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  1. Thanks. I intend to let my wife collect on my behalf using the machine. Need to pass her my NRIC card, or just punch in number will do? The event dispensed is auto? or got choice options from machine.
  2. How do we get the verification code?
  3. From his FB, Soh said so. And he wont run another marathon til the SEA games one which he already qualified.
  4. Say if the train option remains and whole network breaks down on race day... Despite all our suspicions / guesses, there must be real reasons why the organizers changed the transportation option. At least they provided an alternative. So chill runners, don't take this too badly
  5. They may give u free entry next year. read somwhere that Xiamen marathon has that for their 10th anniversay.
  6. Your confirmation slip will indicate your estimated finishing time (when you sign up) which is the assigned pen
  7. bro, just log in from scms website, the option to purchase bus ticket is there.
  8. take a look at this:
  9. Have you tried posting them on Carousell? I sold off various event wear and finisher tees within a week of posting.
  10. Hi Jet, just SMS u
  11. AR, are you referring to the 2014 edition where the end point was 2 KM short for the 10KM category. Runners collected their medals at the 8 Km, then ran another 1 Km and U-turned. I remembered I paid very little ($3 or $5) PA members for 10 KM and the goodie bag was fairly decent.
  12. Market place? Any link? TIA
  13. Market place? Any link? TIA
  14. Mok not doing GCAM. He already declared his Rio dream over when he din meet the qualifying time in the Ottawa (or is it Toronto) Marathon on 29 May 16. He's coming back to resume his medical career.