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  1. Sharing the event tee that popped up on my FB...
  2. Indeed, this combination works! Last 3 digits + alphabet... and DOB
  3. Thanks! Nothing works, so I've emailed them...
  4. I tried to sign up, but am unable to get Loyalty rate - anyone knows if the 4 IC characters refer to 4 numbers + last alphabet, or 3 numbers + last alphabet, or 4 numbers only? Thanks!
  5. The purple isotonic in 2014 is from herbalife?? Wasn't it from Pere Ocean?http://www.sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19459-marina-run-2014/page/6/
  6. Impressive! I wonder if the road closures had been manully updated on Google map, or is it automated?
  7. Yes, some parts of the route - I also forgot, till I re-read last year's forum thread Regardless easy fix or difficult fix, I just hope they do fix it
  8. Good luck! I'm not signing up, coz I need my sleep
  9. $65 for FM, is cheaper than 2XU's HM (non-loyalty rate)!
  10. Thanks, beast! I read through this year's event forum reviews, and for me personally, the only negative should be the poorly lit route - which resulted in route hazards not being clearly visible. Am wondering if organizers will improve their sense of safety next year.
  11. This year is also my first year of participation. Don't remember any negative experience... Maybe need to check back on my this year's experience, to decide whether to sign up.
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