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  1. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Race Entry Pack collection this week, Thursday to Sunday!!
  2. SIA Charity Run 2017 - 08 Oct (Sun)

    Most likely they don't know either...
  3. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Hahaha!! Guess I never looked out for the fine print, ie. the ELM stamp!
  4. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Oh! Didn't know that!
  5. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Medal designs for this year!
  6. Otter Run 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

    That's a such a small-scale event! Wonder if they even manage to cover their costs?
  7. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    I see... That's good for them, at least its a crowd size they can handle!
  8. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    Only 355 runners!! That sounds like a really small event
  9. Congrats to all Craze Ultra finishers! Thumbs up to @jerrylam's write-up!
  10. Shape Run - 13th August 2017

    Pink Apple is organizer for Shape Run.
  11. Shape Run - 13th August 2017

    I had joined Shape Run many years back. I stopped joining for a few years, as it was super crowded - and I thought it was ridiculous that runners need to join multiple queues, at the end of the run (under the blazing sun ), for various goodie bag items. I decided to join again this year, and thought this year's event was much better than my past experience! What went well for me: + The 10k wasn't crowded - Even though I only reached the start line between 5-10mins before flag-off, I was still able to see the start gantry, and could cross the start line within 1 or 2mins after flag-off. During most of the route (except the 1st km), there was plenty of space. + The route had clear distance markers (I saw all, except for 5km). Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing a GPS watch, so I had no idea if the markers are placed at the right locations. My Samsung Health App recorded 9.98km, so the total distance seems to be spot-on! + There are quite a few sponsor booths providing post-event F&B (eg: Kellogg's Cereals, Duo provided bread, etc) , photo-taking booths, and games. + The goodie bag came with many goodies - not just vouchers! I recall a bottle of isotonic, a box of cereals, a bottle of shower foam, many packs of shampoo & hair conditioner, and many many more items!! Plus, I like the design of this year's goodie bag! + The goodie bag was given out during Run Carnival, and there is no longer a need to queue for these in the hot sun! + The weather this morning was very nice & cooling, which helped make the run more enjoyable (though that's not due to any effort by organizers!) What I found disappointing: - The usual isotonic brands didn't make an appearance. Instead, they provided You.C1000, which I found too sweet. This drink left my throat feeling dry & more thirsty . I was lucky I carried my own water bottle that alleviated this issue! - I thought the run singlet design is nice. However, the cutting is HUGE, and I was swimming in mine! Unfortunately, they ran out of smaller sizes . Overall, I think Shape Run had definitely improved vs. my past experience few years back. I sure enjoyed the event today!
  12. Shape Run - 13th August 2017

    Yep, me too... Just collected the pack today!
  13. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    I see!
  14. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    That's strange - Why didn't you register at the Launch Event?