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  1. about 10 - 11km Guess i will be skipping the run due to weather today and probably join you guys for a run next year.
  2. what is the distance or route for tomorrow ?
  3. i think i going to bring some char siew puff/ (not bao ) and some flakes .
  4. No , this is not the same as the Running lab run . This run is at the white house(meeting place) outside Tanjong Pagar Mrt .(See Page 1. for details .) Time to meet is 645pm -7pm I believe that the run on 9th Jan is on unless there is bad weather . Anyway for your info Monday- Tuesday-CBD RUN Wednesday-Adi run Thursday-Running Lab Run Friday- Saturday- Sunday-BG run (on the 2nd sunday of every mth)
  5. BR Barley dun need to offer one! She just need to say, "anyone?" and a long queue liao. Completely boh chun wan. Sorry hor, I'm a IT person. Not into sales.. So OP , did u manage to find out the name of the building from the tktan ? :tongue_smilie: i got bring wedges and hashbrown also leh
  6. Enjoy the food and company of everyone present too . tktan next time can offer some barley for us anot ? i think u got potential to be sales man with your 1 for 1 offering .. haha
  7. huh . i am heading down now , any changes pls call me hi joao li! i will be there too! no worries! see u all there! better leave ur HP no. if no one have .. how to call ah ? :/ ok , in case u all decide to change location to east side , then i have to eat everything by myself liao .
  8. huh . i am heading down now , any changes pls call me
  9. In order to save e rest frm ur "soggy" nuggets, may i volunteer to help u finish it while u all run? :tongue_smilie: i think dun need to volunteer lah , you can consume it while running .
  10. which one to update? char har.... u "luff" somemore.... u not bringing anything har? ... I think i bring some egg sandwich (hope if goes with the bee hoon ) . Sv told me he is going bringing a "Token Of Appreciation Gift ?"
  11. Hmm.. Eh can i bring along 1)Egg Sandwich ? ( u all still want to eat bread anot ?) or something like 2)Fried potato Wedgesor 3)fried beancurd ? to go with the bee hoon ?
  12. Thanks for the run today ,-Great View and scenery, plus the weather also quiet windy and cooling . the pace/route led by superboy(if din recall wrong) was okay. Anyway thanks for the free drinks and snack after the run Enjoy the company of everyone present.
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