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  1. Later i go market buy one papaya and freeze it.. make sure u finish it k.. haha.. Wa....finish 1 papaya and spend the rest of weekend LS-ing He asked for it!! Aiya...he wants to be like Froots...in that picture.
  2. coffee for me, papaya for acid... Oh yes! How could have I have forgotten..Limited edition of papaya-flavoured syn pau for acid!! Froot, you can start joining Acid la...after that picture that day.... :He He: Okay...OT liao. Back to topic.
  3. What flavour or flavourS is/are YN and her syn pau team making this week? *Slurps*
  4. That should be Helen, cos' she was under DSO research as well and far more tanned than me. If her tag behind says 4:15hrs pacer, she's Helen. =) If it says 4:30hrs, that's me. =)
  5. Goldilocks... Thanks.. Really... Sassy n me look that "Cool".. honestly, we are just as tired as the other marathoners, just taking the opportunity to slack while cheering them on.. DO!! Why you say out our secret?! Yah I was on the verge of cramping up, had diarrhoea and damn tired alr (that's what the shades are for - not to look cool but to hide my tiredness)...haha!! Anyways, it was fun but at the same time tough being a pacer. But the feeling of satisfaction when you know you have helped someone or even many people whom you don't even know, achieve their desired timing or just merely pushing them the extra mile, is really great.. Thanks TFB for giving me this chance to be a pacer, to contribute to those running in SCSM08 and to experience the difficulties of running as a pacer... I'm glad I joined this year's marathon as a pacer because I got to achieve a good timing for my first marathon also because I was running with pacers (DO and DR). Cheers to all TFB and Addidas pacers! You guys rawk! The aching 4:30 pacer
  6. if i am not lazy and in good mood, maybe one day i will make barley. but so many of you..... U intend to ask the milo lorry out? :cool_grin: excuse me, it is called the milo VAN la... not lorry! these days got Charmane's Barley....but I have yet to get a drop of it lah....came back too late also lah....haha huh! got charmane barley? then i no need to make lo. Charmane, I WANT! Hahaha!! I will try to make la...but no guarantee ah!! Brokie! Then you must come back faster!! These boys ah...just drink and drink only...They no care one hor! So must come back fast!! I reserve for U la!
  7. ckoksing and I saw them too!! And we initially thought they were tourists... Until we saw this lady in red posing and people snapping away...We were so tempted to pose also!! Hahahah!! Weird location to do photo shoots though.. *scratch head*
  8. Tomorrow there will be a quadthlon being held at ECP from 830am - 1pm. Heard Changi Coastal Road will be closed and Carpark 7 will be closed as well (from 5am - 1pm). So we will not be able to run the stretch of coastal road I suppose (might have to do loops in ECP). And drivers, please reach there early to "chope" a parking lot...I think there will be alot of cars tmr. Alright see ya guys tmr! Cheerios, SassyRunner
  9. I had a relatively good run yesterday.. Firstly, thanks Stanley for the ride there! Now your "pick-up" is very popular alr...especially with the "banglas" behind yesterday.. I think the whole lot went the wrong way and distance clocked was prolly more than 26km cos' I don't remember reaching the last toilet (before exiting to coastal rd).. And as I was preoccupied with many other thgs in my mind, I happily followed blindly. Haha!! Thanks soloman for offering to help me take my bottle seeing my aching shoulder.. And also thanks Cokiee for offering your precious water at coastal road...sorry for "dehydrating" you instead..am now thinking of getting a fuel belt. Also, thankfully there was Run for Hope so I was also one of those who succumbed to the temptations of the ever-famous green MILO Van..Had 2 refreshing cups of milo.. Thanks again to soloman who paced me back to the end point..wouldn't have made it back with my irritating itb and butt pain bugging me. Thanks everyone for the company! Am glad that I am still on pace. =) Have a good rest everyone and see ya'll next week!
  10. Yes. Park at Car Park 2. Brokie, Was it the demoralizing run tat carpark or before? it is that demoralising car park. Now the car park has become demoralising as well... :tongue_smilie: Btw, Brokie you look good in the photo! Like elite leh!!
  11. Hahaha!! You just won't give up, will you? But ytd nv rain leh...Now raining like there's no tmr though..But hor, I nv see dragonfly.
  12. Another enjoyable run last night! Maybe cos all Ultra's 3 shwee tudis came so the weather-godmother decided to give us some "face" and not rain... Started the run slow and enjoyed the serenity of the area since its pretty quiet now. Was going at marathon pace (I think) till the last 2km or so when lehlio and I decided to pick up our pace. To Kk and Sealboon: Sorry for disrupting your pace ytd night! No worries we won't go so fast on D Day! :Tounge: To lehlio: I had fun! Hope you had fun too! See you at the start line on Sunday! To doraemon: Luckily you didn't follow us..better take care of your itb prob so that you can have a strong and shwee finishing! :smilie_daumen1: To Tigger: Thanks for the 100+ (Life-saver cos' I didn't bring any water with me) :Straight Face: To Brokie: Thanks for the baggage service! :smilie_daumen1: To Kayano: Thanks for the ride home, else I might just oversleep on the mrt and end up at Punggol or something... :Sleepy: To tintin: Great to see ya again! Hope to see you in next yr's SCSM! And have a safe trip back. To All: Thank you for the wonderful company! Though I still can't recognise most of you...And best of luck for this Sunday's Run! Rem to have fun while trying to break your PBs peeps! :Peace:
  13. Loitering :Big Grin: Yeah...big group! Illegal gathering! Shoo shoo~
  14. Live weather forecast #3 from Sassy :jasmine: : Dark clouds spotted loitering around Tanjong Pagar area. :Worried:
  15. Live weather updates from Sassy :jasmine: #2: Cloudy, with a tinie winie bit of sunshine. So I reckon it'll be a humid run later... :Whew:
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