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    Extracted from forum HWZ EDMW Evening Joggers thread…Osaka Marathon 2018.. Race Pack Collection Race Day The Run Experience Deposit Area = Pick Up Zone Enjooy…
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    to all here, uncle bids bye bye...have a great holiday... Extracted from Runsociety (Maylinda Teo) Images from Singapore Marathon 2018 race experience, with thanks from uncle...for the purpose of sharing: https://www.runsociety.com/races/standard-chartered-singapore-marathon-2018-race-review/ Enjooy...
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    hi, looking to let go my only finisher tee BNIBWT PM to followup tks all
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    Hehe run nearer to the bin then throw next time. Or train at home throw into wastepaper basket for a month before SCSM. Hahaha!
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    actually the whole matter of the COT (Cut-off time) is very easy to explain: uncle pays $70+ with SC card to run 7 hours long... but, why I was told almost on my 4th hour that I nearly DNF at ECP U-turn at 25km? if you can go ending point to collect your medal, because, the route has to be closed because there is a cut-off point 7 hour, where got? so my question is why should I (like the rest of Pen G)..I have done 4 hours, and I have yet done 7 hours, and because you want to close the route because, you need to close the route, but, then how can I satisfy my unpaid 3 hours you owe me, that I say, I am entitled to 7 hours...and uncle proved that..there is still 3 more hours to go, and like a customer, completed within 7 hours...fair and rightfully if for Pen G if they are not "cut-off" at 25km, and if the time then at 25km is 930am - 10am, does it mean at the finishing point did the clock stop at 10am?,,,and all runners stopped because 7-hour cut-off time was enforced.. and that is uncle became wise...this is not 7 hour race, this is a 7 hour cut-off for those in last wave, you cut those that go to 25km at their 4th hour, and say, you cannot complete the other 3 hour because, the course is closed...and that is not cut-off, that is being owed 3 hours unpaid for incompletion of the FM race... you understand why the Pen G's kpkb and why they kena "cut-off".. cut-off, because the course route needs to be closed, for reason - road opening for traffic, and nothing that says, the FM route is still available for 3 hours till 12-12:30am, how can that be cut-off? As uncle has said, it could be more on the regulation on road closure and opening...if this marathon race course is a 7-hour cut off...the route must remain available always for 7-hour...and not because of local regulation administrative hiccup.. and I have said, this is not an oversight on the Asia Ironman, but perhaps, with this little situation, in future, take note on the COT, the route must not be closed because a 7-hour race is in progress... because a customer paid for up to 7-hour, and not cut-off or short-changed by the decision to close the route because of its implementation and like so many have shared...don't join the last wave....you will be cut before you even begin...scary...
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    I am reading the whole cut off time debate with interest and decides to do some number crunching and let the maths do the talking. If the official cut-off time for the FM is 7h, then the cut-off time should be consistent with that pacing of roughly 9.95min/km So if I take the cut off time published in the guide (by the way there was a typo for the 39.5km. It was stated as 11:58pm. Those who were cut off there should go and bang table!) and decide to crush the numbers based on KPP declared Wave G flag off of 0530 hrs. The result is tabulated below: I admit that I was a little surprised at the result. I expected the cut off time to be justified but based on the above table, those in Wave G does indeed have a genuine case to feel aggrieved. Especially those who were marginally cut off (like those in the pictures I took just around 0835 hrs) But those in the earlier pens from F who were cut does not have much to complain about. So what if the official pace of 9.95 min/km were applied to the 0530 hrs flag off for Pen G. How much additional time would these runners have? Let's find out. About 3-5 mins more. So would it have made a difference? Probably for the many borderline runners that kpp encountered. But overall, I think most who were cut off probably were not on pace to finish in time.
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    goodie early morning, sweet LadyICe ...saw your booth...yes, uncle supported....
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    Looks like there are quite a few of us who took part in the Osaka marathon not just once but a couple of times... how's the overall temperature of the race? I came back from Osaka on the weekend of the race as I took part in the Kobe marathon 2018 the weekend before. (race review: https://autumnrunner.wordpress.com/2018/12/02/race-review-kobe-marathon-2018/) I wonder how the new route or even new date will be.....
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    That is bad news for me, due to work commitments, I only took part these two years when they pushed it to end November. Weather was cooling and good for running as its very late autumn and early winter (about 10+ degrees). Nevertheless, a new course ending at city area is a good change as the last 5 km or so was pretty much ulu land and Intex Osaka is rather out of the way. I also vaguely remember that the race date for the following year was out on race day last year but this year there was only this huge banner mentioning the change in route. So I guess a change in date might really take place.
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    Usually they will post the following year date on the board at intex, but this year, they didn’t mentioned next year date, the board only mentioned see you in 2019, with a new course
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    Next year no Nanko Ohashi bridge. (Hint was on your baggage pack design) Route changed to start and end point Osaka Jo koen (Osaka castle). Will pass by Abeno Harukas and Osaka business park.
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    Do you know when for Sundown 2019? In May? or 18th May? or...?