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  1. Mutai sets new marathon record timing @Boston!

    1. cacs


      2:03.01 is fastest time men's ever run! Amazing!

  2. Hi Vincent (Pasirian) :)

    No I'm not working in CAAS but my coy was one of the "sponsors" so I was there to run in the aviation run last year. Not very satisfied with my 10k timings so far and this coming weekend going to try beating own PB @ the yellow ribbon run. Yes I took part in the yr end SCMS it's going to be my 1st full marathon. You completed a ultra-M, your a big w...

  3. Yo Bro, your timing for Passion run is pretty good! i'm far behind at 1hr 34mins. Are you working at CAAS? I've done many 10k & best timing is about 47mins. Maybe i'm not as good for longer dist though i did manage to complete my sundown 84km in 12hrs 41mins. Are you doing Std Chart marathon this year? btw, I'm Vincent(aka Dragsterwish) Cheers!

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