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    Already got version 2.0 which includes a t shirthttps://www.hometeamns.sg/realrun/
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    Some people are just in denial. Many other behave as if they are invulnerable to the virus. That's why it's impossible countries like US, Brazil or India to control the infections. Even here where we have a lot of KS people (all the different KS variants), there will always be people or companies who choose not to behave in a social responsible manner. It can't be help. It's just the nature of the beast (pun intended!)
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    The price of $20 for 2 medals and an event tee is really pretty attractive and seemed to sway me to the registration side at the moment... i will try the app for the next run and see how it feels running with a handphone and using the app... Anyway the 17.5km for early bird is sold out....
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    uncle shall continue the ultra-route trail run experience along most of the Parks that had been considered..."do not run during 7th month".. MacRitchie Reservior>>Bukit Timah Hill>>Bukit Batok Hill>>NTU (via Bukit Batok to Jurong)>> NUS-Southern Ridges >> Fort Canning Hill (anti-clockwise)... want to know why...anticlockwise is preferred...stay tuned...you have been advised...don't anyhow play play and run...
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    just had an "experience" on my run along the Southern Ridges...Mount Faber - NUS (Kent Ridge) when I stopped over at Hort Park for a drink break at one of the rest area (it was actually a colonial building)...had "creepy" feeling because there was no body...and was a bit too quiet...but, felt that uncle was not really alone... abutthen...felt a burning sensation...on my lower left arm...and seem like "electrifying"...like skin being BBQ... in fact...readness appear immediately...someone is "torching" uncle's lower left arm...leaving reddish enlarged spot... pain came...and the immediate instinct is to leave...because.."someone" seems to be drifting... kept cool...need to move on...pretending the pain and the "electrifying" sensation is just "misty" bites from a pool of insects...but there was none of the presence of insects... experience told uncle...encounter of the "unknown" being had taken place.. let uncle explains: "spirit" catches the scent of my stress, accumulating in my energy points...to see if my "fear and pain" reaction - both are emotional and negative stress - "yin"..instead uncle showed...positive...first run is "yang" - fire with energy...though the burning and later pain is "sensational"...the thought of aiya..just insect bites lah..no big deal... spirit chooses me as its host in time of my weakness, taking advantage and feeding off of all of my negative energy - "yin"...but, uncle never yield to "yin" distress..simply ignore the burning and pain...just continue the run...yes, Alexandra Road, where the sound of human and traffic "yang"...overwhelmed the cold and quietness of Hort Park "yin"... of course, uncle's intention is to continue from Hort Park to Kent Ridge...abuthen...Rain came...maybe that was the turning point...because Kent Ridge is even "worst"...Bukit Chandu is right after Hort Park...During World War II, it was used as a fortress by the British in the defence of Singapore...uncle better get back...almost 7pm... remember...never say or think out loud...otherwise, what if the "unknown" thought you are "weak"...and it follows you...because you have extreme "yin"... also...rain, and of course, if you would surely bring umbrella.... wet...so do you leave it opened or closed when at home? you have been warned...leave your umbrella closed at all times...7th month...don't play play...
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    in case you need to run during the 7th month ghost festival...you have been advised...
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    Collection at Tampines West CSC was a bliss in less than 5 minutes today.
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    missing are getai (entertainment events organised for the "bros and sis" from the netherland)...cancelled because of Covid-19... VIP guests for 2020 7th-month hungry ghosts are Covid-19s..."unseen and mutating"...seen anyone mouth open cough, cough, cough....nose itchy sneeze, sneeze, sneeze....body temperature up up up...taste bud die die no taste....somemore face mask never wear....kena "caught"...you have been warned... Covid-19 ambassadors...hopping...friendly advisory for those who dare to challenge... beware...they are all here....believe it or not!...real or virtual.... respect "inclusiveness"...in the 7th month of Hungry Ghost festival.. yes, you can carry "gel candles" as you run...in case...you are lost and hungry...for some lame mid-night Sundown Marathon forest runs...not knowing actually you have been "bewitched" to run in circles for hours in the same spot... "offered and shared" your "gel candles"...how...Shout, "Excuse Me, siam yeh please, uncle needs to go loo and sh**.."...then make a "holy cross" sign from "gel candles"... wha loh...your end point appears right ahead... yes, remembered to "offer and share" your "gel candles"...or eat them up yourself if you need the lost energy being "trapped" in the 7th month hungry ghost state-of-mind...meaning phone is "disabled"...wifi strangely "no signal"...satellite up in the sky failed to locate as you in GPS... now you know why uncle only use clone 5-o)...but today special...because of "gel candles" ready...and already uncle is "yin" 100% run ready... run night...run cemetary...quite norm lah...only 7th month hungry ghost festival...do all things "yin".. btw..."good brothers and sisters" give regards to you...just like everyone...bored and frustrated because of Covid-19...events are also cancelled... go green with "smoke-free" online ok...wechat and tiktok..on huawei with no flash...vaporfly latest...
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    That being said, I don't care if all the running organizers close shop and go bankrupt. New ones can reincorporate later,.but the athletes (even the non-pros like us) have to survive this pandemic first...and not just survive, but survive intact (i.e. still able to run!) BTW, the article I quoted above advises folks to be exceptionally vigilant, even if you have no symtoms. Its actually more dangerous without any symptoms because: That's what makes this virus so dangerous. You may not know you have it (no symptoms yet) and you might actually be making yourself sicker (and a greater danger to others) with every step! Stay safe everyone!!!
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    I strongly agree on that. Now is just not the time to be pushing yourself to train hard, and that refers to both intensity, and distance (even if run at an easy pace). I’ve actually stopped all my LSDs - there will be time for that again later! Perhaps the threat of COVID-19 may only be a problem concerning foreign worker’s dormitories now there in Singapore (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a local) but if by some misfortune you happen to catch it, it could mean quitting running for good. I urge every runner here to take the time to read this Runner's World article carefully: https://www.runnersworld.com/health-injuries/a33822804/exercise-myocarditis-and-covid-19/ You'll be able to run even without legs (look at Oscar Pistorious!) but if your heart & lungs suffer permanent damage from this virus, well, its all over.
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    100 Miles Challenge 2020 Virtual Edition by Craze Ultra - Are You Nuts? Date: 12 Oct - 15 Nov 2020 Venue: Anywhere outdoor & within COVID-19 guildlines/ restrictions of your country Distance: 100 Miles Start: 12 Oct 2020 Finish: 15 Nov 2020 COT: Complete 100 Miles at one go OR accumulate a total of 100 Miles over several sessions within qualifying period. PS: 1) Oversea runners are welcome Postage fee for mailing entitlements on top of registration fee must be agreeable before joining. 2) No indoor activities such as on treadmill, manual entry of activities and activities without route map will not be eligible. 3) Must have Strava account during the period for Ben to track by following thru' Strava account. So need to submit activities or screenshot to them. 4) Sub 32 hours challenge: To refer special conditions listed by organizer Craze Ultra. Website: http://crazeultra.blogspot.com/ Registration Link: https://www.crazeultra.com/p/virtual-edition.html FB: https://www.facebook.com/CrazeUltra/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
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    Design of Finisher T seriously cannot make it. See you next year then.
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    I think the shirt is nice The only thing is that's its a little uhm... well, I'm not too comfortable with the trend of some virtual races nowadays where you get a finisher shirt, for a race distance that you actually did in "installments". To be fair, it does read: "100 Miles Challenge Finisher" rather than "100 Miles Ultramarathon Finisher" A non-runner would probably be clueless on the difference, but as runners, I guess we can all share a wink on that. -Just my opinion.
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    A big event has been divided into multiple small virtual events with individual medals on a not-so-cheap price... Will think twice to pay SGD25 for a 3/5km virtual run medal...
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    yup.... a very good example set for us to follow....
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    Actually all along it was supposed to give out the 2nd and 3rd medal this year based on last year's article - 1 virtual race between Feb and July, 1 actual race. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/st-run-finishers-can-collect-trilogy-of-medals-that-portray-cityscape I will definitely join even though I missed last year's race
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    Shall we have competitive bidding? Because I didn't participate this race last year either, and looking for 1st medal too....
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    What I have gathered from the press conference: - Everyone will sign up through a SCSM Virtual Club: https://www.sgmarathonvc.com/ - Start of with a 15 week series of virtual runs and activities, where runners will earn points/credits whenever they complete a run/activity, and these can be exchanged for discounts on official/ sponsored merchandise. - The runs will take you to different parts of Singapore (not sure if they really need to be completed onsite). - Activities will include innovative aspects/experience like VR Augmented run where you can pace with, I am assuming, a ghost runner - End off the series with a finale virtual run over a SCSM weekend (I am assuming everyone will have to partake a pre-determined run during those 2 days) - Emphasis is to build a more community kind of spirit among participants. Groups can be formed as running clubs/companies and be ranked. Honestly, I think the concept is great... but I had a look at the website, and the challenges and rewards are not exactly very exciting...It is more catered to new or very casual runners... They should had different sets of challenges and rewards for new and experienced runners...
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    To be completely honest with you, I do that too. But I didn't declare a jump from Wave G to B like this guy, I declared about an hour earlier so that I moved from Wave F to D. Being in the last 2 pens is more mentally and physically draining. You will encounter a lot more slower runners who will tend to walk, and you will run into a higher risk of support stations that run of water or food/gel supplies. Being in the front waves motivate you not to slow to a walk and continue to slow jog, as well as ensure that there are still sufficient water and supply support at the stations. I know it is not a nice thing to do that. But I have been through too much bad experiences being in the last pens that I would rather cheat a bit and be placed in an earlier pen. Be assured though that many Singaporean runners are still honest and stick to their own pens and finishing timings.
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    No offence taken @beast. I paged @AutumnRunner not to tease him further, but to see whether he is interested. The format is not purely an ultra, since it has some flexibility and allows participants to clock the mileage over a few runs. I believe he has done similar races before? This may hence interest him to 'take part' in a 'Craze' event at last. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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    Me too - When this blows over (if it ever does), I'll still opt for mass runs, instead of virtual runs...... Virtual run is just my stop-gap solution for now.
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    @RunningGuildJin Swee!!!! I hope i can join this event if i have the time I also hope my other predictions will come true too. haaaa Longer Mileage for the Event. I hope there would be another category for the running folks to clock 200km in 5 weeks though (~40km per week). I opined that 32 km per week for 5 weeks is quite "doable" for most marathoners.... Event Start on Weekend. Also, it would be best to start on 10 Oct (Sat) so that runners can start the event by clocking monster mileage on Day 1. Organised Weekly Runs. May be quite fun to break Craze Ultra 2019 route into 4 - 5 segments and runners can OTOT run these routes. hmmmm..... I better start to condition myself for this event now... or else, i will be a laughing stock for not completing the monster mileage in Oct 20. You guys StaySafe&StayHealthy!!! Cya!!!
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    Awesome... Waiting for more details to firm up... hope to be able to support it...
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    Thanks for clarifying that you are not considering joining ultras anytime already... and so I guess you no longer have any of your so-called 50-50 mindset of joining... which I am still confused what exactly do you mean. Anyhow, never mind explaining that anymore. We are going off track from the discussion of this run already.
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    50-50? The number of times you ran ultras were the same as you ran marathons? The memory I had about you was that many people of this forum tried to get you run Craze Ultra but you were like no I want to save my legs to focus on getting PBs for marathons....
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    Was looking forward to the actual run as I've never participated in this event before. Completed the 21km virtual run yesterday. Initially thought was only given 2 weeks to upload result which would be unfairly difficult given the short notice if one has not been running regularly. Fortunately, I've been running 21km every weekend since March. First time did 2x 21km within 4 days. Thankfully my Plantar Fasciitis is still holding up.
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    It's the end of the month so I have made an update to the Bar Chart race. I have removed SEA countries that have reported low number of COVID-19 cases like Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. In their place, I have included countries in our region with comparable cases like Australia, Japan and South Korea. I also received feedback that the music I used in the last video was a little edgy. And so I though what can be more appropriate for a Bar Chart Race than Vangelis' Chariots of Fire from the classic running movie. Enjoy the race!
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    Agree. Distances are individual preferences. In any case, it does help people to stay fit by planning for runs to complete the distance.
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    There is star wars virtual run @ https://starwarsvirtualrunsea-registration.liv3ly.com/ My personal preference for virtual run is it should be at least HM and above and shouldn't cost too much. E.g. I am taking on 'World Cities Online Challenge' by spacebib. It is 42 km and the long distance motivates me to plan multiple runs to complete it. Virtual runs in a way do instill some kind of discipline, which is good, to complete them.
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    I used a website called Flourish Studio to animate the bar chart. This is a good guide if you want to give it a go. But I largely ignore using python and what not (step 3) and just make sure I format the data correctly in Excel before I import it to Flourish Studio.
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    How about a different kind of race? If you have been on YouTube, you would probably have seen one of those bar chart races on a wide range of topics like box office, best selling comics and of cos the current COVID-19 pandemic. I was looking for one comparing the number of cases in our region (specifically South East Asia) and could not find one. So I decided to try to make one myself. It was not as hard as I thought and really the hardest part was compiling the data. For good measures, I included Taiwan and Hong Kong - the 2 countries a lot of armchair COVID-19 wizards like to compare our govt's effort with. I thought about including South Korea but decided that their huge number of cases will probably skewed the chart too much. And won't make for an interesting race. So have a look and see how Singapore race ahead of our neighbours in a race no one want to see us winning. (But of cos the number of cases does not tell the complete story as I has attributed to earlier) I will probably continue to update the chart monthly until the pandemic run its course. Enjoy the race!
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    You are probably referring to @beast post about the numbers because I have not posted any recent comments about it. I agree that the numbers of reported cases need to be put into proper prospective. And unfortunately, not many of us can do that objectively. The thing to remember is that numbers are just presentation of data and can be easily be presented in alternate ways. I do not like to use the way 'manipulated' but all articles that uses numbers presents it in a way that best suit their needs. A lot of the govt bashers like to compare our numbers with countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to say that our govt is doing worse because we never mandate wearing of masks earlier bah bah bah. Really? Let see one way of presenting the data. (As of 18 Apr) Spore: 5,992 cases 11 Deaths. Mortality rate: 11/5992 = 0.18% Taiwan: 397 cases. 6 Deaths. Mortality Rate = 1.51% Hong Kong: 1,022 cases. 4 deaths. Mortality rate = 0.39% South Korea: 10,653 cases. 232 deaths. Mortality rate = 2.1% Put it another way, our mortality rate is less than half of Hong Kong's and nearly 8 times better than Taiwan. So based on the data I presented above, can I also say that we are doing the best among the 4 former Asia Tigers in dealing with COVID-19? Of cos not but if I were to write a headline that says 'Taiwan's COVID-19's Mortality Rate 8 Times Higher than Singapore's', I wouldn't be wrong either. Right? To me, the most important number is the R0 (pronounced R-nought) which is the viral reproduction number. Unfortunately, not many leaders or govt officials used it. I vaguely remembered it being mentioned by an academic on the Channel 8 news a few days ago. The German Chancellor, Dr Angela Merkel (who has a doctorate in physical chemistry) recently won widespread praise for her laymen explanation of this number. Watch it here if you have not watched it yet. Highly recommended! >> Angela Merkel uses science background in coronavirus explainer And for the numbers nerd among us, this article is an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of Epidemiology statistics. (yeah. I admit it, I am a number nerd! ) “When will it be over?”: An introduction to viral reproduction numbers, R0 and Re
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    You wouldn't like it so much if I post some of the borderline NSFW memes that is circulating like wildfires since the term was coined. The term has just being a goldmine for sites who specialise in the humourous and satirical contents. I mean there is one floating around using what Min Chan CS said in parliament and warning that if the current circuit breaker measure does not work, then it could be extended. And what would it be call? Complete Circuit Breaker.
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    Yes, priority should be directed to reviving tthe economy and getting our lives back on track. Running is cheap and free though. Major organized races might have to take a backseat, but we can still run, and having simple, no frills events isn't out of the question---> let me illustrare by sharing past experiences: In the old days, there were times when groups of my fellow runners would organize a simple, local run. Someone would measure a course with either their car odometer or bike, then 10 to 30 of us would gather and run/race with each other. Everybody timed themselves with their own digital watch. There were no aid stations either- you brought your own or stopped at a convenience store along the way if you wanted, it was up to you. If it was a long race (over 21k) sometimes some of the group would volunteer not to run and bring a pickup truck/van with a 5 gallon container of water midway and that was it. The guy with the fastest time, or who obviously finished ahead was the winner. The prize was simple - either a technical shirt or something useful to a runner, or was treated from the group's contributions to a free breakfast or lunch (since we all ate together afterwards). We all waited for the last runner, and everything was on an honesty system. It won't satisfy any athletic standards/records of course, but we had fun just the same, all for the love of running, and it cost almost nothing! We'd join organized (commercial) races at the time only for the purpose of getting an "official time" for our own personal record/best (PR or PB) Hopefully, but it doesn't look like it will. I like what Prince Charles said after his recovery from COVID-19 though: "None of us can say when this will end, but end it will. Until it does, let us try and live with hope, and with faith in ourselves and each other, look forward to better times to come" And that's straight from the mouth of an elderly coronavirus survivor!
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    Hey guys (and the lucky folks who can still run outdoors) I just did 1 hour jogging back & forth on the 12 meter "course" I came up with in my house. It wasn't so bad actually!!! The time just flew. I didn't realize it was an hour already until the alarm on my watch beeped. They guy who ran a marathon on his balcony only had 7 meters, so I guess I'm luckier. LOL The whole family's laughing, and to think that's after telling the kids so many times not to run around in the house! I'll hit my spin bike for half an hour later, then work on my core & use the dumbells for the neglected parts not touched by running. I may not be doing my usual route, but I'm determined to come out of this community quarantine a much better runner than ever. When there's a will, there's a way! Ah, don't mind me, I'm just a crazy runner cooped up in the house hahaha... just sharing!
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    I don't think I can afford to do all six. (It's going to be too expensive!) Perhaps Tokyo and New York (maybe I'll get a chance again someday) might be possible for me, and since I'm slow... I'll qualify for Boston when I'm eighty years old (I hope I can still run by then!) Perhaps in wheelchair category hahaha Ah, it's good to dream!
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    I agree with you there. Who would have known something like this could happen? Especially for those who managed to get a slot in a race like the Tokyo Marathon and pay the expensive fee... I feel their pain and know what it's like. Back in 2012, I was supposed to run the New York Marathon. Everything was going well but they cancelled it because of Hurricane Sandy. Then the following year I had nagging injuries so I've never been back. Ah, but life goes on! I'll stop running when I'm dead!
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    Another race has been postponed. I think it's a good idea to summarise all the cancelled/postponed race on the 1st post as an easy reference. As it can be quite difficult to keep track of all of them in the thread amidst all the white noise. I have also changed the title of this thread to reflect the official name of virus - COVID-19. I initially started this thread mainly to discuss the impact the COVID-19 will have on organised races but I also recognise that thread can easily evolved to be a 'catch all' to discuss on all things COVID-19 for some of our more enthusiastic contributors. Hopefully, the summary on the 1st post will make it easier to see the impact of this current COVID-19 outbreak.

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