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  1. Hi MagmaHeart,

    The PowerBar PowerGels are in. I have not received confirmation from you.

    If you are still keen, please let me have your real name, contact number, preferred flavours and quantities soon. As it is now, more than 50% of the current batch are already sold.


    Lawrence Ang

  2. I need 10x Green Apple...for AHM/SBR 2011...contact 91177009

  3. Okay, I will stick to my double Latte at the moment then. Cos I prefer double caffeine ones... haha

    Next round if you are ordering again, let me know yah? Will like to get the Tangerine ones. =)

  4. Thanks for your interest, Eric. Unfortunately, the order has already been placed, and already making its way. I had thought of including Tangerine, but decided to take the other flavours which are caffeine-free because some runners feedback that they want it plain.

    Will consider Tangerine for future batches.

    When the delivery arrives, I will contact you, possibly by 26/8...

  5. My real name's Eric, h/p: 96797232. I will like to take 10 sachets of double Latte. In addition, can I check if you can order Tangerine flavour also? I can take the whole box if no one else takes this flavour.

  6. Hi,

    Please PM me your real name, contact number and the flavour that you want. If there is sufficient interest, I will try to bring in more stocks to share.

  7. Hi, I am interested in getting 10 sachets of the double Latte flavour if you are getting new stocks.

  8. Bro, I dont mind buying 10 sachets from u too :)

  9. What a big turnout we got this evening - something like 30-40 runners !?! Besides the regular seasoners, there were a number of faces that I either met for the first time or had forgotten their nicks due to my old age. Anyway, it was great to meet all of you, even if I did not get to speak to everyone of you.
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