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  1. SCSM attendance at 51k includes all the categories and not only the marathon unlike other events. TODAY's article is not really comparing what should be compared (SCMS FM vs other WMMs FM) and there is so little interest for SCMS FM that slots are available for a very long time after registration opens unlike other countries in Asia (HK for example) let alone WMMs.
  2. I skipped last year run and what an improvement from 2017 by the organisers. Baggage drop was very efficient and no queue anymore for the toilets with a huge number of cubicles around. Well done as it helps runners to start the race in good spirit. Night race is a good idea though i still prefer morning runs and it was very humid. A big miss on the "popular" aspect of the race with very few spectators and the end point being completely empty. Not sure what organisers can do as the event does not seem to be of any interest for Singaporeans. Finish line at National Stadium with activities organised there for the public during/after the race would help maybe to have more people involved.
  3. Yes so many people do not have any photo yet including some who topped their age category. Disappointing and hopefully more photos to come.
  4. Very nice race. Punggol PCN and Coney island are not really trail running and I prefer the time it was around MCRitchie area. Great atmosphere and human size crowd. Friendly all the way from the pack collection to the after race time.
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