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  1. Ohhh!! Thanks!! Then I will turn up empty handed, and just deposit their string bag at the bag deposit
  2. I couldnt find time to collect run pack today! May I know if any fellow forum-er had collected, and what is in the pack pls? I'll have to collect on event day -> am just wondering if I need to bring along a backpack to store the goodies, or I can turn up empty-handed (coz there arent any goodie)? Thanks!
  3. Did u think the medal design is underwhelming, or the personalised part looks underwhelming? I thought the personalised part looks nice! Too bad I didnt join this run.
  4. I see I don't buy as a matter of principle. And I'm also not a big fan of collecting medals - running out of storage space already!
  5. Thanks for all the replies and advice! Yes, ok, will still KIV for next year then. @beast - I will not buy from Carousell. Medals need to be self-earned.
  6. This announcement gives less motivation to join next year, since I missed this year
  7. Hourly PM 2.5 is a more accurate measure of the immediate/ current air quality. I think that's the better measure to use. I thought this run was going to be the first haze casualty this year, in the running calendar. Luckily the weather improved!
  8. Oh yah! It was the same arrangement for Shape Run REPC -> Dont accept scanning of IC, and require QR code on confirmation slip. Many couldn't find their confirmation slip at Shape Run then, and there was a resultant long queue at the info counter I think this is coz of the new rule from PDPC, which means this will likely be the standard rule from now on.
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