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  1. 1st 10k run @09.10.11

    1. kendraallen


      i am beginner at running i started running with my timex classic 30 https://thefashionupdates.com/timex-classic-30-review/

  2. I must run more 1st before thinking of Garmin 310XT or Timex Global Trainer!!!

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    2. ...Kk...



    3. roonz


      so have u run more already? hahaha

    4. kendraallen


      nice sharing!!

  3. 6+hrs LSD this sat nite.

  4. May 28th will be my 1st marathon!

  5. UnFit SlacKerZ!!!

  6. Dreamz & all TFB, Great, party time. Cya all there ... :smilie_daumen1: Remember to leave some dust for me to pick ... :sweat: cheers Kk
  7. Cya all along the way ... SlacKerZ team will be there slacking. :Big Grin:
  8. :blushing: taking a break from marathon this year Dun bluff .... :Big Grin: Someone been training secretly with the Sub3:30 girl and her team leh. In the future runs, will really see u fly liao. Cannot even see dust becoz alr settle down when I run past. Steady :smilie_daumen1:
  9. The usual suspects with outstanding outfit by the D&D aka DO & Dreamz. Nice :smilie_daumen1:
  10. Yeah yeah, Bug will led and I be sweeper for him. He will run in-between us. U going? Oops... OT. We talk at that thread again. Powerbar for breakfast, BUDDY! No wonder, u puke everything u eat lah.
  11. Oh, is it! I tot u were in-front all the while becoz I didnt see u at all. I was keeping a distance from Ultra and Dreamz till I went for toilet break. :Waiting: then lost everyone. Caught up with 415hr pacers, followed them .... lost again when I went to toilet again. :Silly: Anyway, so far the few pacers I seen I believe the TFB pacers are very consistent and strong. I really had a hard time catching up. Kudos Well done guys.
  12. Yeah, u fly off rite after the buzz. haha ... But still, I would say TFB pacers are solid and good. A job well-done. :smilie_daumen1: I do agree wif Ultra. I stop running when I saw the crowd. haha Slacker mah!
  13. Thank you guys/gals for the company. I slack and only did a 10km recovery run .. hehe. :Tounge: :Big Grin:
  14. Yup, if I m there, I be doing 10km only. :Big Grin: Going to slack and enjoy a slow run.
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