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    I reported at 4.15 a.m. and was shocked that after 3 flag-offs it was still not my turn to run. First I heard that there were many walkers in the earlier waves and Nicoll Highway was jammed. Then there was some technical issues and they had to replace something and we had to wait for our own good. Many people were frustrated. I only started to run at wave 4 at about 5.10, almost an hour after I reported to the start pen. The plus point of the race is that hydration was sufficient and the bananas were good quality stuff. Other than that, I do not see what's the big deal about this event. For the price they charge, the race pack and runners' welfare are pathetic. I feel that this race is over-rated.
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    Top of the head for last year: - Baggage (takes more than an hour due to Ironman saving costs and provide little support for it) - Resume of road closures that is not highlighted beforehand, those who did not meet them gets DNF - Insufficient hydration at certain checkpoints - Minimal support from government and public in general And I do not understand why Ironman is saying 21km and 42km routes cannot be separate. It has been done in the past, albeit the fact that USS doesn't seem to be the ideal venue to host a large number of 21km runners.
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    The race pack for this race is becoming something of a joke. I think they are taking the 'Zero Waste' theme a bit too far by giving what is basically a 'Zero Race Pack' Excluding the almost useless vouchers, race packs of the past yrs include useful items like gel, coffee mix, wet tissue, muscle rub, detergent, biscuit, sweets etc. But for the last 3 yrs, the race pack is really 'zero'.
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    The few years I take part in Run350 and 2XU HM, the route is identical or very similar. What to do.....Singapore is a small island after all.
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    Review from my friends for whoever wants to read !!!!! http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/the-2xu-compression-run-2018-was-well-organised/
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    Saw many ppl unhappy with too many walkers blocking the narrow path. i also agree with them. some walkers are innocent to be aware of the running etiquitte but some are doing it intentionally. To them, slow down others means better chance for a good rank. I hope those annually running event organizers can review the previous year running record and give diff color bib to put those fast loyal runners in wave 1. Pro: make faster runners happy con: make the slow runners but with good enthuziasm unhappy
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    Same gripe here, got into start pen 4:15am but finally only set off as part of wave 4 almost 1 hour later. Legs tired even before starting the run. seems there was technical issues with the timing system. saw a guy holding timing chip touching different points of the sensors to test. hope no prob for our timing results. also quite a few narrow stretches where i had to weave btn the many walkers... sorry to say, but sometimes I really wonder why people sign up for HM when they already have to start walking from like 3-5km mark? other than that, was quite a pleasant run with nice weather
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    Looks like overcrowded race. Those is the last few waves will usually encounter bottleneck congestion. Same goes for any race that has to flagged off in waves. It's this reason why I liked community runs, even on PCN,it's still not congested. Lucky for this run, I was in wave 1. Everything went smoothly.
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    Initially I expected that the flag off time for me would be 4:30AM or at latest 5AM, unfortunately I started out at 5:25AM. Guess what? After running around 500M on Republic Blvd, I had to follow the other guys and rushed off the road and pee at the bushes beside the road. Apologies to the trees, hopefully no harm to them...
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    Over-rated is a good word to use...
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    let's hope the upcoming Run 350 is better....somehow
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    Finally done up what's supposed to be a good race since many years ago... now let's see how it fares... https://autumnrunner.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/race-review-2xu-compression-run-2018/
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    Good weather and good run. IO was in wave 1 and the flagged off was on time. No congestion, with distance markers for every km. First time, I ran all the way skipping all the drink station for the 21km.. Somehow, just didn't feel thirsty enough. But somewhere along Fullerton, about 19km mark, there's this idiot with his dog come and disturb. From behind overtook me at a fast pace, then suddenly stop. almost bang into his dog. Got to brake and swerve right. Shouted him, not to block the way. Got one fellow runner beside scolded "F you" to him, hahaha. 19km is near the finishing point, damn tired liao. Sudden break in momentum is severely damping the morale. Think the route abit short, my Garmin GPS shows 20.4km.
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    What are you boycotting lor? They don't organise events; just providing a platform for companies to advertise their events and for us to register for the events. You may check out Spacebib team here: https://www.spacebib.com/homes/about
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    Chances of them bringing back the FM cat is as good as the chances of you attempting the 101km Craze Ultra lol.
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    Hey bro no updates from you for the past 2 months. Hope you are still actively training for the race!