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  1. i think each person 10 sticks will be abt just right. thanks!!! Not those 40cents type hor... huh? u mean there're other types? haha..
  2. wouldn't that be too much food? if each person brings 5 packs of cha-kuay-teow, then 10 people will bring 50 packs... how to finish? alright... please bring enough "finger" food for 5 persons ok, i bring 5 otahs
  3. Interval and KOI!! goshh, u're more hopeless than me!! hahah
  4. I foresee another interval session for me if I come tomorrow . Miss Roonz is coming what hahaha... what?! no link lehh..
  5. translation? on Japan Hour, 3 ppl were supposed to swim indiv medley, and there was a lot of smoke because they put too much pepper on their backs?
  6. watching movie/soccer on P2P? wahh, totally no link leh..
  7. helloo didnt get to say hi to u last tues. i was the one who..urm..wore white shoes! (forgot what top i was wearing already heheh) the mount faber slope is really very scary hahah
  8. you are getting good at your yoga pose rsm also taught us how to breathe
  9. mickael?? my french name la..duhz wah..so u can communicate better with Dr Ironman^3??
  10. ok let's start a list of who's bringing what. 1) roonz - otah and 20 mr bean ice-cream cones from across the road. -- should be enough to feed 5 2) 3) 4) (i'm welcomed right? even though i turned up for a total of....ONE cbd run this year??)
  11. you can remember meh? he speaking from personal experience what.
  12. banana and chocolate go best with walnuts. or some peanut butter chips....mmmmm...
  13. aiya... gentle ar... you don't know the tradition? the tradition is the first tuesday after SCSM no CBD Run. tigger and tiwazz, correct hor? i think the tradition is... tigger will want to run but nobody else wants. correct or not?
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