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    Even for one of the three guys who were invited to the stage after the race, - was asked by MC: "Why do you participate this race today"? - ..."because I got it for free loh!"
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    I guess you are associated with the organiser; talk only. 😏
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    Hi bookie, woke up & ready to go. Somehow i i saw in YOLO FB that heavy rain at site. Their updates were horrible. Guess what? I made the best decision of my life not to attend in view of the condition. The rest like you know is history as mentioned in YOLO FB ie. runners not receiving race packs from honest bee, wrong distance finisher medal given with long waiting queue etc. The only thing YOLO has improved from last year was distance increased from 7 KM to 9 KM! Lol,,,
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    Be safe while running... wet and slippery road... saw on fb the start arch collapsed... lol
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    Website: http://www.2xucompressionrun.com.sg/index.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2XUCompressionRunSG/ Registration: https://reg5.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/2xu2019/prereg.cgi Date : 7 April 2019 (Sun) Time: 4:30AM Venue: F1 Pit Building Flag off Time: 0430 (21.1km) 0630 (10k) 0800 (5K) Cut-off Time: 4 hrs (21.1km) 2.5hrs (10K) 1.5hrs (5K) *Participants from 2014-2018. *Participants of any one edition of 2XU Compression Run Singapore from 2014-2018. Please ensure that the same NRIC / FIN / Passport Number is used as your past registration. Should you face any problems, please do not proceed with registration and email us for assistance. No refunds will be given for price difference from the loyalty rate. Runner's Entitlement 2XU Singlet 2XU Finisher T-Shirt for 21.1km Finisher Medal
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    Sit back and watch? Weren't you supposed to run naked at ECP and cut kkj if this didn't get cancelled? 
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    Singaporeans coming out of their homes and lining the streets to cheer us on -> Definitely too far fetched a hope. Last year we ran a bit into the heartlands of Chinatown, and already businesses and residents are complaining about the road closures affecting them. Same thing when F1 comes to town every year. I guess we live in a culture where we put our own selves above all things, always competing and fighting, so generally we don't have the heart and compassion for things like being supportive of sports, and it is very hard to change that kind of culture/environment.
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    Take care of your injuries and recover well.. Been there before and it is not a nice feeling especially for ppl like us..
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    I accept your apology. I admire your capability to reflect on criticism. I apologize for any negative feelings that you may have felt from my post. It was never my intention to rub salt in anyone's wounds, but merely to provide a balancing and hopeful perspective to this topic. If I could offer you a little advise, please be more tactful and less hurtful when you post on this forum. This is not the first time you have hurt me (or others) with your posts. In a previous post (Hooga Run 2018), you sharply criticized Lone Wolf and myself for not being able to spot the terms and conditions, which was definitely not easy to find. If a statement about YOLO, which is not even directed at you is able to trigger you, please spare a thought about triggering your fellow runners in this forum, especially when you are responding directly to them or at their posts. Another example of your critical tone is shown in the MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 forum, where your tone was similarly condescending when responding to beast, when beast made a reasonable point of having enough hydration points for a 21k run. Even if you wanted to make your point, it could have been made in a more tactful, and less hurtful way. Ultimately, we are all runners in this forum and all share a common love for running. A more encouraging, understanding and supportive forum is to everyone's benefit. Just sharing my thoughts and hope to continue contributing to a positive sgrunners forum.
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    Fuck this yolo run and xchange.... the people behind should be knocked down by tripper truck while crossing the road
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    I see that a nuance posting apparently does not register with some people... sigh. Firstly, my post was not meant to "rub salt in our wounds". I was responding to Ender's post where he mentions "Where more than a week still no news on repc". Given the latest news of a REPC, I was just giving a hopeful comment "Hope they can pull it off" that runners who paid good money and spent the time and effort to participate in this race could enjoy a well organized race. Secondly, if i was associated with YOLO, why would I write the words "fiasco YOLO run" or bring up the failed runners league? I even questioned the planned REPC with inverted quotation marks on the word "appear" to be delivering, since they have only claimed but have not delivered yet. Please stop making baseless and inflammatory claims and be more respectful with your posting. Finally, where did i say that participants need to be thankful? While I agree with the general premise of your statement that race organizers should deliver what they advertise, I made no mention of this in my statement. Please use your "eagle-eye" and read posts carefully, and not make baseless claims.
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    can you kindly you stop complaining already pretty please? you want water? bring your own. you think pay too much for race? stop pay and go run your own. the race organisers must make money also, cannot anything just give give
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    Maybe only Autumn bro still harbouring hope bah..... he is always hopeful on a lot things that 99.99% will not happen haha..... Anyway will skip....overcrowded and expensive race ($62 for HM???).... will just join Income Run instead......
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    i'm guessing the blackout and collapse of the inflatable gantry had something to do with it. meanwhile, it seems like they scaled the 9km run timings to a 10km. my nett time is now 5 mins longer than what i measured on my watch.
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    The medal collection sounds suspiciously like what happened for Runners League Leg 01 and Meji Run. They never learned their lessons. Or they unable to learn. Or not willing to learn. Or just think there are no lessons to be learned. Take your pick. I find it amazing that such a large crowd turned up. These guys must be sadist. I still amazed at X-change's ability to screw up something as routine as medal collection after the race. Lai Lai. GPGT. All taken on FB on the horror queue for medal and goodie bag after the race.