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  1. Was trying to pm Ronnie Teo; guessed it slipped. LOL!

  2. I dun noe how to use it. very confused now. hehehe

  3. ronnie? he is in your mind? :P

  4. Why no Tao image in the group photo? :Thinking:
  5. Interested in CBD running tee 1. Tiwazz M - Size S 2. burnz 3. TLR 4. tohmin 5. brokie 6. bee 7. ronnie 8. kayano 9. LaserRunner F - Size S 10. terence0023 M - Size M..... :smilie_daumen1: 11. shutehelup 12. sxuanjing 13. tekko 14. stuck M - Size S 15. fennel 16. Roentgen 17. batx M - Size M 18. piglet F - Size L 19. charlotte 20. tao F - Size L 21. Littletigger M - Size S 22. yankee 23. wensze 24. JT 25. hophlng 26. chacha 27. teelee 28. nikerocks 29. edwinchiam 30. -licht F - size M 31. terry 32. alvo M - Size S 33. chye kwee M - size S 34. jackohsk F - size M 35. sleek00000 M - Size S 36. imd M - Size S 37. yeehua F - Size S 38. ST F - Size L 39. hohorunner M - size L 40. hoho's wife F - Size S
  6. don't worry... i think for this, we will post big big! :Tounge: Have been craving for durians during the 2 lap of sundown marathon. have not been eating them since last year during the Penang Bridge marathon Hope to get some this weekend! Sorry for the OT! Buay ta-han liao :Just Kidding:
  7. :smilie_daumen1: :Applause: :dance: This type of run, ahem, makan must inform me hor.... :tongue_smilie:
  8. Hi Tiwazz, Pls add one shwee t-shirt for me! Thx HoHorunner
  9. Where's tigger spirit hor?? :Thinking: 3 piglets were ninja-ing under the rain in the west .
  10. Birdnest ???? I heard some1 giving birdnest treats? :Drooling: Must invite, K :Big Grin:
  11. who are these pair of sharks that can force u to run so fast ? Can borrow for my KL run or not ??? They are HK LAWYERS trying to bring awareness towards dwindling shark population (kinda like our lady ice); running for a course. :Thinking: They each wear a shark whole suit (with fins) and wore a shark head (appeared heavy); but they were fast! :sweat: Dunno can get them to come down to KL, cause KL no sea nearby?
  12. the rain stopped after 7pm mah ..... anyway, next time, u can take the lead liao since u so fast now. Ronnie, I can only run fast when chased by a pair of SHARKs. :Silly: They eventually overtaken me at around 28 km marks...
  13. Wow, You guys really die hard runners :im Not Worthy: :hail: I didnt join you all yesterday as it was pouring heavily at my work place around 6pm. Went home to KUN instead... :Yawn:
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