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    BEAST FRIEND. ACTUALLY I GOT AH. Complimentary ticket - Offer available until 30th April 23:59pm or while slots last https://connect.justrunlah.com/event/aia-glow-fun-run-2019/ ENJOY FRIEND FOR OTHER RUN, I WILL CHECK WITH ORGANISER AND ASK FOR FREE SLOT. BUT ALREADY CHEAPO SLOT, SO OK ANYWAY
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    Guys i just log in and saw the discussion turning into that mini details like short for of that little distance. To me that one is really one of the things i least worry about, Yes, u may train hard, u feel short-for but what u expect the organizer to do? Be 100% so accurate every step every meter measure up to that exact 21.1km? The organizer dun only serve u and satisfy u, they have to satisfy few thousand runners. U are'nt a VIP ! U can try rejoin another race, that race will also not be 100% accurate to that fine details. To me things like Logistic are more important. U want 100% accurate, okay loh, u run round the stadium bec one round is definitely 400m. Pardon me to be frank, i think u guys shouldn't be that meticulous, Unless u are Usian Bolt or Eliud Kipchoge or some one that represent your country in distance runner that every second or distance counts, that 100m short for, u lose a medal to your country, and it hurts a lot else amateurs runners like us dun go into such fine details, it will make your life really unhappy. As what Beast say, trust your watch, end of the day, you are the one and only one that really cares whether you claim a PB or not. Being over sensitive about very tiny mini things, U will become that typical "smelly Singaporean" that nobody likes.
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    Expected to have inconsistencies. At the end of the day, just use your own watch lor. Whether a race is long or short, just use the pace per km and multiply by the exact distance. Then can compare across your own races liao. If it’s the best timing you ever had based on this mode of calculation, then it’s PB lor.
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    Just my 1 cent worth and pardon my choice of words used.... this isn’t a IAAF labeled race... don’t need to be so anal about the distance... lol just enjoy your run
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    Bro... why you compare apples with oranges... Japan has a history of organizing runs, and have a stronger running community and culture, so you can't compare the organization and atmosphere of Japan runs to Singapore runs...Also you can check the quality of shirts and finishing medals for your Japan runs, I am sure the quality has deteriorated quite badly over time, or at least that's what happening to mine... With the always increasing costs of runs in Singapore, I would say that 2XU is slightly on the ex side but across the HM rates of late that I have seen ($50-$60), at least 2XU you still get good value in the form of quality of shirts and good hydration points... these for only about an additional $10 or less? I can relate to why you gave a 2.5 rating, just that I think its not fair or subjective enough.........
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    You brought up some very good points, especially the missing timing board at the end, and the lack of bananas or gels along the route (I didn't particularly think the portable toilets were insufficient - waited for 15 mins which I feel is reasonable, though providing more will definitely be a plus). You should email the organizers or at least comment on their fb page if you feel very strongly about your disappointments. If you just leave it as just a blog entry your voice will not be heard. I feel the 2.5 rating is being a bit too harsh. Maybe you went in with too high an expectation? Hydration was cold and adequate and that alone is at least a 3.5 in my books already. That said I see that there seems to be more issues (the bus booking app, dark and loopy route, lack of support...which dampens the entire race experience) compared to the previous editions, which I also think the organizers should look and fix them for the next edition. But I think there are many other races that are much more terrible in the race logistics than this, so a 2.5 or lower rating might not be exactly fair just because you pay a higher cost and enjoyed the run in the previous years, but of course you are entitled to your own opinions
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    Couldnt agree more. All these contests is not going to help the cause, which is to motivate more people to exercise and run more. I am also agreeeable that that is the right thing to do, but at least put up an official announcement and proper explaination regarding the cancellation and I am sure people will understand. Maybe I am just hearing one side of the story, but it is not fair to the participants to remain silent about the whole thing till a media interview comes along.
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    I think that's the best way to deal with this situation, no point giving out the prize money since cannot determine who really has the most votes (not from the same ip address). If they proceed to announce results based on false votes, then really all the more no integrity for this contest.
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    lai lai... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/motivational-contest-for-runners-cancelled-over-voting-issues