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  1. I remember they did have male pacers, in past editions. Didn't notice any mention this year (yet).
  2. I believe if there's money to be earned, some other company will happily take it up.
  3. Actually, I think most recreational runners do not realise there are separate events companies behind these runs - I didn't too, when I first started joining events... till I got educated by fellow forummers here! In any case, I guess its wise for me to skip YOLO this year! This thread reminded me of the hiccups at last year's event (I was walking to the start line, when I was told the run had been cancelled due to impending bad weather... So I went to collect the goodie bag that included a huge yoga mat, only to hear that the run was still on... The queue for bag deposit was crazy long by then, so I ended up walking the route with the huge yoga mat! After coming back from the route, the event area was also a mess, and it took a while to figure out where the yoga session was being held ) ...... I had thought the organisers were just unlucky to be affected by weather conditions last year, but hearing all the feedback here, I guess they are just bad at their job overall!
  4. Date: 13th August 2017 (Sunday) Time: 6.45am Venue: Kallang Practice Track Website: Categories: 10km, 5km, Squad Relay - Team of 3 Relay (5km each), 1.8km Family Fun Run Registration link:
  5. This is the event:
  6. Interesting indeed!
  7. That's disappointing to hear! Thanks for the update though! So that's why its been so quiet...
  8. Screenshot from their FB... I think it was when Joseph Schooling won the 1st Olympic Gold for Singapore...
  9. FB have lots of complains of stations running out hydration - So it happened once again. Tsk tsk
  10. Hahaha!! You are right!! I walked from Stadium!!
  11. Actually, its walkable distance to/from Nicoll Highway MRT.
  12. Yes, same organiser as YOLO... and if I don't remember wrongly, same route as YOLO!
  13. Wow, so it wasn't about money, unlike all the speculations and online bashing.
  14. Does it automatically provide the special rate, based on IC number? If so, you can try signing up and check the price - It should reflect the rate before you pay.
  15. I was wondering the same... And points 1, 3 and 4 made sense... Good luck to the FM & HM runners this year!!