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  1. Power & Hi^5 @77james Well said directing those CryBabiesCry & SpoiltBrats who condemned+criticized about scms2019. Btw, I'm ALL UP (101%) for 6pm marathon SCMS2020 *FingersToesCroxxed* No doubt last Saturday FM was humid, just like what I shared with Bro@ZZIZZ, Last Saturday at every 1stAid-Booths had ready prepared tied plasticbags filled with icecubes. Bite small portion 1side at bottom,held upside down, rest against both side necks , on face, forehead ,armpits (onwards against on wherever of body) in no time icecubes melt alittle, turn plasticbag(bottom with hole downwards) hold plasticbag above on top your head let icy water flow on to your head ,which will cont flow downwards forehead ,face ,neck , chest, back ,tummy. No doubt vest/tee bottoms socks be wet, boh piang already soaked with perspiration. Important to bring down body temperature. Just my 2cents. Here's [my attachment] my comparisons distance I clocked using my FR910,NikeRunClub(HP app) & weloop(china watch)
  2. Ysday I logged into the reg link , enter my ic & SCB no. , did a few times throughout the whole day. I got the same msg 'SORRY WE CANNOT FIND ANY MATCH INFORMATION." So Tis mrg , I tried & managed to get a FM slot for $55.25 Wana pay THE LOWEST reg fee , go borrow sm1's SCB CCard or apply a SCB CCard. In future no more CFCM
  3. I rather pay $XX BECAUSE sponsor is ADIDAS and not brooks/ascis/NB Cos I started my FM from Dec2010 onwards. So Cya this Dec7 when I see YOUs
  4. hey, i oso loves running at bedok RES... was there ysday morning & evening

    clibrating my NIKEband...


  5. Life's Short,Run Hard

  6. Bro, i've signed up for the 13/12/09 run


    cya on tis Sunday...will sms u soon =)

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