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  1. Cut corners. Save money. More profit for organiser. And more huat ah!
  2. Noobie saw pics of the finisher medal for the 5K runners on Instagram. All gold (tacky kind) and shiny and saw some scratches here and there. Nothing like what was advertised. And don't think it's ELM in anyway. Hope Noobie is wrong from the 42K version
  3. Noobie likes to run in the rain. Cooling. The last time it rained at Sundown heavily (Noobie was on a return stretch at East Coast), Noobie remembered many runners running for cover and shelters and the running route suddenly became less congested and Noobie had a great time running through the rain and splashing on puddles. (if Noobie did this when Noobie ginna last time surely kenna caning by parents lol). Also many runners looking at Noobie and other runners braving running in the rain and maybe thinking to themselves "Wah! These guys and galz so hardcore sia.....". The cool weather also put the cramps at bay. What a wonderful night race for Noobie. Hope it repeats again There's also the saying that goes “There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.”
  4. It sure was a great and not-so-great race all rolled into one. Stay tuned for Noobie's review aptly called....... Race by the Noob, for the Newbs....
  5. running westwards towards Sentosa and coming back to floating platform would be a good idea
  6. NoobieRunner

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Good news for those who ran SCKLM. The race route will feel new as compared to running the route again (2XU and Run 350). Looks like will never escape running away from the GBB + Marina + East Coast area ....
  7. https://ipnm.my/ this year's gonna be a gold + coloured medal!!! ------------------------------- So who's going for this Saturday's upcoming race? And who's doing the back-2-back full marathon ( straight from last week's SCKLM)? Yeeeha!
  8. NoobieRunner

    2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    let's hope the upcoming Run 350 is better....somehow
  9. NoobieRunner

    Have you stop participating in the races?

    Yes. Noobie now only participates in the 21K and 42K races in Singapore. The rest like 10K, fun runs, boutique runs (like Pokemon Run, Star Wars) serve no purpose to Noobie. Hey! Noobie in KL now and see lots of Singaporeans running the SCKLM marathon. Noobie even saw a Singapore running blogger running the SCKLM and giving a miss to the 2XU race in SGP today - can tell go that go overseas can do better review than doing the same Singapore race review. Noobie would also say that SCKLM is much better than SCMS because SCMS also go to the same route like East Coast and Gardens by the Bay too and Noobie have seen these places in races a gazoolian times.
  10. NoobieRunner

    Miri Marathon 2018 - Sunday March, 19 2018 [Miri Stadium]

    There was quite a queue at Race pack collection today. Took Noobie 30min to clear the queue. Bought some gels and went to check in budget hotel which is just behind one of their larger malls. Had a long nap because was working throughout the night the day before. Yup, this is more of a worka-marathon weekend for Noobie. Miri was blistering hot today and quite a laid back town. No fuss. No large crowds. Hope tomorrow race will be kind to Noobie. Looking forward to exploring the sights by feet and completing the marathon tomorrow before 'kanna bakar' or get burnt as Noobie friend would put it. PS: Hope the medal is by Medal Depot too
  11. Registration : https://rxa.myraceonline.com/my/ljsm18/registrations/racex Lai liao! Lai liao! One and only full marathon at Terengganu. To all those who striving to run a marathon in every state of Malaysia, this is the race to go for if you want to strike off Terengganu off your list!
  12. NoobieRunner

    Miri Marathon 2018 - Sunday March, 19 2018 [Miri Stadium]

    Good job bro! Why only half-marathon if Noobie may ask? Looking at your wish list, looks like you are going to strike off Sarawak soon. Wish you a good race ahead. Noobie only just arrived here yesterday.
  13. Miri Marathon Who is going to do this? ...and after Pahang Marathon for a B2B Full Marathon? Yeah! Noobie likes the purple-white finisher tee. Not exactly ecstatic about the mono-gold medal - prefers coloured medal.
  14. yes agreed. The vehicles were very fast and slightly more than an arm's length away. Some parts of the route were dark too. The irony is that the accident involving the 4 runners happened about 800m away from the finish line and in a gated community at that. Luckily Noobie was slow. Safety cones were also placed on the white lines at the side of the road - not sure what safety purpose they will serve. Should at least been used to create a divider between running lane and the road. That being said, Noobie will definitely not come back to race at Pahang (Kuantan) anymore. Just ticking off Noobie's bucket list of running a marathon at every state in Malaysia. Left with Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah
  15. awesome bro yamkamhoong! Noobie on the way....