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  1. I was just like u yesterday! But I went back to read the app reviews again, and also read event organizer's replies on FB, and I decided to listen to feedback from fellow runners. Even though this registration fee is low, I'm sure I will find better events to spend my $15 on instead
  2. Hmmm... Tempting indeed. But the app... I'll think for another few days.
  3. Collection this weekend! I wonder if this is the 1st (cancelled) event to do in-person pack collection?
  4. I had assumed we will be given 2020 and 2021 goodie bags together! Didn't know 2020 bag will be distributed this year!
  5. From what I read, my understanding is this LIV3LY MOVE app only syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health. All other running apps (Strava/ Garmin Connect/ etc), need to be synced to either of these 2 apps, before then syncing with LIV3LY MOVE. In the earlier link with feedback, I also read issues syncing runs with Google Fit, and some feedback as recent as this month (Aug 2020). (I have an Android phone, so didn't bother to read the feedback from Apple users.)
  6. Oh? Bad reviews means I should think twice too [Edit] Thank you for sharing this. I read the feedback in the link, and decided I'll be healthier if I don't join this event (avoid my blood pressure going up due to app issues)
  7. Me too - When this blows over (if it ever does), I'll still opt for mass runs, instead of virtual runs...... Virtual run is just my stop-gap solution for now.
  8. Thanks for sharing this, Lonewolf! I'll KIV this - Will decide after they reveal the Finisher Tee
  9. I run with my handphone and GPS watch, and track my distance with both devices. (I agree with beast, that running with phones is a matter of getting used to.) Even though I have the devices and tracking, I had been against joining virtual runs too, and its coz I believe paid runs should come with support such as drink stations and road closures. However, over the weekend, I signed up for a virtual run (attracted by the Finisher Tee), and I had been excitedly planning how to hit the target distance! I now so agree, that joining a virtual run can be a form of motivation to keep fit, during COVID!
  10. Interesting!! I guess should not be a surprise, since they made the same change to RFL......
  11. Hahaha!! I would have said the same thing lah! In any case, let's keep our fingers crossed, play our part in social responsibility, and hope that things will improve soon!
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