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  1. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Noobie prefers big. In fact bigger than proposed design is better. Important for all the marathon noobies as a sign of affirmation they no longer running noobs
  2. The Performance Series 2017 - 28 May, 13 Aug, 5 Nov

    Yes, of course bro beast. Noobie was just highlighting some extreme examples to make a point. We don't have much land space for runs but it is refreshing to know that organisers have conducted races in the north like Punggol, Coney Island, Pasir Ris Park and even Pulau Ubin and runners still come. There's no race at Tuas yet but at Changi there's already been a few like Yellow Ribbon Run and 2XU Mega-Tri held some years back. The running leg took participants from changi beach park across park connectors to changi village. That was awesome and memorable indeed. For the west side, Noobie can only remember Jurong Lake Run, B.I.G. Farm Walk & Run, West Coast Park run (discontinued) and Pioneer Run (also discontinued). Some organiser could organise a run at Pandan Reservoir - that 6km 1-round is also nice.
  3. The Performance Series 2017 - 28 May, 13 Aug, 5 Nov

    Noobie skipped this race too. Race reviews will be all about the same thing..."Marina", "gardens by the bay", "very organised", "no/bottleneck", "enthusiastic volunteers", "enough/not enough hydration" etc etc bla bla bla..... Don't know what's the big deal anyway. Simply put all factors are the same except for the organisers since the race route these days are quite constant. So it's better to just list the good and lousy organisers so runners can make a more informed choice to take part in the race or boycott it, if that is the purpose. Also the other thing is if the same organiser has a good track record of organising a good race 3 times in a row and then the 4th one is lousy - what then is the conclusion? Should runners join the 5th edition or not? Sometimes feels like in the Matrix( you know something is wrong but can't put a finger to it) or running like mice on a threadmill at the same ol' race routes and the only thing we are doing is fattening the pockets of the organisers. Com'on some organisers should organise a half-marathon at Tuas West or Changi or NTU, 2nd link bridge or something....now that's a race Noobie would participate and a race review Noobie would then read!
  4. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    After hearing all the advice from all the bros here, Noobie would have to agree. Noobie will also sit this race one out. Although it is interesting that brand sponsor is 2xu as the Marina Run was brooks. Deal breaker for Noobie to run this race is if ELM medal, cool design of finisher tee and interesting race route. Other than that can count Noobie out too.
  5. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    Noobie not sure of some other reasons but some gave up definitely because of injury. At first Noobie saw one of them wearing one leg brace. Then 2. Even at that stage was walking with a bow leg walking gait. And yet still pushed on running marathons. Not just 1 but something like 15-20 over per year. Now no longer can do marathons but only do 10K or HM and HM result around 3h30 or 4h. Then another Noobie met a few months back. Become super bui bui already. But last time when running Noobie remember he very haolian. When overtake Noobie, go and scold Noobie to run faster. Then when met up the last time, talk so humble and low tone voice. Said doctor told him he don't have a marathoner physique in the first place. Now injured and only doing the occasional 5K fun run. Shook Noobie hand and told Noobie to keep it up.
  6. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    cant say that they were injured by the combo. But what was common was that they were doing b2bs recklessly without giving their bodies due rest and now no longer in the running scene. Noobie not sure about you bro, but do you have acquaintances or friends that also dropped out of the running scene over a period of time? And if so, is it mostly injury related? When Noobie started out, there were many 'legends' in the running scene but now most are gone. Noobie is hoping such a fate does not fall on Noobie.
  7. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 - Sunday, 21 May 2017

    Too much review here in sgrunner focus too much on SG races. I mean if race is different or location different then nevermind. But it's always the same thing eg 2XU race in 2015, 2016 etc Keep on hearing words like Marina Bay, East Coast,.....borrrrrinnngg. So Noobie will now help review overseas races especially those in Malaysia. But Noobie is also a noob reviewer. Please tell Noobie what else Noobie can review. :: Noobie Race Review :: Race was fantastic! Everything was great. Water was well stocked. Ambiance was there. Cut-off a generous 7h and the terrain has many inclines (probably not the best idea to attempt a PB here) Definitely much much better than SCMS - every year still talk about East Coast, East Coast and East Coast. And it rained lightly when Noobie was at 35km mark! So cooling and shiok! That's it. The end.
  8. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    Noobie knows some of those runners who are no longer running now. For Noobie it's the lasting that matters; not the timing, the running clubs you join, etc. You don't want to get permanently injured in the activity you love.
  9. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 - Sunday, 21 May 2017

    Reasonable pricing, interesting and challenging route around KL, no ECP, .... many many more reasons why KL Marathon trumps the Singapore Marathon.
  10. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 - Sunday, 21 May 2017

    Noobie will be there See you all on race day and good luck! Look out for the runner with the bib with name 'NoobieRunner'
  11. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    Can trade for the the running chiobu in the pikture instead?
  12. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    Someone mentioned earlier that b2b without minimal total distance can be achieved like 2 5Ks in a row. Look at the marathon maniac criteria for the lowest qualification aka Bronze Award;- "BRONZE LEVEL 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame. 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame." There is both distance as well as time frame. I think the original proposal by the chairman is missing out on the minimal distance part and it can be a loophole for future xiao lang wannabe to exploit ....lol
  13. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    Noobie think can take inspiration from the Marathon Maniac criteria and tweak abit http://www.marathonmaniacs.com/maniac-criteria Yup #3 b2b of 5K will also qualify and easy to achieve for me. In short not xiao lang enuff
  14. SG Xiao Lang Running Club

    Noobie is still noob. Got membership for the junior version i.e Xiao Noob Runner?
  15. 50 Hours Non Stop Run 2017 - 14 -16 Apr

    Maybe someone should organise an SYT Run. Sure many bros here get PB one hahaha! Anyway here is Noobie's haul for 4 B2B weekends;- 14-Apr 50h Non-Stop Run (64.5K) 9-Apr Trifactor AquaRun 1000m(S) - 10K(R) - 500m(S) 2-Apr 2XU Compression Run (21K) 1-Apr Iskandar Puteri Night Marathon (42.195K) 25-Mar OSIM Sundown Marathon (42.195K) This weekend no race. So streak is broken.