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    Do you know? There is no registration fee for Terry Fox Run. Just buy a TFR t-shirt and join us in the run 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ 💯% of the procceds from the sale of t-shirts will go towards cancer research and only a small portion of cash donations will be used to pay event overheads, for example, rental of the run venue. It is always a challenge for TFR Committe to negotiate for lower cost so that more funds can go into cancer research. Please support our goal of raising SGD$200,000 ❤️ Have a good weekend https://www.terryfoxrunsg.com Date: March 11th, 2018 Venue: Angsana Green, East Coast Parkway Time: 07:30 am Location: Singapore Categories: 10 km, 5 km
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    RUN FOR GOOD COFFEE RUN is a Do Good Initiative co-organised by Central Singapore and TOA PAYOH West Balestier Community Sports Club. Run for Good COFFEE RUN will held at Zhong Shan Park, 4 March 2018 7:30am Category: 3.5km, 2km Fun Run Register at Www.active.com/running/distance-running-races/run-for-good-coffee-run-2018
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    piang eh.......don't coplain lah Last time nothing was free. I paid for my first 10k finishing photo. My friend got it for free. Be happy if u get anything free. Even if it was a half-hidden finishing line shot. Anyway, SCSM not your first run.
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    yo, uncle likes this one, since uncle should qualify easily...and is still engaging in Masters Events both in Marathon/UltraMarathon and Triathlon..as in the Ageing Masters category.. uncle had been actively promoting running here (sharing lame running stories in the past), reviews on especially both Marathon/UltraMarathon events (lamely also)..and yes, Triathlon events...both as an Athlete, an Official, and Coaching Tips ...served in National Sports Federations in Singapore Athletics (recently scandal big big which another thread is talking about, and uncle knows all, but choose not to tell too much)...and Triathlon Association of Singapore... As an Ageing Masters...I share the secret...find out these tests honestly...in sports whether running or otherwise...your age is just a number, but what is important is your... Biological Age http://www.biological-age.com/ Biological Age Test https://growyouthful.com/gettestinfo.php?testtype=quizb and if you are actively engaged in healthy lifestyle (running is just one of the activities)...all here may be reaching 40 soon or later...it is that Biological Age that determines why you can still run/cycle/swim...engaging in sports.... uncle, wishing all here forever young ones...very merry 2017 and looking forward to another eventful year of 2018....aging-in-progress...gracefully..biologically... NB : uncle has been tested as biologically forever in 40...
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    Hi Lonewolf, to share and clarify some of Tampines Central CSC running activities. Annually, we focus on 3 running events : 1. Lunar New Year Run (every year's theme change based on Chinese zodiac) - normally in Feb. 2. CONEY Island Run (this year we themed it as National Day Run @ Coney Island) where we will jointly organize with another CSC. Last year 2016, we worked with Jalan Kayu CSC and is year with Pasir Ris Elias CC. This will be around July/Aug. 3. To round up the year (Nov/Dec), we will have our Family Jog and Walk which scale for community runners and will be around Pasir Ris Park. We are a group of runners with weekly running group (Tampines Central Runners) whom are passionate about running and would like to share this healthy sport activities to public. We, at Tampines Central CSC, would like to thank all past and current participants (from all part of Singapore for your support and we will continue to hear your comment and feedback to improve on our activities. Thank you.
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    I know there have been some operational issues in Sg but no way as bad as UK. Here are some of the common delays by the overland trains: - Strike (there's always a strike over pay every year by one of the unions - rail guards, drivers, platform staff....) - Suicide (perhaps happens every other year near the London area) - Leaves on the track - can cause slippage - No rail guard / no driver (for some reason they were late) - Wrong snow (London rarely has a lot of snow) - which can clog up the engine - Signalling issues (get that frequently) Am always thankful when I can get from A to B in a timely manner. Yes SMRT is way more reliable than UK underground/overground. UK trains are all privately owned! So probably why it can be unreliable.