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  1. Did anyone join Shape Run this year? I decided to register at the last minute! Collected the goodie bag today, and it sure was heavy! And the Newton singlet material feels good! Date: 25th August 2019 (Sunday) Time: 5am - 10.30am Venue: Kallang Practice Track Website: http://run.shape.com.sg/2019/ Runner's Entitlement: Runner’s Tote Designed by Ang Ku Kueh Girl Newton Running Runner’s Top Shape Run 2019 Finisher’s Medal Shape Run 2019 Finisher’s E-Cert Special K Forest Berries Cereal Box (370g) TFX 7-day Fitness Pass Eversoft Beauty Shower (30ml) YouC1000 Vitamin Water (Lemon/Orange) (500ml) elkali Natural Alkaline Spring Water (330ml) Shiracha White Tea (500ml) CNP Laboratory Mild Calming Sun Lotion SPF50+/PA++++ Nature’s Wonders Baked Almonds (15g) Vagisil Fresh Plus Intimate Wash Sachet (10ml) All Kurma Dates (250g) Senka Perfect Whip Facial Wash (50g) Salonpas Gel Patch Salonpas 30 Amaris B Portable Fan su:m37° Timeless Hydration Kit with Secret Essence (5ml) and Waterfull Gel Cream Sachets Shopping Vouchers from Kose Cosmeport, Zenyu, su:m37° And more!
  2. I do not join a lot of events (just 1 or 2 a year), and I use my t-shirts for everyday wear. Medals are lying in the drawer.
  3. Wow. Its indeed 'loud'! I was still undecided whether to sign up, but now that I see your update, I think I should find something else to join...
  4. Hahaha!! But that's inflation rate, so bank interest may be lower? I was just wondering how much profit is there to be made from interest. Also, judging by the small turnout for the 2018 event, and the high registration fees for 2019, I doubt there's much profit to be earned from interest.
  5. Indeed expensive... Am definitely not keen to pay $80 for a HM, that has minimal hydration stations, and starts relatively late - at 7.30am!
  6. Oic. Congrats! Good to know, as I'll definitely not qualify for one. Hence, won't consider signing up next year!
  7. Actually, what's really really irritating is bikers who ride on B side!
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