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  1. signed up.. hopefully nice coffee awaits at end of run..
  2. imho.. the organisers did a fantastic job for this run.. other than the lack of volunteers to direct running traffic and the long queue to collect the medals, i could find no fault with them.. the ice cold pocari sweat at the end of the race was welcoming..
  3. Star Wars Run - 6 May 2017

    just realised 7th May is Run Free run at Gardens by the Bay in the morning..
  4. Income Eco Run (fka Run350) - 30 April 2017

    anyone interested in 2 10km slots? 1 male S size, 1 female L size.. all items are yours.. pm for more details..
  5. hopefully it's a start for future runs..
  6. for YOLO Run.. there was shuttle bus service but long queue too.. and the traffic along the Tanjong Rhu stretch was so terrible, i ended up 40mins late for the 7am flag off.. if i knew, i would rather take a short run from kallang leisure park to the start point..
  7. hydration and first aid is in the map.. so i supposed it is already provided.. probably only plain water?
  8. the YOLO run that concluded recently was organised by them..
  9. Event website: https://www.eventnook.com/event/runfree/home Event Registration: https://www.sbbhosted.com/event/run-free-2017-8 Event Details Date: 7 May 2017, Sunday Time: 07:00 hrs - 12:00 hrs Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Bay East Garden Race Categories: 5 and 10 kilometres Fee: FREE Conceptualised by X-Change Republic Pte Ltd, Run Free is a run that is FREE for all. Breaking through the perception that taking part in a run comes with a cost. Run Free sets out to adopt the No-Frills Concept, allowing every runner to participate in the run at no cost - with the option to take part in either of the two race categories, 5 or 10 kilometres. By offering the freedom of choice to purchase only the add-ons you wish to enjoy, every dollar used is spent wisely. How Does It Work? Register for Run Free at no cost – Completely Free. Upon Registration, you will be given the option to purchase any add-ons to enhance your race experience. (Optional) Receive a confirmation slip upon successful registration – You’re now a Run Free participant! Types of add-ons 5KM race route 10KM race route maybe the organiser is one of us here? managed to hear our cries for cheaper races with optional items?
  10. Marina Run 2017 - 25 February 2017

    only did this 10km run once in 2014.. my only complaint is the lack of isotonic drinks at the athlete welfare station where you collect the medal.. didn't get any can of isotonic drink, and still have to drink the weird drink from a small cup, going back and fro to refill..
  11. Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    i stayed at Pudu (Citin Seacare Hotel) for 2014 SCMKL.. about 1km away.. few hotels along that stretch.. jus cross the road and you can take the free mrt to the start point..
  12. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    jus need to go to the website, scroll down to the running tee selection, you should see the link where you can click to select the jacket size.. i also didn't know till i checked into this thread..
  13. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    yes... windbreaker is a gift for past participant.. need to log into the registration portal to choose the windbreaker size..
  14. Pocari Sweat Run - 23 Jul 2016

    10k for me! since 2012!