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  1. philip

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    While Im not in the position to reveal any numbers, what I can say is the monetary cost of running & maintaining this forum is ALOT more than whatever sum that's been put forth so far. And yes, Admin has been absorbing the charges all these years. Before anyone jumps in to ask what about revenue from banner ads, I can tell you its barely sufficient to cover anything. Im sure its not an easy decision for Admin to make but nonetheless, its been a good 13 years. Fun fact: the first discussion thread of this forum was actually started by me on Day 1 and it was a simple poll on caffeine usage among runners.
  2. philip

    50 Hrs Non-Stop Run 2018 (28 Apr - 30 Apr)

    Is this year start/finish point still next to the floating platform? If yes, then you can park at the multi-storey carpark next to Sheng Shiong (just above the race site). The reservoir carparks are pretty far away, with Car Park B probably being the nearest (but still quite a walk away).
  3. And in what way(s) did RunSociety and/or Spacebib "keeps covering X-Change messups" ? By deleting posts that are irrelevant to their (RunSociety+Spacebib) core business? You do realize (in case you don't) that RunSociety isn't an interest group nor an independent voice right? Its a paid media platform where the folks behind it are working FULL TIME, akin to thesmartlocal, eatbook.sg etc. Those 2 articles you listed are really advertisements write up liao. Except in this digital age of media, its becoming increasing common for companies / sites to disguise subjective advertising in the form of objective informative writing. Ethical or not is really up to the readers to decide. Im not gonna jump in & start firing off my "ethics machine gun" at these write ups. In any case, it also makes absolute business sense for RunSociety to direct its readers to sign up for the runners league over the performance series since Spacebib is under Runsoceity and in case you don't know how the online registration portal business works, most companies prefer to charge based on a per customer basis. In other words, for each customer, they get a fixed $ payment + a % cut of the registration fee (most of the time), so of course they would want more people to sign up for the Runner's League race since more participants = more usage of the Spacebib platform = more revenue generated for Spacebib. Its just business, nothing personal here about covering who up. Seriously dude, don't be so quick to jump into conclusions w/o appraising the quality of the evidence available first.
  4. This is an unfair & baseless statement. Spacebib is an extension or subsidiary of Run Society, the online running media company. In fact, the idea (which subsequently resulted in the creation of Spacebib) kicked off a few years even before X-change Republic was founded. As for why stalky79's comment might have been deleted / banned from the page, if im the one running the Spacebib business, I would have done the same thing too. 1) Spacebib's JD / responsibility pertaining to the event is handling the registration / payment portal. So they should only be graded by the efficiency of that process. Whether X-change can deliver the event well or not, how is that Spacebib's business / problem / responsibility? To have people on social media come posting content irrelevant to the business that might potentially mislead other readers to think Spacebib is the same entity as X-change is unacceptable from a business interest POV as this can deter other event organisers from wanting to use Spacebib as a vendor in the future. Delete + Ban is the only option for them. 2) If stalky79 had posted with a fake FB profile, all the more Point 1 will be reinforced. If im Spacebib, how would I know you are even a genuine victim of the incident and not a typical EDMW BBFA keyboard warrior ? So of course Delete + Ban lah.
  5. What probably happened is that when payment was made to Spacebib, it went straight to an account (could be bank or paypal) that's directly under the control of Spacebib. Usually, the middleman handling the payment / registration portal will only transfer the net sum of money (after deducting for service fees, credit card admin fees etc) after the event has ended in case there are last min manual sign ups, special cases of refunds etc. Hence, when it comes to refunds, its really no issue for Spacebib since the money is still resting safely within their control.
  6. Do some heat acclimatization runs; they will do you plenty of good. You can start tomorrow & all it takes is just 20-30 mins easy runs directly under the sun (12-2pm is the best). The trick is that the exposure to the heat has to be frequent enough, so you can do it every day during lunch time. Expect to see some effects after 10 days or so & stop the runs about 3 days before race. Remember, go EASY during these runs.
  7. Am monitoring this thread; this isn't EDMW, so don't bring in their style of writing. If anyone feels a race is so badly organised that its affecting them badly personally, go voice it out to the race organiser / events company. If anyone isn't agreeable with the writing of any bloggers, go PM that person behind the scene. To borrow EDMW's words, SGRunners isn't your personal army.
  8. philip

    Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    But bear in mind that your priority will still be the training runs. Clocking the mileage is primary while x-training is secondary.
  9. philip

    Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    Nope, its over 6 weeks. So you have to divide by 6, giving you slightly over 3 hours a week. If you want a more accurate number, remove Finisher 3 (See Table 4) from the sum of all the X-training hours of the finishers as he's somewhat an outlier
  10. philip

    Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    Since this is an Ultra-marathon thread, here's a paper I wrote recently that looked at the training needed to finish a 100-mile race. I opted to have it published on an open access journal so that the article can be viewed / downloaded FOC. Just click on the "Download" box on the upper right corner near the tittle. Click HERE for the link.
  11. philip

    Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    "After clocking lots of mileage" ---> There you go. In a nut shell, doing endurance sports can strengthen one's immune system in the long run. But in the short term, its temporarily weakened as the body enters a state of shock due to the huge amount of free radicals and stress hormones (i.e., cortisol) produced after each bout of physical stress (per run). Balancing it with sufficient recovery / rest will bring the "shock" back to normal. Often, when you are clocking high volume of mileage and still only taking the same amount of rest as per your normal running volume days, chances are your body won't be able to recover from a "state of shock" fast enough and as you persist in doing the next run, you are actually training in a fatigue state. Also bear in mind that in reality many other types of stress (work, emotional disturbances etc) can affect your recovery rate too. The best advice I can give you is to try to identify at what range of mileage will the flu-like symptoms set in; that's what I call your "resistance point" or "wall". From there, drop the weekly mileage by about 20% and maintain that volume for another 2-4 weeks. You can maintain your intensity but if the higher intensity runs begin to feel like a drag (i.e., the perceived exertion on a 1-10 scale is higher despite running the same speed), call off all the higher intensity runs. What Im hoping to achieve here is to give your body more time to adapt to the current stress before progressively overloading it again.
  12. philip

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

    None of the forum moderators seem to be actively participating in the forum anymore. I wonder who is administering the sgRunners Facebook page...... Its true that most of the mods are no longer participating in this forum due to changes in individual lives (marriage, kids or no longer participating in events etc). I still view the training section of the forum on a weekly basis actually but most of the inquires are repeated ones where answers can be found just by doing a search in the forum. But if there's a tricky question or findings with new updates in the sciences, I will definately still post a reply.
  13. i m around to jagar bags if nobody drive... no worries good excuse to slack rite
  14. oppss.... :cool_grin: no short cut lah.... u hardly see me bk to the finishing pt earlier than u rite? Next time dont make so much noise! Dont think i dont know where u hide with that ger ger! where?? is it a sweet young ger ger? shshhhh, you cannot say so loud. Wait the not so sweet and not so young ger ger come n wack him how
  15. oppss.... :cool_grin: no short cut lah.... u hardly see me bk to the finishing pt earlier than u rite? got leh, we took short-cut up FC via walking up the slopes :Big Grin: