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  1. don't take this lightly bro. sundown din point a gun at u to sign up. Sundown din point a gun to DQ u if u fill in your emergency contact. Too late to point fingers if a mishap were to happen!
  2. Contemplating. any one did this previously?any reviews? thanks
  3. Run4yourlife

    MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 2017, 15 July 2017

    I am unfamiliar with that part of our island?any public shower facilities nearby, like sportssg gym or public swimming pools?
  4. Run4yourlife

    Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    Other that SQ, which airline also flys direct to Osaka? happy to get a place, buying flight soon
  5. Run4yourlife

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    take a look at this: http://www.athletesjourney.sg/races/marathon/tokyo-marathon
  6. Run4yourlife

    Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    then its less than 2 KM from hotel
  7. Run4yourlife

    Stand Chart KL Marathon 7 Aug 2016

    I stayed at the Chinatown Inn in the midst of Chinatown last year for the KLSCM. Clean, basic amenities there, wifi, good access to food. Walking distance to start point (if this yr's is the same as last year). The only downside of this hotel, is its on 2nd floor, hence theres a short stairway leading up to it. (think when you are checking out, post-marathon:))
  8. Run4yourlife

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    AR, On the part on getting successfully balloting for a slot, I had locals telling me that for foreign participants, the Japs allocate accordingly to size of country. Maybe true, for this 2016 edition, China's has the 2nd largest contingent. And my Jap host has been balloting unsucessfully for several years liao.
  9. Run4yourlife

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Hi there, Thought I write something here, about my trip to Tokyo leading to the Tokyo Marathon. Its not entirely a race review, more like observations / musings / reflections about my maiden visit to Japan. First, a big shout out to Trailblazers and a handful of forummers who dropped me PMs on tips / replies about my enquires; thanks..appreciate your kindness! Pre-race: I touched down at Haneda on 25th (Thursday) morning. Upon purchasing the "3 day and 1-way Keikyu" pass, I found my way to my Airbnb place in Shinjuku. After a brief rest, stepped out and headed straight to Tokyo Big Sight for race pack collection. Along the way, purchased and top up my PASMO card which is like our Ezylink card for cashless payments at convenience shops, malls etc. Race pack collection was quick and smooth. Next, the expo, and WOW! Theres really lots to see, and buy. From head to toe. But being a non-shopping person, I merely strolled thru, grinned at the ever enthusiastic promoters (at the same time held on to my wallet tightly). I spent the next couple days visiting shrines, parks, Tsuikiji Fish Market etc, travelling the subway (gonna regret this on race day, more on that later). On Friday evening, I attended the Tokyo Marathon Singapore Contingent carbo loading dinner hosted by John and Makiko. The Singapore running community shown the couple much friendship during their one year residence in our lion city and when they returned to Tokyo, they reciprocate this friendship by hosting SG participants for the Tokyo Marathon to carbo loading dinner. John mentioned that they have been doing this for a couple of years already. Really big hearted of them Race day: I had the good fortune of meeting a sg couple at the carbo loading, and the wife (shes not running) offered to take my barang barang, so we did not have to do bag deposit. It wasnt a really cold morning for race start ( at least for me). Used a disposable raincoat to block the cold while waiting in the pen. Race starts at 0910 sharp, and for my pen at around 0920. All roads were closed, and theres really space to run. Both sides of roads were lined up with supporters. All went okie til around 19km when legs started to clamp. Never happened so early before, usually its near to 30 km mark. I suspect its due to the all the walking I did pre-race during sightseeing, resulting in legs not getting ample rest. After half marathon mark, supporters started dishing out food. Due to leg clamps, and also hunger, I slowed down. Fruits, biscuits, drinks, cakes, all grabbed and whacked. Hence more toilet breaks. Parts of the route, the sun shone thru and started to get warm. There were some slopes, but manageable as not steep and long ones. At the 40 km, the wind blew and it was kinda of chilly. Reflections: Theres little to fault the Japs for their foresight and organization; this event is truly top-notch. I gave my thumb-ups to 2 groups of people for making the TM magical and special. First, the volunteers. All have worked tirelessly from marshalling, holding trash bags, cheering, manning dirnks stations, (just to name a few duties), and a fair number are senior citizens who have been standing on 2 feet throughout the race. 2nd group: the supporters, and dress-up participants. They added sight and sound to the race. I saw a few runners in suits and blazers, gal with blonde wig in sailor-moon dress etc. All these, in one of their coldest months! Due to overload on feet (pre-race), too much F&B and toilet breaks, by my own standards, I didnt do a good race, and din make timing target. But I know it wont be my only Jap marathon. 百闻不如意见,I will continue to ballot for Jap marathons:) Sorry there aint pictures to show here, as I dont run with HP, not even for TM
  10. Run4yourlife

    Tokyo Marathon 2016 - ( 28 Feb )

    Hi there, Appreciate any good advice, especially Singaporeans who flown in before to do the Tokyo Mara. 1) Flight- any suggested airline which is lighter on wallet to book? prefer direct flight, & I believe better to fly in to Narita than Haneda? I plan to fly in on 25 Feb 16 2) Any suggested lodging, convenient to start point? I am looking at AIRBNB. Nice to hear from forumers who got the lottery too and planning to go!
  11. Run4yourlife

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Brooks is distributed by KPI. Just look out for the REPC organised by Pink Apple and there's a 60-70% chance that KPI will be there to set up booth. Most of the times they will be selling Brooks shoe. You can also buy them from KPI stores and WOS stores. The past season at WOS is also quite attractive during sales times. So may want to keep an eye for sales time.There's a 50% WOS sale today, for the New Year. can also try KPI factory outlet at IMM
  12. Run4yourlife

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Thanks. Useful info / tips from pro, esp the part on overhydration and carbo-loading.
  13. Run4yourlife

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    runner ... running beside you ... strike conversation ??? run lah ... talk so much comes the reply then u know LOL but what's the motive behind the wristband ??? knowing the runners from which area of SG ... why they wanna have a competition based on zones ? or they wanna attract heartlanders enthusiasm ? just reroute the routes to various hearltands ... taking turns each year since it's not possible to cover all in one race ... but knowing them, it'll only happen if they have to salvage this event due to dwindling numbers .... engraving for first 200 runners ... how many non-elite class FM even stand a chance ??? like this : just reroute the routes to various hearltands ... taking turns each year since it's not possible to cover all in one race ...
  14. Run4yourlife

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Are the runs (with the pacers) starting from the adidas stores free for all, or only for registered runners?
  15. Run4yourlife

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    Or rather adidas paid for it? Both this yr's SCMS and Haile are sponsored by adidas..