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    Last year the company made a loss: Road closures, water barriers, police, first aid, entertainment (they did have entertainment last year), the expertise they brought in last year really made a big difference for runners wave; last year there were many more splash zones than I can remember; excellent coverage of water points by volunteers; more volunteer training to engage them in cheering runners on; and so much more + normal inflation on cost of setting up expo / event village etc. Price is still pretty cheap compared to many other places As for t-shirts. I have soooo many from events, would love to see a zero waste category where we only collect the bib and get a time. As for the medal would prefer a seed medal to plant a tree What do people do with all the medals and t-shirts you receive from events?
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    Hopefully starting no massive jam. For many events, be it 10km or 21km or 42km, always at the beginning got people walk even across start line and continue walking. There was one year, the MC said, "People, this is the Standard Chartered Run, not the Standard Chartered walk"
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    Wah. IM really trying all sort of pattern this yr. Just received a mail from them asking me to 'Challenge yourself and upgrade to a Marathon!' (I signed up for the HM) *Category upgrade fee includes top up to S$100 (Early Bird rate) + S$5 admin charge. Category upgrade fee will be subject to 8% Active fee. Ehh.. Thanks but no thanks! They are also doing a pre-race survey to collect insights from athletes and how we can provide you a better experience. >> http://bit.ly/2SYuILb
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    Race Results available here: http://results.racetime.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/rac2019/search.pl Race fotos available on Running Shots facebook
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    GIVEAWAY Join us on The Road to Acceptance by contributing a photograph of yourself in a yellow tee shirt with the hashtag #ChallengeYRself on Facebook/Instagram. The caption should include a challenge that you overcame recently and why you support second chances. Like our page and share this post for higher chances of winning. Stand a chance to win tickets to the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run on 15 September or PUMA vouchers worth $50. Terms and conditions apply. ezgif.com-gif-to-mp4 (2).mp4
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    That's the spirit ?! We reallly hope to see you there at the run next year, @kclschin ?

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