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  1. AdiZero

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Once again, i am flagging out the rates, look again, $80, $70 for a half-marathon, not cheap cheap run, close to $100 for a half. Cut all the quarrels short and sweet, if paying that high amount for such standards, Just give it a miss next year! We should move on !
  2. AdiZero

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    I'm very disappointed with 2XU or pink apple or key power. The rates are considered the steep side, $82, $70, for one half-marathon yet charging such expensive rate, they do not have enough money pay their contractor to do the tabulation of result ! How much more we must pay them to be more efficient ? $100 for one half-marathon ? Its not cheap mind u. Totally not acceptable, for such expensive race and such standard....
  3. AdiZero

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Guys i just log in and saw the discussion turning into that mini details like short for of that little distance. To me that one is really one of the things i least worry about, Yes, u may train hard, u feel short-for but what u expect the organizer to do? Be 100% so accurate every step every meter measure up to that exact 21.1km? The organizer dun only serve u and satisfy u, they have to satisfy few thousand runners. U are'nt a VIP ! U can try rejoin another race, that race will also not be 100% accurate to that fine details. To me things like Logistic are more important. U want 100% accurate, okay loh, u run round the stadium bec one round is definitely 400m. Pardon me to be frank, i think u guys shouldn't be that meticulous, Unless u are Usian Bolt or Eliud Kipchoge or some one that represent your country in distance runner that every second or distance counts, that 100m short for, u lose a medal to your country, and it hurts a lot else amateurs runners like us dun go into such fine details, it will make your life really unhappy. As what Beast say, trust your watch, end of the day, you are the one and only one that really cares whether you claim a PB or not. Being over sensitive about very tiny mini things, U will become that typical "smelly Singaporean" that nobody likes.
  4. AdiZero

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Prior to actual race day, i think they already did something quite bad, that's the Shutter bus ticket purchasing website, some estates are missing from the website and people are inquiring what happened in the facebook website but there is no respond, People thought the admins are updating the estates and waiting. Only upon E-mailing them and receiving the E-mail later, they say some estates are "Sold Out", Hmm...Comm'on Can't they promptly update in their website or at least drop a Facebook post, that would'nt take a min to do so, but they can't even be bother. Tickets sold out should be promptly updated so people can take alternative transport or share transport to the race site. For this hiccup, it causes me, $20 taxi charge. i'm a working adult, what happens if i'm a student? Being a Singaporean and local runner, i find that the routes are getting boring, Ya...u see the same beautiful Singapore flyer, same CBD lights etc, same same same and same again for A race, B race..... so in 2XU run, we see the same thing repeated and route used by other races. Sundown 2019 u will see the same view. But of coz this is inevitable as Singapore is small. But for a more season runner, it gets boring, seeing the same thing over and over again yet the race registering fee keeps going up, this may turn many down from signing up, only if i am a tourist i like the view but being a local runner, the same road route can get extremely boring. (Lastly The race pack literally has nothing in it, just a ACTI-tape) One reason U see lesser walkers bec firstly i believe is the price, as the prices gets higher, u can filter away some walkers too, that are not willing to fork out the price (2XU race to me is quite expensive race). Unlike Army half, just $18 bucks, u see walkers, fun runners, seasoned runners all Rojak in.
  5. AdiZero

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Lots of screw up in the shutter bus tickets, people in Northeast, Sengkang and Punggol areas, the bus app cannot choose that area, people are complaining in facebook but no respond from organizer.... 48hours to race day, hope they resolve this soon
  6. This edition to me is the best among the many years of Standard Chart marathon, firstly a brand new route, not the usual Orchard road, Orchard road to "showcast" to tourist,....its very boring to run the same thing over and over again, yet price keeps going up, And there are really ample running space for runners to run. Lots of hydration points. I really have no complaints and i can say its the best. Thumbs up.. But then did u guys realize one thing about Singapore weather? The December period climax and weather is getting erratic, Hot, cold, rainy, then hot again and many many people had gotten influenza this period, maybe is high time they shift the standard chart to Nov or OCT period? The influenza bug cause many people/runners to fall sick and dun talk about PB, even turning up for the race is impossible when one is down with flu. I'm not sure did u all observe that Dec is the "influenza month" ?
  7. Hi runners, my gentle advise, dun wear the in house tee given by the organizer, sell it on carousell to "get rid" of it, once u wear it once, its consider wore before, the value drops. u end up piling your whole house full of singlets. Moreover all these new singlets or tees given by organizers are not proven to work on race day. Always wear your own running attire that u are accustomed to on race day ! Thats very important. Be smart ! Dun wear them, sell them !
  8. Actually what terrible is influenza, not what will happen that day ! many people had fallen sick this week due to island wide spread of influenza, take care bros
  9. AdiZero

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    The numbers may keep dropping unless Straits time spice up something, like introducing a half-marathon category? The 18.45km run..really serve no meaning to many seasoned runners, its neither here or there, not a half marathon or not even recognized Olympic distance. U dun even know how u will fare in a half marathon if u do a 18.45km....its just weird ! Unless u run for the sake of running? Might as well make it 18.88km, more huat numbers... Or maybe something like add like a Full-marathon category...as in, a Full marathon ending in a sports hub. making runners feel great etc. Else the fee keeps going up but the running route remains, dun justify to pay so much for doing the same thing but at a more expensive fee...
  10. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    I personally feel there are too many runs already, since 2015 there is a sudden surge of so many runs, if u were to drill in the running calendar, almost every weekend there is a run. Talking about Newton Run discontinuing, if u noticed, Even the biggest players in Sports like Nike, that has the "Nike run" is gone, Adidas, that has the King of the road is gone. Maybe all these investors find little profits in these runs despite the number of runners are growing. U think they care u need LSD for any big race meh? Haha...For business terms they see dollars and cents. Moreover, i feel all these running organizers can milk from the newer runners only, if they keep holding the same thing in the same running route with a higher pricing, the more seasoned runners will feel bored with it. Same route never mind to some, but same route higher price turns runners down, in addition, many race pack nowadays are literally vouchers and advertisement papers. So if Newton run is discontinued, i dun feel that puzzled, but many people are more puzzled that why another company can use their Newton challenge patent trademark brand name and logo, and decided to run its own version of "Newton Challenge" as mentioned by beast. Run its own version never mind, if u read in the details, it becomes a substandard version of Newton run..No this, no that, not enough time prepare etc.
  11. Oh, ok thanks for enlightening, How come there are still so many Army guys amidst the pool of public runners in the run ? Or they look like Army boys but in fact are not those Army unit people ? The whole run still look congested with a lot of Army boys...despite first and second wave, my observation...
  12. Actually...there is something that year after year i dun understand, why dun put the army boys or those Army units in another wave ? Let the public go first, the army boys tend to walk, chit chat and mass block the jogging road. Example, public and the seeded runners starts at 4:30am, then the army boys starts at 5am, this will make sure that the roads are pretty clear off. U lump all the army boys and public together, the whole place become super congested and making people unhappy.
  13. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Absolutely agree with this. Everyone is entitled to their views and preferences. No right or wrong. Some feel this race is stingy race but Guy A, Gal A feel as long as cheap cheap dun need anything also ok, everyone has different opinions, U dun like hold a cup fill at diff location, some are ok to run with a cup to save environment etc... Travelling without shutter bus to some is ok, they can pay for taxi, Grab, but for some, a trip to ECP will cause a bomb. U can see diff people got diff views, and coming from diff POV.... But end of the day, a event is a event, u must have some essential services like baggage, drinks etc. If no drinks, no baggage, T-shirt also can optional dun give, no transport to a site tats quite extremely east, it makes the whole event weird. (Like everything dun need feel, might as well, run in a public place for free feel..) i kinda express my view a few post back but some people just dun like it, if u guys were to read thru the webby of this Challenge 32, indeed it looks a bit sloppy and may affect runners, runners like us, we are the ones paying for a race. I expressed my view, in fact everyone is entitled to express their views rite? But some people just dun like it. I'm quite upset about this.
  14. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    I just read this https://www.challenge32.runpilgrim.com/faq I find this race a bit funny...They literally use "SCM" branding to advertise thats its a good tune up for SCM. SCM may sue them for using their branding to advertise their race. Its the only race that dare to use another race to advertise their race. Weird... They use words like...Hmm, if u dun want, then ok loh type of feeling. (U dun want the tee, just write in hor). Also paper cup not much..etc, The whole feel is like cheapo cheapo feeling. Baggage u all might as well dun need also feel. Comm'on lah..Might as well dun provide anything..we run ? Since u everything also dun want this, dun what that. What do u mean by <<Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event upon understanding that the annual Newton Challenge may not be happening, >> ?? Actually U hardpress is your business, we runners wants a good and proper race ! Even Newton challenge may not be happening, dun sound like oh...just suka suka come up with a race similar to Newton. Newton challenge may not be happening, does'nt mean u just form up a last min race to entertain us also. Its perfectly ok to have a new race that offer long distance also, why keep emphasizing newton run dun happen so just suka suka hardpress to have one. Why hardpress ??? I dun know lah..i have some trust issues with this race and may not sign up.
  15. AdiZero

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    There is a few things i dun understand, 1) If its not the real Newton challenge, how can they suka suka call themselves "Newton Challenge" Is'nt it somehow copy right infringement ? Totally wrong ! Copy is ok, but it seems like a stingy race.... 2) It was mentioned "Shuttle service: Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event", They have one bloody hell year to prepare, whats the last min issue about?? 3) Baggage service is part and parcel of a race, i knew many will go light, but having a baggage service for runners is like bare-minimum thing. Not all can go light, like ladies, they need a bag to keep sanitary pads etc, and nowadays i believe most runners will need a place to keep their smartphones, a bag to store so as to change to a new set of clothes to take transport. 4) Seems like they are very stingy on cups too, hydration is also part and parcel of a race, i know we want to go environment friendly etc, but not everyone will, at least do have some cups etc for drinks, dun force down people's throat to go environment friendly. To me is pretty wrong on this. Its like u are vegetation but u must also respect those that does eat meat etc. 5) Everyone knows East Coast park is a "wulu place", without Shuttle bus service, we will spend a bomb on taxi, if they start at 4am+, that would mean mid-night cab charges as well. I knew some dun mind taking taxi or Grab, but spare a thought to those who live far. How many teenagers runners. Poly students, JC students, NS men who have limited or no earning powers? This whole event sounds so money cost saving, last min feel, i might as well do my own runs in East Coast Park in loops.