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  1. sicklycat

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    Guess I won't be joining then!
  2. sicklycat

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    Mygoodness! You really look out for their fine print! I saw the medal on FB, but didnt see the ELM stamp.
  3. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    Yes! Exactly the reasons why I had not signed up yet!
  4. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    P/S: I found the 2017 1-for-1 promo that you mentioned! Yes, I did see it last year too, but it slipped my mind It was announced after 2017 Early Bird had ended, and just a couple of weeks before registration was to close. So I guess they were targetting the fence-sitters. For me, I guess if I'm really keen for 2018, I'll join during Early Bird. Coz not sure if they will bring back the same promo this year?
  5. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    Thanks! Hope they have it again!
  6. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    Ahhh... Thanks! I didn't join their Zumba, that's why I didn't know. Then again, their fringe activities are only open to participants who had signed up for GEWR, right?
  7. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    Oh? Was there a flash sale last year?? When was that, and how much was the discount?
  8. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    I was comparing the Early Bird Loyal Runner Fees, and its jumped from $53 to $58... On top of that, with the apparel changing to Reebok, think I may skip my favourite run this year...
  9. sicklycat

    Great Eastern Women's Run - 14th Oct 2018

    Launch event on 31st May. Looks like apparel will be changed from Adidas to Reebok
  10. Date: 14th October 2018 (Sunday) Time: 5am - 11am Venue: Singapore Sports Hub (NEW venue for GEWR) Website: https://www.greateasternlife.com/greateasternwomensrun/index.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatEasternWomensRunSingapore/ Registration link: TBC (Registration opens 31st May) Runner's Entitlements (5k/ 10k/ 21km) Reebok Race Tee (worth $39) 21.1km Reebok Finisher Tee (for 21.1km runners only) Reebok Sports Bra (worth $49, for limited Edition 110th Anniversary Package Race Runners Only) Exclusive GEWR Sports Bag Exclusive Finisher Medal (for all race categories, except the Princess Dash)* Personalised Race Bib Event Race Guide Finisher’s Certificate (for 5km, 10km and 21.1km runners only) Free Insurance Cover for Race Day Plus many other exciting promotions and goodies! Race fees: 21km 10km
  11. Really free?! But too bad I'm not free that day!
  12. Actually, if there are really less participants, you guys should be happier, right? Coz you can then look forward to a less congested event?
  13. Interesting! Even AHM and SCSM!
  14. sicklycat

    Naruto Run - 26 May (Sat)

    Wow! Interesting indeed... Maybe the plan is to schedule this event, at a time when all runners will complete the 1.5k before the mall opens for business? EDIT: Oh, I just saw the time - Its at 10am, when the mall is open for business! Hmmmmmm......