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  1. as long as you bring food when you drop by We very auto one, all got bring food de...
  2. yeah it is a weekly thing... Maybe you would like to introduce yourself at the New Members Section
  3. alamak... on course on course until nv see the tee... sianz :Cry:
  4. rusty comes only when there's food.... ....just like me!!! :Drooling: "guest" appearance again i think?... :cool_grin:
  5. rain ...rain....dun go away... mr bean ...here i come ... :yummie: i'm coming today!!! :Big Grin: for mr bean... :cool_grin:
  6. how come u know. :Thinking: Wah seh... got spy? Hahaha...
  7. Thanks for the food. Paiseh just to come for food, and bringing along my friend, Kat without contributing any food. Will join back once i am okay to run. I will be back.
  8. pai kar will jaga the food... All pai kars pls fall in... 1. AlecChua hahahaha.
  9. tml run on? I got a friend who might join. And so if the friend comes, i will come for the makan.
  10. I dun think we are running next tue since it a public holiday ? Date: 271206 Time: about 2000hrs Location: SP stadium. Tiwazz said to me that the CBD run is cancelled next tue due to public holiday. :cool_grin:
  11. I'm extra fat now !we better stop now before we get bashed by Bee :53: *hint* baby fats U all dare to use the word, "fat" in front of someone who has not run for 3 months... Make way for the real fat king... hahaha... makan session at Esplanade Street wow another makan session arh... FD, got to see if i recover first or not, because the gastric flu is circulated in my whole family, dun want to spread to whole sgrunners. Hahahaha...
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