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  1. Augment reality? Does this mean you pulled out your phone to run? I had a bad fall while running that requires me to visit the ER. Reason was i was looking at the phone navigation while running, and I tripped over a kerb.
  2. If the 160km can be done over 35 days in several sessions, then it's not being crazy or nuts.
  3. If everyone follows a designated path, that means everyone will run roughly the same course, i.e same distance +- a few cut corners. That's what i meant. This way is what CSC is doing which is fairer as opposed to other virtual runs organiser which just requires runners to submit their tracking log for their medals. What would be more fair is to only allow the use of elapse time.
  4. At least this is fair, as everyone will run the same distance or less. Other virtual run does not ensure same distance because of GPS inaccuracies. Do they use elapse time or moving time? Coz alot of strava runners takes moving time for pace calculation, while races takes elapse time.
  5. Haha, I spent so much effort to delay my lunch for the 50 cent race... Now refund 50 cent. LoL. I wish they give the option to runners to habe a place for next year race.
  6. From the drawing, the waist pouch is like those bulky type that stick out from your waist. Like those kopi tiam uncle you order your drinks from. Lol.
  7. Good move. Seriously this thread very hard to discuss the actual coming SCSM. All the off topic wall of text, make it very hard to follow what is relevant to SCSM.
  8. I saw you post there. But I wouldn't bother with them, coz they will never see your point of view. Stay away from there. Only one thread is worth posting there. The evening runners thread.
  9. Hello fellow veteran runner. i also 51 when running SCSM 2019.
  10. Since I started running, I have been an evening runner. I don't like to wake up in the morning to start the day with running. LSD all done in the evening I find evening running alot easier than the day, for the fact that there is no sun. The sun really zapps all my energy. That's is why this SCSM, I like it better than the morning. I still remember the torturous heat from garden by the bay, up heartbreak bridge under the 9 to 11am sun.
  11. Does previous race like AHM or Eco run in 2018 or 2017 still holds our past running results ? To show as proof. Next time I got to screen shot all the results of all races I participate to keep record. SCSM might go this way going by this year many pen B and C runners lag behind Pen D or even Pen E runners.
  12. How did F1 race handle evening road closure on a supposedly busy weekends?
  13. I also gong gong at first. Went thru two times to payment and it reflect $42. Then reread the facebook announcement, and realise the promo code there. It wasn't obvious. I guess many have missed that too.
  14. I got it 50 cents at around 1:30pm. I guess you didn't enter the promo code, like I did at first. 50CENTS
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