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  1. Hahahahaha!!! I didnt join the run, as I was scared off by app feedback. Hence didnt click on the survey... And not going to, given above feedback!!
  2. Congrats on finally joining your 1st virtual run!
  3. Just 1 event for National Day I had been against joining virtual runs for a long time, till I saw the tee, and thought can give it a shot... The experience changed my mind on VRs.
  4. My key objective to join events, is to motivate me to run longer distances
  5. Unfortunately @beast, the distances of 2km and 5km are not challenging enough, so I'll skip it
  6. Registration is open: https://virtualruns.pinkapple.com.sg/chipsley-virtual-run/
  7. Well... They claimed they have resolved the issues, but I still see new complains coming in from users, so not sure if problems are really solved.
  8. Agree its not unexpected. But what's surprising is they had used the same supposedly horrible app for the Star Wars Run long back - and had received 1-star feedback on the app for the longest time...... However, till now, feedback on the app remains as bad as ever, and they still dictated it to be the one and only tracking app for ST Run.
  9. Wow... The organisers are finally bothering to try and do something, after ignoring feedback for so long. How terrible of them. So glad I didnt sign up, thanks to this forum!
  10. Website: https://virtualruns.pinkapple.com.sg/chipsley-virtual-run/ Run distance: 2km or 5km Dates for clocking distance: Anytime from 23rd Nov 2020 to 6th Jan 2021 Registration Period: Now till 31st Dec Registration Fee: $25 (same price for both distances) Runner's Entitlements - E-cert - E-badge - Limited edition 18k plating Chipsley pendant with Swarovski crystals (worth $88), limited to 1,000 sets Given the entitlement, I thought registration fees will be high, but I'm wrong! But distance is too short, so I won't be joining!
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