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  1. we were early for our yoga class -- so drop by to say hi great to see many familiar faces! paiseh, din run(or rather, cannot run) but karpo a pc of marble cake from -lict -- THANKS :Big Grin: chiam, 2mth+ din run -- wen commented that i put on weight *faint* guess wat, after our yoga class & dinner, we were walking to mrt and saw burnz at the start/end point -- he was surprised that we were "still walking ard"
  2. raven, very precise pacing! maybe can share refill(stop, walk, drink then run)/re-fuel strategy for those who intend to follow... we will c many more sub-4 this year! gentle, stick to raven and you will realise ur sub-4 this year! if my condition is better, will cheer on you guys & gals along the route!
  3. raven, you are SPOT ON :hail: will c many achieve sub-4 with such precise pace gp!
  4. all these talk abt marathon training is making my legs itch for a run!! anyway, i like to share that we have home ground advantage -- do your training LD run on the actual race route as much as possible. before the construction started sprouting up, our fav heat run route is :- Start from 1st toilet @ Marina Promenade -> Marina South -> U-turn to Marina Promenade -> Kallang Water Sports Club -> Kallang Riverside Park -> Cross Sir Arthur Bridge -> Stadium Rd -> Indoor Stadium -> Cross bridge to Tanjong Rhu -> Fort Rd -> East Coast Park -> Lagoon Food Centre -> F2 Carpark -> U-turn and end @ Fort Road distance : 33km or more if u-turn further @ ECP wat motivate us is to end the run with a good meal and a good rest for the next 1-2 days enjoy running and wish for perfect cool weather on race day :cheers:
  5. thanks! we will be back in oct
  6. we were there 2 sundays ago... soooo disappointed as we were craving for e beef noodle n bittergourd with sliced fish horfun! brokie n for those staying in the vicinity, pls let us know when the reno is done -- there is no notice to indicate how long it will take...
  7. wah, the famous demoralised run is back enjoy the run! but hor, the food motivation(yummy beef noodle) after the run is not there for the time being -- changi village food centre is closed for renovation (much to our dismay when we travelled there all the way from far west)
  8. my koibito tktan wanna join the run 2day... i will try to join if i can get off work early -- then some jap goodies will follow suit :Big Grin:
  9. I already got killed last week when running with them for the 1st half ! was testing the patt strap and enjoyed running after sassyrunner n leh lio for 1st half... on the return route, they picked up pace and i was left to smell their smoke :LOL:
  10. nice run @ CBD today so many familiar faces and new faces... tintin, sorry, din recognise u at first tarepanda, nice meeting u. thanks to many who are concerned abt my ITB injury... finally tried the patt strap(thanks to tiwazz for lending me as my order from usa is delayed) -- it's a miracle and I was able to run PAIN FREE! keep my fingers and toes cross that i will run pain free on D-day! here's wishing everyone an enjoyable run on D-day! remember to smile and cya @ the cenopath for group photoshoot
  11. xdd pai kar but lug her running gear along juz in case she can run haiz, weather so nice but cannot run anyway, her appearance made someone jealous
  12. wat is NPNT?? No Picture No Talk Not our first visit, so din take pics :cool_grin: Anyway, u can check out the photo gallery @ 2006 "Pre- & Post-heat Run (Doraemon)" album... got pics of the zha jiang mian, hot & sour soup, juicy xiao long bao *slurp*
  13. it has been ages since i last joined CBD run and last run @ marina south -- had a gd run yah, i nearly exit @ the wrong underpass, too cokiee, u learnt fast -- shave head and apply alcohol to hv a "bountiful" hair! erhm, babumouse got run meh? paiseh, din join u guys for dinner -- had a yummy zha jiang mian (that's my food motivation) *slurp*
  14. sotong, that's the weather trend mah... ok, try 0402 -- consecutively 4 weeks rain on tuesday? :cool_grin: if win, must share hor... haa haa
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