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  1. I thought Runner's League was bad. Reading the above facebook comment, really got much worst organise run.
  2. I stay in sengKang, But I represent the losing team, Team West. I chose West becoz of the yellow color, good for night run. Didn't like the red color of the north.
  3. Worst race of the year?? This is the worst race ever since I started running 10 years ago.. It is really that bad.. So far no blog reflect how bad it was,. Autumn's blog is close with the details of what went wrong. But didn't capture the emotion of a frustrated runner, who was waitiing at coney island entrance while carrying his belongings which suppose to be in a locker. And after the race, realise he and fellow runners turn wrongly and off course. short by more 500m. My luck is my collection of finisher tee was fast, before the main crowd came.
  4. That's just me, i usually sign up packages. Like last year the performance series, I also signed up for the packages.
  5. You review is fair and factual. Just a little too long to read. Hahahaha. Read halfway and jump to your conclusion, which I agree. But maybe I am more pissed with the run that nothing is right.
  6. Want to claim to try something new, but everyting all went wrong. Limited lockers, cannot assured item security in the locker, Coney island gate closed, coz no one bother to check. ALL runners ran off course becoz lack of proper signage and marshalls. Really regret signing the full package.. Probably deserve the worst organised run of the decade and most of the race review blogs are just too nice to the organisers.
  7. There is only one thing I like about the run was there are no VIPs flag off. No introduction who is MP, CEO of blah. Emcee, after mumbling some stuff , just count down that's it.
  8. I ran there once a while. My gps watch also say the coney island stretch is roughly 2.4km
  9. For the locker, I found it was a bad idea. Since there aren't many lockers, I was told I may have to share. I voiced my disagreement to the organiser., as how do they ensures the first runner who return to the locker would not take take more then his/her stuff? i have hand phone and pouch with cards and money to deposit. They could not answer that. They were nice enough to say they can give me one locker exclusive, but I didn't want to deprive another runner with a big haversack of a locker, since there are limited lockers. I carried my small pouch and handphone instead, which is the first time for me in a race. I am a minimalist runner when come carrying things for a run. Coney island entrance was another joke on the organiser.. Spoilt my momentum, and couple with having to hand carry my stuff, I decide to relax jog the rest of the race.
  10. Where is the site for the start point next week? No details yet.
  11. Don't know which year, i took part in the 15km run. Very basic, not congested and very pleasant run . I like it. I have always liked community runs.
  12. Come, come share idea how to carry the durian and run.. I intend to carry one that is between 2.5 to 3 kg. Enough for myself and kids... I wonder if those string bag opening is big enough to put in the a whole durian. Don't want to destroy a good full pack with a durian, unless wrapped with newspaper.. But string bag, I have many from past runs..
  13. July should be nearing peak season for durian, hopefully got MSW to choose from. And yes, i can finish one whole durian.
  14. Love the entitlement. For $15, a whole durian is included. The heavier the durian you select to carry, the more you can eat... Definitely signing up. RUNNER ENTITLEMENT– 1 x Run For Good T – SHIRT– 1 x Finisher Medal upon completion of Run– 1 x Whole Durian– 1 x Coconut upon completion of Run– 1 x chance to participate in Lucky Draw Segment
  15. The hassle of registering going to Tampines to register actually good. The run will not be so congested. Just like last time the Punggol Park run and the Punggol Otter Run, you have to go down to the Punggoll CC to register. Went for both event, and really enjoyed the run..