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  1. Raining and cold out there yesterday, temperature was less than 8 degree.C throughout, lots of supporters lining up with umbrellas along the streets despite the rain, managed to cut my PB by 8 minutes
  2. Hi benchy, out of my curiosity, during registration, they asked a question about your Pb and the race that you set the time. Did you submit the time from a race that is aims certified? Certain races like sundown marathon is not aims certified
  3. Thanks autumn, I had a good race and managed to get my 2nd fm PB (sub 3.50) this year.
  4. Usually they will post the following year date on the board at intex, but this year, they didn’t mentioned next year date, the board only mentioned see you in 2019, with a new course
  5. I’m in pen E, any idea does the purple number means the number of toilets cubicles? I think if you buy the Osaka metro day pass, it should be better to alight at morinomiya
  6. There are some details being released in the my page section of the website after logging in
  7. Thanks beast, I’ve emailed them and managed to pay. Any advice from anyone who went before as to which subway station is the closest to the baggage check in or start point? Isit shinjuku or other station?
  8. Hi stalky, I’ve gotten the acceptance email, but unable to pay, after I key in my details, it says entry could not be found
  9. Hi all, does anyone face the issue where after the log in page, it says entry cannot be found?
  10. I heard from the pacers that for 21km, it is 19.8kk
  11. Can we show the confirmation slip via our phone?
  12. has not set their status

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