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  1. Actually if Standard Chart starts to make it races in the evening, the "Feel" is so much like Sundown, both is running in darkness, (SCM only about 2hrs of evening brightness). Soon Sundown will lose its charm. Bec last time Sundown is the only race that happens when its so called "dark dark" and humid condition, now both SCM and Sundown feel the same, people will opt for SCM as gold label etc. Less and less people will sign up and there might not be anymore editions of sundown ?
  2. i find pink Apple cute lah, lets say i have a good timing for a race, but i dun screen shot the timing, By 2020, most website would have refreshed with a new work year, and all your old results will be erased. Unless they have a database of my timing. And not all race issue E-cert too. So not everyone can produce a timing of their past runs. I dun keep my running results too. Except in my Garmin watch, it stores my race day time. But i can't proof its run by me, bec its just a watch wore, not a E-cert. Regarding Standard Chart people "Kelong" and declare faster timing, this SCM to me is plain lazy, they should have at least a database of results stored tagged to the NRIC of the person. Storing one excel results spreadsheet and tagging to NRIC isn't difficult at all, i think even a poly student can do some simple software codes to tag it, but they dun...just let u suka suka declare. End up everyone kelong and go in front. To me is just plain lazy.
  3. Many good pointers, actually Ironman still can continue on an evening run, provided some improvements must be made. 1)There should be some collaboration with LTA, SMRT to do some extension of train service, i am not telling Ironman to make it 24 hours for trains but at least extent the train service until 2am at least? As i had earlier mentioned, the bulk of the runners will take 4hour-5/6hours plus to complete the marathon, upon finishing the marathon, its midnight, and all train/bus service had ended, many runners or tourist-runners will be stranded in the center of the city, with 50,000 runners, Taxi is almost impossible to get, Grap service no driver will entertain u. Yes, they have this Share-transport bus, but there is a need to wait, after a gruesome marathon, nobody wants to wait, everyone wants to go home immediately and not everyone lives near the MRT too! U want world marathon series, u have to think of the Logistic side also. Tourist runners dun drive? How they go home? 2) Next, start the race earlier! 6pm to me is a bit late, Yes, u want to make it an evening race, but look back pointer one, if they push the start time at 5pm, bulk of the runners still can get the last train home, i know some will say there will be evening sun blah blah blah, but how long or strong can the evening sun last ? at most 6pm+ its sunset. And ok, after 7pm-8pm its also an "evening run". And in addition to this, starting earlier definitely less humid... 3)Do not put 42km and 21km runners to start at the same time, to me, totally no logic, they should have put 21km start at 5pm, then full marathon runners to start at 6pm? the 21km runners will have 1hr head-start and zoom far far and giving room for 42km runners to run, thus freeing up congestion. 4)To me, all the road closure complaints are crap lah, one year one time, can't they compromise? Think about it....Really one year that one time!!! Not one year few times, Comm'on man!!
  4. I agree, Great pointers, Actually 2XU run is quite well organized, except overcrowding issues, there are really many walkers and "leisure runners" aiming to complete the race just to get the 2XU tee, If anyone is aiming for a PB, my frank opinion, dun go for 2XU, there are really many rich "T-shirt collector runners"! U end up very frustrated bec u are blocked by groups of Teenagers, youngsters.
  5. Guys why nobody talk about how to go home after the Marathon? Was it a nightmare ??
  6. To me this is one of the worst Standard Chart i ever participated ! Firstly starting the marathon at 6 plus feels exactly like Sundown, (Sundown = when the skys are dark and the humility level is damn high), it makes running extremely difficult. Tell me, what different it is SCM and Sundown? Both skys are dark and feels extremely humid and unpleasant to run. Except SCM has the shorter version of Darkness, u see some evening lights and sunset and thats it. Never mind...to many its ok with an evening run. (Lets move on) The start time for FM at 6pm is not helping at all, most runners will take 4-5 or 6hours complete, plus some delays in the different waves flag off, it will drag at least 5hour-6hours, end up its like close to mid-night. Mid-night means what? No MRT service, no Bus service and trap in the center of city. The nightmare starts exactly after race completion, there is totally no taxi, Tried to use Grap but no way the app is able to find any driver. End up have to walk to Bugis! Worst still nothing, no taxi, no cab. Imagine running 42km and walking an hour, its close to dying... Bloody Ironman organizer should have thought have this! Yes, u have that share-transport bus thing on-going, but not everyone lives near the MRT and not everyone wants to wait for a bus. After a gruesome 42km, people are willing to take a Taxi home, shower and sleep immediately. Think about the average completion time of runners, most runners will end up finishing at 12-2am, and its in the middle of the night in a place with no taxi or Grap! Sundown is different, u end the marathon at 5am plus, train service operations are in operation. in fact first train is still possible to wait... An extremely disappointed runner................No way they can enter what World marathon series with such poor logistic planning
  7. Actually why keep harping on Challenge 32, this Challenge 32 came out in 2018 bec newton run discontinued, and its like a "rushed out product in 2018" bec no one wanta hold 32km in 2018 surprisingly. So if this year dun have, then dun have loh, i dun see a need keep bringing them. This year there are races with longer distance. If u dun do, another guy will step in and do. Actually dun need to even write in etc, we as customers are king, dun sound so low like we need them etc...Sorry i a bit frank.
  8. Actually in my own opinion, should "satisfy" local runners more, bec thats the bulk of your income, how many foreigners make up the race? 50%? No...at most maybe 20% or less. But maybe they dun think this way, they wanta show case Singapore to the foreigner runners. But of coz, it gets boring to local runners, soon we wun join bec the same route and costing keeps going up. But they're smart also, u dun join, U go join overseas loh, join overseas, u have money or not for air-ticket, hotel? No rite? Then dun complaint, join my race. Then of Coz...another pool of newbies will come in and take over, this cycle will keep repeating, unhappy people goes off, new people comes in, then gets boring, then another pool comes in. Actually can make the route more creative like loop into Sentosa maybe? Then loop out. Anyway, dun worry lah, they will keep re-using last year route then when it get boring, they will start back at Orchard road, (then re-use back 2017 route) haha...maybe i call it a vicious cycle..haha
  9. Actually pardon me to ask something, if its the same route, same scenery, yet price keep increasing, goodie bag basically has advertisement papers, and the standard always not there, why u guys dun give it a miss? I stopped Sundown sometime back, not bec its night time and i feel sleepy to run but its basically the same route, same scenery, and certainly most important the standard is not there! U guys actually can give runs a miss one, does'nt mean every race in Singapore u have to run. Sometimes running a bad race, makes u more angry. Save up some of the local race money and venture overseas, u get to see different culture, different route and a whole new experience !
  10. Yeah, its good to start at 6pm, if u are the ok ok or average ones, u can definitely catch the last train, lets say we finish the marathon like 5hrs+, we will end around 11+. Last train is still available for us. To me its a good initiative. And nobody will complaint getting to the site late bec 6pm start leh! U can oversleep meh for an evening race meh? If its a Morning run u have to wake up at 3am, then go take the charter bus to site , i dun think one can even fall asleep before the race bec u have to wake up like 2am to prepare, thereby badly affecting performance. Else u have to Grap to site wasting $10-$15. Totally uncall for. Actually if u are a seasoned runner, u will kinda dislike start point at Orchard bec they had held there like many donkey years, u see the same thing over and over. Regarding the price hike, to me, its a bit nonsense, they have'nt even reach that "standard", yet up the money for more profits. But still there will still be people signing up bec running in Singapore is like that one, one era of older runners get tired of Singapore races, another group of new ones will take over, so milking money from runners is'nt that difficult. Sad rite !
  11. I dun understand why they love to put Half marathon at 11pm, the buck of the runners will finish like 2-3hrs, then end up its like 1-2am, no more MRT, end up must take taxi. This will burn a hole in the pocket again. Taxi not cheap with mid-night charge. They can consider putting it like 8pm so the crowd can take public transport home and also not jamming up the Full marathon runners.
  12. Once again, i am flagging out the rates, look again, $80, $70 for a half-marathon, not cheap cheap run, close to $100 for a half. Cut all the quarrels short and sweet, if paying that high amount for such standards, Just give it a miss next year! We should move on !
  13. I'm very disappointed with 2XU or pink apple or key power. The rates are considered the steep side, $82, $70, for one half-marathon yet charging such expensive rate, they do not have enough money pay their contractor to do the tabulation of result ! How much more we must pay them to be more efficient ? $100 for one half-marathon ? Its not cheap mind u. Totally not acceptable, for such expensive race and such standard....
  14. Guys i just log in and saw the discussion turning into that mini details like short for of that little distance. To me that one is really one of the things i least worry about, Yes, u may train hard, u feel short-for but what u expect the organizer to do? Be 100% so accurate every step every meter measure up to that exact 21.1km? The organizer dun only serve u and satisfy u, they have to satisfy few thousand runners. U are'nt a VIP ! U can try rejoin another race, that race will also not be 100% accurate to that fine details. To me things like Logistic are more important. U want 100% accurate, okay loh, u run round the stadium bec one round is definitely 400m. Pardon me to be frank, i think u guys shouldn't be that meticulous, Unless u are Usian Bolt or Eliud Kipchoge or some one that represent your country in distance runner that every second or distance counts, that 100m short for, u lose a medal to your country, and it hurts a lot else amateurs runners like us dun go into such fine details, it will make your life really unhappy. As what Beast say, trust your watch, end of the day, you are the one and only one that really cares whether you claim a PB or not. Being over sensitive about very tiny mini things, U will become that typical "smelly Singaporean" that nobody likes.
  15. Prior to actual race day, i think they already did something quite bad, that's the Shutter bus ticket purchasing website, some estates are missing from the website and people are inquiring what happened in the facebook website but there is no respond, People thought the admins are updating the estates and waiting. Only upon E-mailing them and receiving the E-mail later, they say some estates are "Sold Out", Hmm...Comm'on Can't they promptly update in their website or at least drop a Facebook post, that would'nt take a min to do so, but they can't even be bother. Tickets sold out should be promptly updated so people can take alternative transport or share transport to the race site. For this hiccup, it causes me, $20 taxi charge. i'm a working adult, what happens if i'm a student? Being a Singaporean and local runner, i find that the routes are getting boring, Ya...u see the same beautiful Singapore flyer, same CBD lights etc, same same same and same again for A race, B race..... so in 2XU run, we see the same thing repeated and route used by other races. Sundown 2019 u will see the same view. But of coz this is inevitable as Singapore is small. But for a more season runner, it gets boring, seeing the same thing over and over again yet the race registering fee keeps going up, this may turn many down from signing up, only if i am a tourist i like the view but being a local runner, the same road route can get extremely boring. (Lastly The race pack literally has nothing in it, just a ACTI-tape) One reason U see lesser walkers bec firstly i believe is the price, as the prices gets higher, u can filter away some walkers too, that are not willing to fork out the price (2XU race to me is quite expensive race). Unlike Army half, just $18 bucks, u see walkers, fun runners, seasoned runners all Rojak in.
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