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    My turn to post the blog on my 101km experience in CU2017. https://mrnmrsrunthetown.blogspot.sg/2017/08/craze-ultra-2017-completing-my-second.html
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    My report on SSTAR.FITNESS head coach Andrew Cheong's talk last Saturday, about injury prevention and training smart. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/injury-prevention-and-training-smart-with-andrew-cheong-from-sstar-fitness/
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    yes, i would think so too cause i am more worried about injury risk too...
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    e-cert ready for downloading >> http://www.safra.sg/participate/singapore-bay-run/race-results#.Wa-tW8ig_IU
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    Last yr, the Super Early bird were limited by slots and with a 2-day priority registration for StandChart customers, you won't be able to secure the Super Early bird slots unless you are a StandChart member. So you end up paying the Early Bird rate. This yr the Super Early Bird does not seems to be limited by slots, so if you signed up before 7 May, you will probably pay less than last yr. But with the additional 8% active fee, the savings is probably negated a bit. I paid $67.50 last yr for the HM during the Early Bird with 10% discount. This yr, I will pay $63.18 for the HM (after 10% discount off $65 and add 8%) during the Super Early Bird. So yeah, a bit less this yr.