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  1. CPB = Changi Business Park. Team FatBird leads the i-RUN @ CBP every Monday, 6.15pm, The Signature. Join us. Therefore it shld be CBP.. Bro, Thanks for the guidance today...!!! Good 7 km run....nice to see many TFB frenzs again......thanks to Dream n DO for guiding.... WELL DONE TO ALL !!!! KEEP IT UP !!! Cheers, :smilie_daumen1:
  2. btw, think i hv a little night-blindness... cant really notice the surrounding if the lightings r too dim... may miss out the hidden dragons / phoenix... wahahaha... :Nerd: It is okay, dragons/phoenix are pets staying high above the cloud. Not easy to spot. Maybe smell their dust when it settled. No problem, look for me next tuesday, tigger introduce you to those flying creatures, eg bat that flies normally a little lower(not on cloud standard) which i am sure you can still see around from the back. :tongue_smilie: cantonment rd got chioh bu some mor :tongue_smilie:
  3. Newton is an awesome shoe! Coz of the forefoot landing style, my knees were practically "Took a nap, and woke up smiling with the job done". Can't say the same on my calves though. Thank you for the experience and organizing this trial : ) YES....AWESOME.........I m using it for the scsm......its lite compare to other shoes....the shoe works for you if ur calves ache... They dun ached for me as NEWTON FFS is very closely linked to MFS.......thats why Craig Alexander,the current pro champion at recent KONA IRONMAN championship uses them....
  4. ya true enuf.....slippery for any running shoes when pavement wet.....
  5. thanks to littletigger and tiwazz for being sweeper, good turnout over over 20 runners.....hope the nearly 20 runners who tested the shoes find it different.... The actuator lugs worked well on slopes....good easy run last nite.... :smilie_daumen1:
  6. Understand that Keypower will give $50 discount( :smilie_daumen1:only at Keypower Office outlet at Eunos ) for those that took part in the shoe trials.....
  7. next tues... becos of the "newton shoes" trial ... we will be doing "set D" (no ++++) juz an easy 7.5km run pls come early to check out the shoes... nearly 30 runners for last nite safra runners shoe trials...demand for more....general comments is light,lugs gives forward motion....good for fore foot runners n mid foot dtrikers.....for those landing on BOF( balls of foot....)
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