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  1. July should be nearing peak season for durian, hopefully got MSW to choose from. And yes, i can finish one whole durian.
  2. Love the entitlement. For $15, a whole durian is included. The heavier the durian you select to carry, the more you can eat... Definitely signing up. RUNNER ENTITLEMENT– 1 x Run For Good T – SHIRT– 1 x Finisher Medal upon completion of Run– 1 x Whole Durian– 1 x Coconut upon completion of Run– 1 x chance to participate in Lucky Draw Segment
  3. The hassle of registering going to Tampines to register actually good. The run will not be so congested. Just like last time the Punggol Park run and the Punggol Otter Run, you have to go down to the Punggoll CC to register. Went for both event, and really enjoyed the run..
  4. Finishing line shots has just been uploaded at runningshots.
  5. Their photographers are late risers. alot of 21km are not captured.
  6. Woo, thanks, found mine. shack look.
  7. Overall, well organised. Share the same thoughts as most here mentioned on the route, too many loops. Also like to mentioned, alot of concrete roads, made my feet sore sooner..
  8. Honest feedback, I will not join if no timing chip. But this is just me.
  9. I see Qoo10 has them in the low $100++ minus installation. Personally I think it's worth it for a long term hands free solution, not just for running, but for your daily keyless lifet style.
  10. Invest in a digital lock for your door, then no need keys anymore.
  11. How to open can with this? Cannot figure out, or is bottle cap?
  12. my Garmin 235, recorded 21.13km, but the signal nearer at the 19km, somewhere in Shenton way, went haywire. Zig zag alover the place, I am guessing that part adds on some false distance on my watch.
  13. He is preparing for Northface
  14. And later got prata feast somemore...
  15. 2016, I ran all 5 location of the series. I find the race was well organised, and different venue refreshing. Reasonably cheaper than most commercialise runs. Any race that is not at held at the Garden by the bay area gets my attention.