok, they can pay for taxi, Grab, but for some, a trip to ECP will cause a bomb. U can see diff people got diff views, and coming from diff POV.... But end of the day, a event is a event, u must have some essential services like baggage, drinks etc. If no drinks, no baggage, T-shirt also can optional dun give, no transport to a site tats quite extremely east, it makes the whole event weird. (Like everything dun need feel, might as well, run in a public place for free feel..) i kinda express my view a few post back but some people just dun like it, if u guys were to read thru the webby of this Challenge 32, indeed it looks a bit sloppy and may affect runners, runners like us, we are the ones paying for a race. I expressed my view, in fact everyone is entitled to express their views rite? But some people just dun like it. I'm quite upset about this.
  6. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    I just read this https://www.challenge32.runpilgrim.com/faq I find this race a bit funny...They literally use "SCM" branding to advertise thats its a good tune up for SCM. SCM may sue them for using their branding to advertise their race. Its the only race that dare to use another race to advertise their race. Weird... They use words like...Hmm, if u dun want, then ok loh type of feeling. (U dun want the tee, just write in hor). Also paper cup not much..etc, The whole feel is like cheapo cheapo feeling. Baggage u all might as well dun need also feel. Comm'on lah..Might as well dun provide anything..we run ? Since u everything also dun want this, dun what that. What do u mean by <<Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event upon understanding that the annual Newton Challenge may not be happening, >> ?? Actually U hardpress is your business, we runners wants a good and proper race ! Even Newton challenge may not be happening, dun sound like oh...just suka suka come up with a race similar to Newton. Newton challenge may not be happening, does'nt mean u just form up a last min race to entertain us also. Its perfectly ok to have a new race that offer long distance also, why keep emphasizing newton run dun happen so just suka suka hardpress to have one. Why hardpress ??? I dun know lah..i have some trust issues with this race and may not sign up.
  7. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    There is a few things i dun understand, 1) If its not the real Newton challenge, how can they suka suka call themselves "Newton Challenge" Is'nt it somehow copy right infringement ? Totally wrong ! Copy is ok, but it seems like a stingy race.... 2) It was mentioned "Shuttle service: Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event", They have one bloody hell year to prepare, whats the last min issue about?? 3) Baggage service is part and parcel of a race, i knew many will go light, but having a baggage service for runners is like bare-minimum thing. Not all can go light, like ladies, they need a bag to keep sanitary pads etc, and nowadays i believe most runners will need a place to keep their smartphones, a bag to store so as to change to a new set of clothes to take transport. 4) Seems like they are very stingy on cups too, hydration is also part and parcel of a race, i know we want to go environment friendly etc, but not everyone will, at least do have some cups etc for drinks, dun force down people's throat to go environment friendly. To me is pretty wrong on this. Its like u are vegetation but u must also respect those that does eat meat etc. 5) Everyone knows East Coast park is a "wulu place", without Shuttle bus service, we will spend a bomb on taxi, if they start at 4am+, that would mean mid-night cab charges as well. I knew some dun mind taking taxi or Grab, but spare a thought to those who live far. How many teenagers runners. Poly students, JC students, NS men who have limited or no earning powers? This whole event sounds so money cost saving, last min feel, i might as well do my own runs in East Coast Park in loops.
  8. AdiZero

    SG Run 2018 6 Oct 18

    Hi friends, i realize the website does not reflect the pricing of the race at all, where can we find the price to run the race ? To me is a fail....the pricing for website should be clear and visible under a tab call RACE FEE ?
  9. I had a shock, they are literally using back the same Singlet, same color, same design for Army Half 2018 ! So lazy ???????
  10. Actually we post or warn people so much also no use, irregardless how lousy a race is, u see Sundown, or even YOLO etc, the disaster that happened in 2017. In 2018 thousands and thousands of people will sign up next year, i think Singaporeans runners are way too compromising, not only compromising but even dying to sign up every race. We are way too forgiving, complaint a bit then forget then spend $50-$60 again on these lousy races..i dun know why also. Maybe to show off or Singapore no place to go or deep pockets. To me customers are king, if u give lousy service, i wun even go for round 2 again next year. I have pride and certainly choices. I can skip your lousy race and join others, i wish runners can "up their game" too, dun be a "rubbish bin" every race also join. To add on...money is hard to earn nowadays lah ! My personal opinions...
  11. i never knew there is "forced volunteering" nowadays...If the matter gets big, MOM might get drag in. How can the school force students to volunteer for a paid event like Standard Chart ? Something is'nt right ! More rotten worms are starting to dig out from the can... https://alvinology.com/2017/12/06/ironman-singapore-volunteers-complain-poor-coordination-lack-food-event-even-officially-registered-participate/
  12. Here is one more report, exposing IronMan leeching on cheap cheap Polytechnic students, the students actually never volunteered but "forced to volunteer" ! Luckily we have social media nowadays..... What happened during the marathon? Daryl said that they were required to “volunteer” for this event by their school, to be able to complete their Midsemester Evaluation. According to him, he did not register at the event itself, and expected that his school handled all the arrangements. https://alvinology.com/2017/12/06/ironman-singapore-volunteers-complain-poor-coordination-lack-food-event-even-officially-registered-participate/
  13. I think they have a group of committee that does collect feedbacks and improvements, but to me the group isn't that established, i realized one thing, they tried to improve but somehow they caused another problem, i remembered in past editions, they placed the baggage counter at the floating platform, people complained that after finishing at Padang, they still have to walk a real long distance to the baggage collection point, so this year, they put it extremely near to the race site, however, another problem came out, they didn't cater enough vans to bring it to the finish point ! Then they placed the 21km and 42km altogether at Orchard, thinking they can handle the massive amount of people, to me this kinda failed, there was no MRT service that can bring runners there, so most runners took the catered bus, but the buses jam up the place. And taxing the baggage counters with so many runners to deposit the bags, they should revert to the 21km start point at Sentosa like previous editions, this will flee up the place, and runners will have more place to run. (at least for the earlier part of the race). Then they came come with the "empty your bag" into 2 plastic bag thingy this year, if there are so many thousands of runners, they should have used the scan bag system like in the Army half marathon, but no. They thought the few student volunteers that station at the baggage deposit can handle...this failed too. For the finisher tees, (To me) being a big company, they should have printed more tees, saving your reputation is more important than saving cost, but it appears that they print only limited Tee sizes, like example, i just quote a random example, 500 runners going for size L, i print extra 100, those that are not distributed, they can keep and give it to the 2018 sign up, like what cheapskate Sundown always do, give the past year singlets/tees to "tempt" people to sign up for next year's Sundown. Ironman never did that, they just printed just enough Tees. (Printing more tee will solve the first come first serve logic too). Finally the merger of the 21km, 10km and 42km runners problem always exist, they never improve on this, since the past editions. Last but not least, i still insist that the Standard Chart should be held at the national stadium, (at least try once), holding it at the national stadium, u can have everything there all sheltered, And if National Stadium is not for a huge Sporting event like 50,000 runners, i really got nothing to say. And the National stadium is in the center of the marathon route, u can easily plan the usual route to ECP, then to city etc..its not out of the way. i knew u all will say, Expensive, costing etc, but think about it, they say our Standard Chart is iconic, just like F1 racing, they attract all the foreigners, the government is willing to pump in money and show case Singapore, why not standard chart marathon that also attract foreigner runners ? Maybe even attract more foreigners to come than F1 racing ! Singapore government can do something about Standard Chart Marathon too ! (as in sponsorship) Then u see..our National stadium aka Sports Hub is always empty and huge white elephant with no events...
  14. That’s why they say we have “controlled media” haha...They can sugar coat the reviews but they can’t delete all the comments in Social media and the runners unhappiness. To me this will backfired causing more unhappiness. Like the recent MRT breakdowns, yet they report we are satisfied with the MRTs. They will have lesser participants if they cheats the review. Black can write until white review wun earn respects from the running community.
  15. It’s totally wrong to commercialised the sports hub, some more it’s still bear the name “National Stadium” if it’s not for the nation, then dun call it National Stadium, shame on u! it’s been a white elephant for a Long time, and Standard Chart marathon having so many participants, it will be fully utilised. Singapore government should step in or collaborate with standard chart to do something to promote sports and wellness. Not money money money all the time.