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  1. What would having WMM status mean for the average or below runners of Singapore? I see most of those major Marathons have qualifying time. Would it mean I can't run an Iaaf certified marathon in Singapore anymore?
  2. The theme really got the fell good vibe..
  3. Just received an email from runpilgrim for a survey if they should organize a challenge 32 again. Hopefully they do, coz expect them to be cheaper than this SGRUN.
  4. Early bird pricing ends this Sunday. Most likely will sign up, as it has become a need.
  5. Will there be a Challenge 32? If not, have to sign up of this as part of scsm training.
  6. If they can get the Guest of Honor (some MP or minister) to dress as the Count for doing a count down flag off, maybe I go.
  7. I like wearing finisher t shirt.. So?. Like that also got people jiji wai wai.
  8. WTF, hydration problem is bad enough. Road marshall or route problem somemore? Anyway I stopped SDM for some years liao. They are charging more than SCSM.
  9. Wah lao... Now I read from some post here, that the apparel vendor change? I chose a size smaller than last year, as the UA sizing was too big for Medium. So I chose small instead..
  10. I have missed the email. This year will try to look out for it.
  11. For last year, was the digital photo part of the entitlement? If have, I may have missed the email to claim it.
  12. Signed up for the FM liao.. final price, inclusive of processing fee is $86.40. I don't have Stand Chart Card, so no additional discount.
  13. I am joining this. It's the only race that will motivate me to train LSD. Else I really hate to do LSD.?
  14. $80 for pre sale registration. I think is their version for loyalty rates for past year runners. And it's before admin charges. Last year paid in the upper $60 inclusive of admin charges . More than $10 increase.
  15. They should do one 15.1km.. And hopefully is gets shorter by the year.?
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