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  1. race certs are out everyone. Go to your results and new link to cert is available for download.
  2. Noobie don't understand why the race cannot start earlier ; say maybe 0230 or 0330 but end at the same time - this will help those having to start at the last wave. Also this will also allow a cooler run for some or most of the runners. Any comment on this @kohpapa Anyway, tat is all the negative comment Noobie has to give. Overall Noobie finds the race the best SCSM yet.
  3. Noobie is all for the rain. Let's hope for the heaviest rain ever! (minus thunderstorm of course) It will be a race to remember!
  4. At first Noobie had wanted to do this 21K HM and then go to Batam and do the Barelang Marathon for a b2b. But the price and the low promotion of the event was a turn off. Hope the organiser can come up for something better for 2019 and Noobie may want to give a go again. Afterall a 21K or another full marathon at north side of Singapore would be a novel idea which may attract the crowds.
  5. Much respect to you ZZiZZ for acknowledging your capabilities. In this sport, Noobie notice ppl keep on chionging and chionging till no end.
  6. And the 'best' part is still running around Marina-GBB area ......... lol Noobie gonna give it a pass. Race clashes with Borneo Marathon btw
  7. Agreed. For one of the cheaper HMs out there, the normal rate is quite shocking as compared to previous years.
  8. Just to make it official;- Noobie not signing up. It's a chop carrot race. If there is still strong support after the price has increased, it is a mandate for other races to also increase their prices which ultimately cause (consumers) runners to lose out.
  9. You are right bro lonewolf. The recent YOLO run fiasco already can tell that despite getting the short end of the stick (putting it nicely) for last year edition, people still go and run this year edition and got screwed again. Maybe it's the Singaporean psyche to keep on voting for the same race over and over again despite knowing it is bad for them to begin with. Suddenly these words sound so true;- "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" and "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results"
  10. There was a lot of hiccups for the Malaysia edition this year as well. You can read the angry comments here https://www.facebook.com/pg/2XUCompressionRunMalaysia/posts/?ref=page_internal Basically the main complaints are high registration fees and unripe green bananas! To charge such a high price really have to make the race different from the rest of the HMs out there. Just last weekend already have 2 HM races at Marina-GBB area with parts of the route overlapping each other. And both cheaper than 2XU race - so why pay more?
  11. You are right guys. Because of such low-key event, unproven organiser and high registration fee for 21K, Noobie decided not to sign up for this race
  12. Yup Noobie likes the wooden finisher cube and also a new running route (for Noobie at least). But don't want to be over-invested in doing the marathon distance. So Noobie plan is also to do the 21K HM
  13. Have been a fan of this race for some years already. But now price too high for half-marathon (Noobie budget for HM is between $50-$55). Cost of living getting higher liao..... And still running at Marina-GBSS area. Gonna give it a pass with no regrets
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