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  1. Thats why i say, its like competing on unfair grounds, many of our athletics like Joseph Schooling is like spending 100% of his time in USA training, then come back SG compete as an SG athletics, then just bec he is born here, he is named as an Singaporean athletic. To me it dun sound rite at all... Unlike many of the poorer country athletics, they can only train in their own backyard. Lets put in in another scenario, let all the poorer countries athletics from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia Athletics all train in USA 100% of their time then compete...this will be "more fair".
  2. Another method to make this race more enjoyable is to let those Army boys runs at the slightly later timing, (example..army boys from unit starts 5am, public starts 4:30am) do let the public runs first, by mixing the big lump of Army boys and public together, it makes the whole place packed to the core. Many Army boys are "forced" to run vs the public who really wants to run do not actually mix well.....my 2 cents thought.
  3. This Soh may talk a lot but at least he deliver. He got a Gold medal. But frankly speaking, what do u guys think of local born athletics going overseas train and compete and get gold ? Like Soh, he trains in USA, Joseph Schooling trains in USA also.....Vs our neighborhood countries Athletics like Agus Prayogo, from those poor poor countries, they just use minimum resources and train solely in their own backyard. Is people like Soh Rui yong, Joseph schooling like "cheating" ? U are born here, but spend 100% of your time using better resources from overseas like USA to train then win already shiok shiok claims to be a Singaporeans and get the prize money. Whereas those from less privilege countries just train in local homeground....is like not competing on fair ground. My 2 cents thoughts..
  4. Oh ya...How come City area has bad GPS ? All of us are in open space with no blockage. My runkeeper recorded 23.5km, i was like huh, run extra so much ?? I thought only in tunnels that GPS is affected. Does lots of people affect the GPS thingy ? Like during new year countdown, no network logic? Does this often happen in City runs that GPS is affected ?
  5. Let me be the 2nd one to post bah, overall...it is a well organised race, there is sufficient drinks for everyone. Route is good, smooth, but to me the only set back is...there is really too many guys. Basically its like a all guys event...i think only 10% ladies vs 90% man. Flooded with man. This kinda turns me off and i left the place without walking to the booths..
  6. I expecting this coming run to be flooded with Guys. Going to be a boring one..haha. Cheap run but no eye candy. I think u saying those 1 or 2 booth, maybe they are scheduled to be there by chance, i went on Fri, no ladies at all ? But talking about runners, all i saw is Guys and more Guys, in fact, even the q ticket machine is welcomed by 2 tan muscular guys...A bit gay gay feel, like a gay pub entrance. Haha. Maybe they should have put 2 chio bu there to help us get the q number..or collaborate with government service like teaching sectors, we will see some pretty teachers, or nurses. But afterall, Army half, means Guy's run...haha
  7. Collect the race pack was a breeze, but i bet most straight guys dun wanta stay there for long, the place is full of guys. Ya, 99% guys, its "Army half" afterall so every where u see is guys, unlike Stand Chart, or other runs, u may see one or a few pretty gals collecting their bib. The race expo sports sales all the items i can find online at a cheaper price also. i find it pretty uncomfortable there, i find it a bit gay to be there too..haha, like u had enter a world of guys. U can hardly see a "chio bu" haha....i left immediately after collecting bec nothing really worth to be there. Be prepared to race in a sea of Guys ! Zzzzz
  8. No point doing that, nice things u "overdo" it, becomes bad things...there will be no more joy in running. Its like the Chinese saying, everyday u eat abalone, u get sick and tired, so many races cramp in, u get sick and no joy. They call it obsessive compulsive disorder in running....
  9. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Not possible, i do not think the race organizers will factor this bus service in, this Mega race "may" not attach so many people vs the annual smaller 2XU run. In fact i did a calculation, if most runners who does a standard chart marathon finishes at 5hr-6hrs+, 50km will mean 6hr to 7hrs, so by the time they end is 1-2am, so its either, we have to sit at the race site endure till morning for public transport to save cab fare or pay the expensive mid-night charge cab fare to go home. To me is very bad logistic, to some they feel is unique to start at 5pm, different people different ideas..haha.
  10. HomeTeamNS Real Run 2017 - 15 Oct (Sun)

    I quit going to Home team real run after they no longer use the Changi coastal road that area, to me the good old route is one of the best run ever, it consist of 3 running surfaces, gravel, trail and seaside soft sand run, its really the best running experience as the route is super unique, where can u find a race with 3 types of running surface ! And how often one goes Changi coastal area (a wulu area) with no MRT. Thus making this race Super nice ! then they switch to Sentosa, then they shorten all the good 21km, 15km races to 10km, 5km maybe for easier management? ....and blah blah blah then full stop, i stop going for the hometeam Real run already. I sincerely hope they can bring back the good old days.
  11. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    i believe everyone should factor in the "wallet factor" not sure if u consider the wallet factor, if it ends like mid-night, then u really have to fork out at least $15-$20, thats quite a lump sum (at least for me), for not much reasons, u fork out extra money.. everyone is talking about cost saving nowadays..its kinda waste just bec of the improper placement of the race time, and of coz if one live in the West, i think cab fare may cost close to $30. This adding on the registering fee the whole race is "mega expensive". $100+++, Many runners are just plain working class people, to pay and pay is'nt a nice thing.... And i think after u ran like 40km to 50km, your heart rate will be raised and very likely u can't sleep despite u reach home at 12am or 1am, u could be sleepless. (of coz this depends on individual) late afternoon runs like 6pm runs are ok, but close to sleeping time, u run, i believe many can't sleep. Sundown is different, u had "already" stay whole night awake till 5am , 6am, once u reach home u will be drop dead, and the plus point is there is public transport for runners.
  12. I do agree that the finisher tee is almost of no value, bec everyone on the street can own one. Try going to a local gym u feel more xian, all the people wearing the same event tee, Army half, Standard Chat, in parks, in jogging track, its seems a bit Gay too...haha. nowadays people are smarter, and more techno-savy, our days we will so called endure wear the event singlet or finisher tee for once even we dun like it for the race day. Nowadays the teens will not even wear the event singlet or Finisher tee and sell them for good money via "carousel" or online, one singlet can easily fetch $15, finisher tee, $40-$50 each. So the event tee is actually a $$$ tool to sell to others. But still there is a group of so called stubborn people that die die like to wear the event singlet and then after event, throw them aside or use as pyjamas. I have learn the smart way, sell them via carousel already bec the event singlet and tee really worth nothing when u see so many youngsters wearing it.
  13. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Does not like the timing at all, if it starts at 5pm, it would mean, those doing 50km will likely hit close to mid-night, and the dreaded mid-night cab charges will come ! I do not like the idea of a half half mid-night race At least if it starts at 1am or 12am, runners can take the public transport home when they finishes their race at 6am in the morning, if it ends neither here or there pass mid-night, runners will have to fork out another $15-$20 to take taxi home. Its not cheap if the registration fee + mid-night cab charge = $100+ To make things worst, running like 50km and ending at 12mid-night would mean extremely difficult to sleep as u exercise just before sleeping, your heart rate will be raised for a prolonged hour...
  14. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    I think beast means there will be over-crowding and there is more than enough 10km race thru-out the year, why add in another 10km to the beauty of newton run. i agree to this, Haiz....but business is all for $$ what to do ?
  15. Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    Thanks all bros here for all the wonderful advises !