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  1. Mine works well, maybe try resetting the watch or router? did it many times liao. restart also e same. the new version of garmin fit cannot detect the router... the previous version can detect but cannot auto connect
  2. i given up on my wifi function lol. simply not working on my mac. doesn't even detect my router. and when i did it manually, it doesn't sync. need the cable. oh well.
  3. have to go to custom office and pay the gst right, very lei che lei
  4. At the main post office in paya lebar areawe need to pay gst for online purchases? i didn't know that. is there any amount that is exempt? below S$400 inclusive of shipping handling and all kinda cost involved. :s
  5. thanks. never did it before.. so u buy, and u pay everything, den go the post office there and pay and collect at e same time?
  6. Maybe drop r-one trading an email/phone call to reserve the watch? called. they say not available and cannot pre-order
  7. I believe there are a few websites to pre-order from and i am only using Garmin 620 with the heart rate bundle as an example: 1) http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-Forerunner-620-Black-Bundle/dp/B00FBYYC90/ref=pd_sim_e_2 2) http://www.wiggle.co.uk/garmin-forerunner-620-gps-watch-with-hrm-run/ (free delivery to Singapore) 3) http://www.clevertraining.com/p-9029-garmin-forerunner-620.aspx?aid=120018820000016649&ref=shareasale&CA_6C15C=120018820000016649&CAID=c730820f-12f7-441d-bc87-070946cbc269 (DC rainmaker link with 10% off) 4) http://r-onetrading.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&product_id=1186&category_id=125&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1&vmcchk=1 (R One Trading at Sim Lim Square. Price and availability information not out yet) last link how to 'pre-order'?? thanks.
  8. local warranty also no much use actually.. but to get from overseas also no savings compared to local buys, esp after e shipping + GST
  9. oh yea baby! there shd be a 'reply' to your post. then again once i come here, i see my negative rep LOL damn

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