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  1. A very Wonderful Wednesday ZZIZZ Thanks so very very much , brightened my mid-week on seeing my cert. This FArticular DOCTOR from TTSH Neuroscience ,wanted me to register a HM under my name . After complete then email him my ECert. (My last july visit after my MRI ) However i told him that I completed scms last Dec. However the BiB wasn't mine he insisted. I replied throughout the 42km, there are photographers + including myself (loves carrying a camy snapping away) Am under medication [epilepsy] since last july2015. I'd operations on my head back in 22Oct2006 {motorcycle selfskidded : Bloodclot left side head & broke my right leg} Fully recovered jan2009 all greatful & fortunate to my late Doctor who sadly pass-on last year. June2015 I'd a fall, my head hit against wall & I fainted. From then I been consulting this FArticular ProfD . In his memo , exemptions ....no ippt etc After the MRi session I'd last July & on seeing the result , I request the exemption for my ippt to be removed. ZZIZZ, this is the reason of emailingE-cert to him .
  2. Hi activerun , Regarding ecert , (I need to print for my Doctor) I can't find "notepad' U mentioned. Must I sign-up in sports-stats in order to view&print my ecert ? Or must I use a PC , as I'm using my hp .
  3. Ysday I logged into the reg link , enter my ic & SCB no. , did a few times throughout the whole day. I got the same msg 'SORRY WE CANNOT FIND ANY MATCH INFORMATION." So Tis mrg , I tried & managed to get a FM slot for $55.25 Wana pay THE LOWEST reg fee , go borrow sm1's SCB CCard or apply a SCB CCard. In future no more CFCM
  4. I rather pay $XX BECAUSE sponsor is ADIDAS and not brooks/ascis/NB Cos I started my FM from Dec2010 onwards. So Cya this Dec7 when I see YOUs
  5. hey, i oso loves running at bedok RES... was there ysday morning & evening

    clibrating my NIKEband...


  6. Life's Short,Run Hard

  7. Bro, i've signed up for the 13/12/09 run


    cya on tis Sunday...will sms u soon =)

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