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  1. I hate Stanchart 2010. Everything of it, I hate.

    1. Lady Ice

      Lady Ice

      soo wanna sign up next year?

    2. Keeluh


      hi Lady Ice. I don't know whether or not to sign up next year. Just tad too disappointed in it. Need time to assess everything of it. Sigh. How's your run?

    3. Lady Ice

      Lady Ice

      only be disappointed if yr run sucked. my run started off good and sucked at the end!!! - in fact 3km from the end. Teach me for not eating!!

  2. Hi.

    sorry for the very late reply,

    but just saw your comment.

  3. Hi! Thanks for letting us know about the calibration of the sports band. I still have yet to muster the calibration. Sigh. It's not easy! haha

  4. feels underprepared for AHM :(

  5. yep yep, just checking around la, trying to understand the runners in this forum. :) cheers to you too and happy running. injured myself now for playing soccer over the weekend:(

  6. Hello! Saw you viewing my profile! Cheers!

  7. hello! hahah! i cant believe im here, after 3 months!


  9. hey it was you!?! omgod so sorry! i usually dont accept unrecognizable addresses! arhh! wait wait i add you! happy cny!


  11. hahahs! yes i am! for the 21 only though. yourself?! hope to see you at the race itself! :D

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