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  1. AAARRRGGGHHH.... I have to give this a miss..... Enjoy everyone!!! can't say I'm a regular in CBD run anymore.... once a year also can't make it... *sigh*
  2. wouldn't that be too much food? if each person brings 5 packs of cha-kuay-teow, then 10 people will bring 50 packs... how to finish? Hmm .. w Sotong ard .. nothing is too much ..
  3. Yay... sounds like my kind of run!!! hee hee hee ...
  4. Who came back first to the end point? i called out to you hor... but i think you prefer to walk so i continued running lor.... Arlo.... no cat fights here in the forum please.....
  5. what a subtle way to say height excuse me, i have this strange feeling that i am the butt of the joke here.... hmm..... Blame it on Tigger..... if it's a joke, I also don't understand it. (Sleek, you're not alone... or both of us are darn retarded... *oops*)
  6. already planned for a short run on 14th Feb...CNY morning. Will post out details next week. Didn't realise it is a PB. Now got extra day for training. You wanna join me? Why is 16th Feb a PB? Public Boliday?
  7. yah lucky u never come. more food for the rest of us! *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*... ho liow hor.... I don't eat much one hor.....
  8. Aiyoh... can't believe I missed this. Hope everyone had fun.... maybe it's a good thing I didn't come... the rain might have came with me. CONGRATULATION to CBD Run's 4th Anniversary!
  9. Aaahhhhh.... how can a regular CBD runner like me not come for next Tuesday's event. If I don't come.... I can't be a regular liow... coz this is the one and only CBD run that I attend every year.... COUNT ME IN!!!
  10. Tigger... don't kapo lah.... people pak-tor you also went to make it public.... tsk tsk tsk.... anyway... looks like it's no go for me this evening.... weather looks too freaky... you guys enjoy the run... don't have to worry about rain now that I'm not going... ha ha ha
  11. Weather is crazy man... Strong winds and imminent rain.... hmmmmmmm.....
  12. I think you can run as many laps as you want at the top.....
  13. Darn.... now I better think twice before going.....
  14. r u bringing food? Aiyah... stop thinking of food all the time!!! Anyway, I'm interested to know as well, what's the route and distance for today har?
  15. when did you have such a cute avatar one. Doesnt suits u at all leh I quite cute also mar... isn't it? *ahem* *cough* *cough*
  16. SOOOOOO shall I bring the rain tomorrow to CBD? Can I come? Can I? Can I? Please!!! Pretty Please!!!
  17. You don't have to do the +++ if you don't want to... come slack with me... muahahahahaha..... what durian puffs or sotong balls? Even if I buy... they won't make it to the start point... it would have been consumed en-route..... *slurp*
  18. it will be an easy 10km run tomorrow... Any discount if I give promo code?
  19. Aiyah... miss the food... was on the way back from Jakarta last Tuesday... I might drop by tomorrow for the run... eh... what's the distance har? I'm in pretty nice shape now.... round is a very nice shape....
  20. Yellow card!!! Yellow card!!! *beep* *beeeeeep* Come for food only!!!!! i scared e jellies melt la... haha.. .gd excuse right hhmm... suddenly my legs dont feel good... maybe i will join you to look after the food later :Big Grin: *excuses*... I will still run... but only after I have helped cFred settle his melting jelly problem... *yum* Melts in my mouth, melts in my tummy..... :Big Grin:
  21. Yellow card!!! Yellow card!!! *beep* *beeeeeep* Come for food only!!!!!
  22. So don't do the +++ can or not? Will I kanna whipped?
  23. Eh... so fort canning means the distance is 9.5km? And that is exclusive of +++ on top of Fort Canning?
  24. NOOOoooo... that was my idea! maybe i'll bring some mochi instead. What's your problem.... I don't mind eating MORE fishballs and snacks from Old Chang Kee.... Both buy lor..... ha ha ha... and hor... REMEMBER TO GET EXTRA CHILLI HOR!!!!! *slurp* :Big Grin:
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