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  1. Ironman did indeed a very bad job. I was lucky enough to wait only 35 minutes when I dropped my bag and then saw huge queue for the people who did not come early enough. And collecting the bag was even worse, 1h15 after running 42k. No respect for the runners. I was thinking about the Yolo fiasco - I did not run that race-. Newton run -much smaller race- and Safra - army boys helping- were so well organised for the bag drop-off/collection. It is time Ironman spends some our money on paying for a decent baggage system. RED CARD to them. It spoils the race at the beginning and at the end. Such a shame. The new route was for me much better with less time spent on ECP but the merger of 3 categories from Sheares bridge to F1 Pit is a pure non-sense. Dangerous for everybody and clearly slowing down the FM runners. The split line between FM and other runners after F1 pit was a good thing giving FM runners a clear path to the end. And to finish, tracking system was not working during the race. Is it really that difficult to provide that basic service. To summarize, a very disappointing event so far from Ironman boasting announcements. Well below pass.