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  1. Got Grace Fu, the organiser should include the run to pass by the iconic $880,000 rubbish dump..
  2. Maybe the new route is to avoid the hospitals at Mt E and Raffles as there was complaint by a doctor from Raffles Hospital last year.
  3. POSB Run for Kids 2018 - 08 Sep (Sat)

    4pm is still very hot.
  4. Force of Nature Ultra 2018

    Today is the last day for early bird. Bo lang join?
  5. I was paying normal SAFRA Member rate for many years, since I am from Hometean NSMEN. Thank you SAFRA this year for the $16 rate. Maybe it's becoz they recognise my 2.5 years of SAF NSF. Very please indeed.
  6. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Pcn has width limitations. Difficult for big events.
  7. Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Just completed 2xu and will be running this too. Deja vu.
  8. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Good idea, wave 1 and 2 reserved for loyal runners.
  9. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Looks like overcrowded race. Those is the last few waves will usually encounter bottleneck congestion. Same goes for any race that has to flagged off in waves. It's this reason why I liked community runs, even on PCN,it's still not congested. Lucky for this run, I was in wave 1. Everything went smoothly.
  10. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    He is not part of the 2xu runners. Just an outsiders with his dog,
  11. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    Good weather and good run. IO was in wave 1 and the flagged off was on time. No congestion, with distance markers for every km. First time, I ran all the way skipping all the drink station for the 21km.. Somehow, just didn't feel thirsty enough. But somewhere along Fullerton, about 19km mark, there's this idiot with his dog come and disturb. From behind overtook me at a fast pace, then suddenly stop. almost bang into his dog. Got to brake and swerve right. Shouted him, not to block the way. Got one fellow runner beside scolded "F you" to him, hahaha. 19km is near the finishing point, damn tired liao. Sudden break in momentum is severely damping the morale. Think the route abit short, my Garmin GPS shows 20.4km.
  12. Thanks, saw the names and faces. How are they linked to X-change? Any source? Can't find x-change website.
  13. Spacebib is also by Xavier?? Like that howcome Spacibib registrants got different treatment.?
  14. So far it seems, going thru spacebib is the safest option. Like Runners League, those on Spacebib got their refunds. It' time that X-change stop organising running event, as they don't seems to learn from mistakes.
  15. I'm from hometeam. No special rate for me. But I still join this run every year..