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    For those wondering what @matey1982 is posting, here is the same post so you dun need to download the pdf. I
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    Haaa, I thought the video will be more watchable and allow you guys to feel and experience my happiness together mah. Anyway, speedy recovery to your sun-burnt, I am hoping for my swollen shin to become normal again..... Cya in SCMS 2019
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    My Memories of this Event. For sharing just in case somebody is keen to sign up next year
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    If I can complete this year's SCSM FM, whether within the cut off time or not, it is likely I will try next year's SD. It is 6 mths away, sufficient time to condition and train. Also, we do not have a lot of FM here, so I think got to try lah...I have never taken part in their SD's HM, as I think the price is too ex without a finisher tee. LOL
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    Looks like the registration has opened...
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    The haze situation improved these couples of days, hope everyone manage to get some good runs! Long live good air!
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    I think NEA was quite clear in its guidelines. There is no confusion. People confused themselves by referring to other index like AQI etc. Use the 24 hrs PSI for planning activities you planned to do later on. eg. have a picnic at the Barrage in the late morning or early afternoon. Use the 1hr PM2.5 reading for activities you planned to do now. That would include going for a run. Or brisk walk etc. SOURCE: https://www.haze.gov.sg/
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    My friend who took part in the 5 km walk got tapped on his shoulder by the President's security agents to make way for her walk. LOL. I think this year is the first attendance by a president? Past years were usually attended by the Law Ministry or Home Affairs.

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