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  1. Interesting!! I guess should not be a surprise, since they made the same change to RFL......
  2. Hahaha!! I would have said the same thing lah! In any case, let's keep our fingers crossed, play our part in social responsibility, and hope that things will improve soon!
  3. I was going to agree... till I saw Lonewolf's reply!!
  4. Wow... Indeed... All run events will have to be cancelled...
  5. I agree..... Though the new date for 2XU Compression Run is even more optimistic
  6. Yeah, not surprised... This is totally expected, with all the announcements, and considering who are the organizers of this Run.
  7. Even though it is not compulsory to cancel, I think most organizers will be more cautious and just cancel - There's already a government advisory...... and given the current situation, no one will blame them for cancelling. The worst possibility that can happen is to push through with the event, then realise that one person became a confirmed case (with symptoms on event day), and passed it to others during the event...... There were already a few clusters in SG, due to the same reason.
  8. I agree with @lonewolf - With the new 250 participants guidelines, I think this event will not proceed...... Unless they have less than 250 runners for each race/ distance?
  9. Relay For Life is cancelled. At least this event is still going ahead. Just postponed only.
  10. Sharing the event tee that popped up on my FB...
  11. Indeed, this combination works! Last 3 digits + alphabet... and DOB
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