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    Due to support of many contributors of sgrunners, we managed to reach the targetted amount of $720 to make sgrunners alive again! Our highest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all the contributors who have made sgrunners alive again! Thank you very much! ❤️
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    Maybe 2 years back, I do make it a point to take part in as many races as possible. One day, reading a comment here in this forum triggered a thought. One of the runners commented that the local race scene always has a similar route, albeit packaging them differently. It is usually... starts from F1 Pit --> Gardens by the Bay and East Coast route etc Somehow, I do agree with that. So I stopped participating in many races for shorter distances like 10 km routes which are generic. I begin to plan my own 10 k route around Singapore, Punggol, Buangkok, Kallang etc. I find that a refreshing change. If I need a drink, I would just buy it from a petrol kiosk. One unexpected surprise is that I saved up to $800 is race particpation fees a year. Some other advantages are: -New route (discover new places) -No need to wake up early. Own time own target - Fits my own schedule - No need to fight lane hoggers and selfie takers I still participate in more "unique" races like Sundown, Yellow Ribbon etc. Have you done the same?
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    Thanks for pointing it out bookie. GradeOne Capital Pte Ltd it is. I think Lonewolf just missed it in the same way i did. To be fair, who the organizer was is not clearly highlighted on the main page, or on the main links at the top of the website. Even after you pointed out who the organizer was, I went back to the website and still was not able to find it at first glance. Had to specifically look at your post, and go back to the web page in order to locate the organizer. Did a quick google for the organizer hoping to find a portfolio of events previously conducted, but i did not see any results.
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    Yeah. I'm slowly porting over the upcoming races that I started here to JRL. Just replicating the info for now. And see what happens. At least, the useful race details need not disappear when the forum is shut down.
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    As much as love hate relationship to SCSM or Sundown, I will still keep it on my running calendar for now. Although I might drop SCSM if I can get my hand into Taipei marathon. Probably will chose either one or two from Eco income, 2XU, ST Run, Newton Challenge, CSC Run by the Bay. Some 10K charity run will still on my schedule like Run for Light, Terry Fox, YRPR. Will give the rest a pass unless the race is quite unique. This year, I made decision to run SCKLM instead of 2XU compression run, I think it is the right choice. Different level of organissation.
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    Usual tactics from XE. Not surprised anymore. Ultra-thin skin unable to withstand any sort of scrutiny or criticisms. We know that XE is a tainted name now but I think we also need to be wary of any attempt by Mr Bay to revive his event management company by simply setting up another one. Looking at the comments in the post, I see a lot of uninformed people still wanting to join and talking positively about not giving up, 2nd chances etc... What they failed to realise is that YOLO SG 2017 is not XE 1st failure, or even 2nd or 3rd. Almost every run organised by XE has some problems of some sort. Some big. Some Small. RL 1st Leg - no marshal, coney island gate not opened in time, wrong route ran, long queue for finisher entitlements Meiji Run - long queue for finisher entitlement, poor crowd management Dreamworks Run - poor crowd control for kids run, poor crowd management, promised activities not held RL 2nd Leg - RPC collection hour abruptly change, last min change of route RL 3rd Leg - Last minute race cancelled. Many participants yet to receive refund. RL 4th Leg - Last minute postponement. Last min cancellation. Refund pending. So it's not about not giving XE or Xaiver a second chance. They had plenty of chance to improve with each race they organised but the simple fact is that the same mistakes are made over and over again due to their overwhelming need to cut corners and save cost and their inability to do a post-mortem after the race to improve. Which is why they will probably continue to make the same mistakes. "I promise to do better and deliver a spectacular experience for YOLO Run in 2018'. Really? Don't hold your breath .
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    We regret to say that SGRunners forum will be closing down on 6th of June 2018. It's been a great 13 long years! And it was a great pleasure for us to support the running community, however, it is about time for us to say GOODBYE! Thank you!