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    Kept my promise to use my own cup. I don’t understand why people like to throw the paper cups on the floor when the big bins are just right there. They don’t even bother to throw towards the direction of the bins. That said, noticed the female local winner Sharon Tan carrying a cup in her hand and passing the finishing tape. Kudos. Commentators didn’t pick up on that. She could easily have throw the cup away just like the other elites. A kind volunteer pointed out the various uses of the bins when I hesitated in front of them trying to decide where my assorted rubbish should go into. Perhaps instead of segregating by plastic, general waste etc, label the recycling bins in relation to the goodies given out at the finishing chute ie label by using pictures to indicate where the 100plus, banana skins, potato chips bag, beer cans, towels etc should be thrown. Many participants are not locals and this may be more intuitive. Just a suggestion.
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    Website: http://www.2xurun.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2XURUN/ Registration Link: https://reg5.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/2xu2020/prereg.cgi Runner's Entitlement Singlet Finisher Tee Finisher Medal E-Certificate Training Shoe Bag * (2XU Compression Run Training Shoe Bag (worth $22) for registrations before 31st Dec 2019, 2359hrs) Finisher Tee Race Entry Pack Collection DATE: 27th - 29th March 2020 TIME: 11am to 8pm (27th Mar) & 11am to 7pm (28th - 29th Mar) VENUE: Marina Square Level 2 Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Blvd, S039594 [COMMENT] Sadly I have to miss one of my streak races for next year. But hey, I will be doing something that I have been dreaming of doing for a long time so it's all good.
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    For some who had been actively in running, because it is passion to run. Uncle share with all (and others who are guests of the forum), why it is still good to stay active.. Found an interesting article this morning on why we have pains and we, as from different age-group runners, how we have "coped" with aging natural inflamation and muscle mass loss "better" if we are actively running. Let us here be constructive contributors to those who want to learn to be ACTIVE again. We merely facilitate that transfer knowledge of why we run and understanding to all to "build" the bridge of communication. "Why we run" is not so much about WMM (which some of us agreed is the Event Host and perhaps the Authority has over hyped), but encouraging more ACTIVE reasons to join us (not because evening run is better for more participation), but because we care for an aging population, so everyone can stay ACTIVE SG as a Nation. SCSM:WMM is just a hall mark to say, we can achieve World's Major status, because all of us excel beyond the expectation of not only to stay ACTIVE, but competitively to extend our SCSM:WMM venue for more ACTIVE World, to show to us, after all there are World ACTIVE age-group runners who also can perform as though they are aged 25s. If Communication is properly channeled, why this was not propagated in the first place: First is to point all the fingers, why didn't we? Ironman races (mutli-event) has always format in Age Group categories. Qualifier to proof as Age Group can be considered for the purpose of entry as well as Pen Start. Pick an age group of your choice, take an ACTIVE challenge for the PB, and you can proudly say, I can PB like aged 25? That will be an ACTIVE statement, a goal-setting preposition. You want to START and the rest is the challenge in ACTIVE running (progressive PB) * Warning: Please consult your physician before engaging in any ACTIVE SG especially endurance race like Marathon. We don't encourage "uplorry" events during the Marathon. You know, closures of roads and human jams can make "uplorry" procedure very uncomfortable. We prefer you not to plan "It's The End" finale to be in SCSM:WMM. We call that INACTIVE Irresponsibility.
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    I agree. This reminds me of the cartoon about the man and the mule. Here's the SCSM 2019 edition!
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    The date for next year has already been fixed on 5-6 Dec (Sat and Sun). So its 101% an evening race again! Not sure if shifting it to the first week of Dec will make a difference or not in term of traffic. Likely no.
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    The scsm is only held 2 days, few hours over 365 days per year with partial lane closure and the driver start to complain. Not full closure of the road. So hongkong protester blocking the whole road and whole traffic have to stop or divert... they need more to complain. Stuck. Plus MTR sometime also stop... those gg to msia at JB custom jam for many hours over the weekend also never complain so much like u all. if u think this few hour of jam u cannot tahan. I got a few suggestions 1. There is this transport call MRT in Singapore not affected by the run. 2. Don’t drive. Ride bicycle on pavement to city 3. Walk or run to city not affected by road closure. Pavement not jam. 4. Use yr Handphone apps and open yr eyes see properly what road is partially close and siam that road. Got money use car don’t tell me no smart phone to download apps to tell traffic condition. - Dedicated to the driver who complain for the marathon which cause the jam.
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    My maiden post after completing my maiden FM last Saturday. The main difference between cities like Tokyo, NYC, London etc is in the mentality of the non-running community. To them, their own city marathon is a big thing. Most if not all will support the event and will go line the streets to support and cheer the runners even if none of their close friends and family are running. They really respect the marathon runners and holds them in high regards. Here in Singapore, when I told them I will be running my first marathon at almost 51 years of age, the majority of the responses I got was "You siao ah","You got nothing better to do is it?","You mean your life is so boring that you rather spend 5-6 hours of your life running on the streets", and the famous "Why you so stupid go pay to run?". And I cannot really blame them because I was like that back then until I took up running as a form of exercise last year. It was then that I started to notice and took part in all these running events in Singapore this year. In fact, I remember clearly last year in a shopping mall when I saw many people wearing the SCSM 2018 Finisher tee. Then I realised that that morning was the SCSM 2018 marathon. And somehow I made a goal on the spot that I will wear that Finisher tee next year. So I am sure many people have seen the news and banners on the road closure. But when they see it's for a running event, they will go "meh. Not my problem". Then when they are stuck in the jam, they will blame it on other people, which is typical of us,
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    Notice that not a single one of the WMMs are on this top 10 best marathons list.
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    We should always treat others with respect. Her concerns are worth pondering. Let uncle "offers" a memory lane on how and what SCSM once was and when there was no complains. In fact, most here will remember how we once do SCSM We start early morning from 2 different locations. FMers at Orchard. HMers at Sentosa. 10km, Wheelchair Participants later. Lastly Kids Dash. Both latter Categories were once held at Esplanande. ECP was always more than 20km. There was plenty of open space (boring for most). But, the sea breeze, yes crowd gather for BBQ or sleeping overnight not knowing it the sun rises. Yes the sun rises only in the east, not set in the west. Good morning Singapore, we are running the Singapore Marathon. Yes, live telecast. As usually who watches anyway, who cares about TV broadcast. Must be the Race Organiser and those that want "something" else. ECP to Construction route again. Arriving at Marina Barrage again. Back to Gardens by the Bay again. Wah to The "heartbreak" bridge again. Yo, the HMers at 37km are here. Both HMer and FMers always meet 39-40. Ok, the 5kmers and 10kmers also join in - what a human "congregation" of passionate runners. Come on, "move on", cheered at the final 150m, even the Tower Clock sometimes charm the "Gong Gong Gong Gong". We reach the finishing point - Padang - the most historic site and always the home of SCSM. Even the St Andrews Church which stood nearby, reminding some who are religious, "remember to gives thanks and better go to church after run, brothers and sisters, it's time to be holy". At Padang, friends and family members await there. Are pets allowed? Oh well, pets are welcome there also. Ok, can we lie down and rest and recover. Sure, you can do anything you want, stay as long as you can. We are not expected "move out" and "exit". Ok, time to go. MRT is there. Shoppers took pictures of us. Most runners can join the shopping. Of course, food is abundance. The traffic did not honk at us. They really know what and why we do every first Sunday of every December in the late morning. We just completed either Kids Dash, 5km, 10km, wheelchair, HM and FM race and celebrations. Yes, a silly ritual for the runners - we completed a holy grail in our annual running event for the year. Padang, can we be embraced by you again? No, because of the WWM..or WMWWhatheFever. Yes, why not, it is just a Sunday run for Singapore on every 1st Sunday of every December. Everyone knows that, and there has not been any complaint. Isn't that nice to have? How do we receive so much complains this year??? do you use your brain to think Ironman Asia???
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    Thanks. Power right? @Lady Ice your ambassador is right there. “If a champion can do it, why not me?”
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    I managed to came in slightly beyond cut-off time - 7:34:31. Cramps came in around 23 km and at ECP onwards was walk/run. The last 6 Km was a killer! Body cramps now. LOL...
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    1. Personal First - The weather was not too ideal, very very very humid. Luckily I finished my very first FM with 4:58. 2. Strategy - I'm not a fast runner, even the HM PB in this year is 2:12. So yesterday from the beginning I kept reminding myself to hold the pace and not to run too fast, and managed to keep the pace at 650. In the second half, I wanted to speed up, but I realized that I wasn't able to do so, then just tried very hard to maintain the pace and to avoid dropping it too much. I kept eating the gel and salt tablet all the way, eventually ran them out; then I despairingly ate the gel provided by SCSM (regardless of the bad taste). Luckily I didn't really got muscle cramps, even on the Sheares bridge my pace dropped to 730. So my strategy worked well. 3. The last 10KM - it's really really boring, maybe because I was tired and did never run at this distance. 4. DNF - After I finished the race, I found that several fast runners that I know got DNF. That's why I said I'm lucky. 5. Medal - 3 months ago this was the only motivation which made me decide to upgrade to FM. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with the design of medal, when I had the first sight of the medal last night. The illustration shows that the FM medal is solid, no transparent section. However the actual one got transparent material on the both sides of lion. The only difference between last year and this year is just lion facing to right side this year. If I'd known the actual design of this year, probably I wouldn't have upgraded to FM... 6. Preparation - Looking back the preparation that I have done in the past 3 months, it was a great journey. My "self-discipline" improved much, I have been strictly following the plan and time table to complete the training every week. Of course my status also experienced up-and-down, but every time during the training I told myself: don't be lazy, you are depositing "$$" into your account, when the race comes, you will withdraw "$$". More importantly, I'm very happy that I received a lot of suggestions, hints and encouragement from you guys, a big "MANY THANKS" to you all. All the best to everyone.
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    Race review - Weather was very very humid without any wind. Was hoping it would rain after the start Or there would be a breeze but it didn’t. Adjusted my pace accordingly and managed a time better than I expected given my lack of training. On days like this it’s important to run based on how the body feels rather than stick rigidly to race plan splits. Slow is fast in the long run (pardon the pun). Guess experience and muscle memory helped me today. Loved the number of portable toilets. Must be more than a hundred at the race village. There were also toilets at each aid station (even on the west coast highway!). The organizers did this one right. Kudos. KM markers were where they should be. Helped lots since my gps went bonkers twice at the CBD. Number of tiger balm spray points could be increased along the route. And the number of people manning each station. Aid station volunteers were very helpful. Took initiative to point out the cold drinks from the room temperature ones. Much appreciated. Baggage deposit and collection was spot on. Saw lots of volunteers deployed there. No waiting time for me. Slightly more crowd than usual cheering along the route. Could be cos of the evening timing making it possible for family and friends to come out to support (although sheares bridge was still lonely as hell). The grandstands at F1 pit were epic fail, if they were meant for supporters. Not a single soul. The start line is indeed a strange place to put a grandstand. Shouldn’t it be at the end instead? That’s why it’s called a “grandstand finish”? If anything, it would serve as a place for runners to sit down after a long race. Massage was quite efficient. Long queue but waited about 15 mins only. Wished that there is a separate queue for marathoners though. Some could barely stand. I saw one who literally crawled in the queue. Had a good chuckle over that. Totally empathize. I was in such a situation before. There was non alcoholic beer being offered at the end point but was too tired to take. The Lays chips was heavenly though. Hated the roundabout way of getting to Promenade station. Understand there are still runners running hence the detour. But my poor legs...Lucky the escalators were working. Saw an ambulance speeding by around 17km mark. Glad everyone gave way. Also saw more than usual drop outs along the roadside. Hope everyone is safe. p.s. my friend waited for 1.30 ShareTransport bus and the driver turned up at 2am! Atrocious.
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    Thanks for the info bro. OK with them to slightly increase their fees as they are still the cheapest and no frills HM/FM/Ultra you can find in Singapore.
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    Why not take part in 21km or 30km next year... great material for your blog...
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    Registration is opened today. To refer above link for registration if keen. BYOB event 'cos no paper cups will be provided at hydration points. Distance & finisher T as per last year. New Fun Run non-competitive category is added to the Run and its for 1 lap of 4.3km only. Lastly, slight increase of fee as compared to last year.
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    We dun get to choose weather. We can only make the best whatever race conditons has given to us.
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    The event is unique becos this is the only we can run in the zoo. Actually if registered with kids, it is worth it as it doubles as a family outing.
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    What to expect in terms of race route, road closures, entertainment and food available at SCSM 2019. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/scsm-2019-festival-groovy-entertainment-and-tantalising-food/

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