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    Dun worry. You can count on me to highlight this to all fellow runners here.
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    I have completed SCSM 4 times. I learned after the first time to bring my own bottle because I definitely need water between the check points after the 1/2 way mark. Last 3 occasions, past the 21km mark, have had to help people who could barely make it to the next check point, suffering from dehydration and salt depletion. From my own water bottle I gave them water and sprayed them with water. Each have said that is a good idea and wished they had brought their own bottle. At 4am the temperatures are nice and the darkness keeps your mind thinking cool. At 6:30 am the sun is rising and you begin to think about the heat. At 7am the sun is out and your awareness of the heat kicks in. If you are intending to do the SCSM and you are about a 4hr+ runner, do yourself a favour and get yourself a 300-500ml running bottle so you can hyrdate and keep yourself cool between check points (I know of 3hr+ runners who do this and find it immensely beneficial). A 500ml water bottle is about 0.5 kg. Most of your shoes weigh more than this! Ask the volunteers nicely to refill your bottle and thank them after with a word of encouragement. Bring some oral electrolytes. I use Repalyte. Costs about 40c-60c a packet. And remember to put all your trash in the bins that are provided to reduce the amount of "Run Away" trash (trash that goes into our drains, canals, rivers, sea or hidden in grass during and after the event).
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    Chances of them bringing back the FM cat is as good as the chances of you attempting the 101km Craze Ultra lol.
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    Maybe they will postpone to 3 Dec (same date as SCSM), this may result in many runners giving up on RL04 . Organiser will then cancel RL04 citing that they do not have sufficient sign ups to deliver a good event. It's a painful decision that they have to make and not compromise on Runners welfare and quality of the event. They will then offer RL04 entitlements for sale saying it will be limited stock as they have received requests to make them available for participants to complete their collection. How's my story?
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    I only started running at 41 and I feel there is still so much more to achieve. For you young chaps, enjoy the journey. It's a long one and you'd want to make the best out of it.
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    One word. Rain. Was lucky enough to get a slot by lottery. Conditions were 10-16C. Cloudy. Me average runner, so started at Wave 4. The wait was long. You start the day at 5am. Get on the bus, get to Staten Island by 6.30am and wait. Security was tight. Just after the week’s lone wolf attack, every security outfit was activated. NYPD, State troopers, SWAT, NYPD choppers, mounted Police and the Marines. The safest you can feel. Cold and windy. Wave 4 starts at 11am! Many of us was just trying to keep warm. A bit of advice, bring throw away winter clothes and a airline blanket. Bring a mat. Lie down and meditate. Stay warm. I thought practicing slopes will prepare you for the bridges. But boy! was I wrong. It was the undulating roads. That’s the killer. Five bridges. The first was a climb from 30m to 86m, 1.2km uphill. Running at 3% on the threadmill will prepare you, sort of. The 5 bridges was not the problem but the slopy roads plays with your mind. As soon we started, it drizzled. Not the tropical rain but consistent drizzle. Ran with three layers. You think it will dry out, but no. It seeps in. Shirts wet. Worst, socks wet. I thought blister time. But the atmosphere and crowds were awesome. In the rain, the bands played. Buskers entertained. Crowds cheered on. Amazing! If it was Singapore, “bo lang liao”. My goal was sub-5. Until the 17th mile was still on target with 11mins/mi. But by the 37km after the Bronx and the last damn bridge, on 5th Ave straight, was a slow incline for 2.5km. Something your mind and legs will not agree. It was like 3% on the treadmill going forever. Wet and cold, many walked. Central Park was undulating again. Then you exit into 59th St, slope! all the way to Columbus Circle. The last 400m was uphill to the Finish, again!! “wah piang!” That was a real test. No joke. Finished a humbling 5:16. 23mins slower than London and 34mins slower than Berlin. NYM truly a major. It’s the one, you “beh kam wan” want to come back and do it again. Now I have not done Boston (not that I can qualify), but this is the second toughest. If any of you are lucky enough to get the lottery. Do go and go prepared. Prepare strong legs. Strong mind. Run like 3/4hours then finish with a Sembawang slope for 3km. Don’t forget to simulate the 5 bridges. Train for strong strides or consistent small quick steps. Condition your cardio for that. Always Breathe Deep, Run Easy. It reminds me of the SCMS at the Shears Bridge after 36km but only longer. Nevertheless, a great experience. Great crowd. Do go for it! Happy Running! 🏃🏼
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    The YOLO Run FB page even more lively - literally exploding with complaints. Lucky for me that I joined last year, but not this year!
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    I was at 2nd wave, flagged off at 5.50am 21.1km became 22.5km for most of us... running on pavement (at most 2 side by side) after run, 45mins to get medal and finisher tee Plenty of bottle neck but still managed a PB no more runs by x-change for me only thing good - toilet no queue but it’s dark, like never on lights
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    If you have Passion Card, you can get those NTUC member/Income Policy Holder rates.
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    Hi @peterworrallani... nice to see you here in Sgrunners forum. I am sure that you are either a seasoned runner or a runner-wannabe... join us in the discussion of various races so that you can enjoy the races even more, apart from the physical torture... hahhah....
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    Any suggestion how to attach it? Print it out and put it in a plastic ziplock?
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    Some FYI about cramps to help you prepare: http://running.competitor.com/2013/09/news/got-cramps-heres-how-to-stop-them_83661 Have had cramp in 2 very hilly marathon events and would agree I was less prepared for the hills. Remember that Benjamin Sheares bridge is a calf/hamstring/quad killer. Hill training on Faber would be good to do in your preparations. Was running harder and hadn't anticipated to be sweating so much. Had hamstring cramp and found that salt helped to relieve the symptoms for me. Though stopping to stretch gave some relief.
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    I review the Newton Challenge 2017 here: https://medium.com/@benchia/newton-challenge-2017-b81c3b5a2e52
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    Nice! And challenge accepted. Always pick up litter on my trail runs through our national parks. Think it's important to show my children what I've found when I get home. They're never too young to learn the value of looking after our planet
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    2017 6th ELM Medal Race: Newton Challenge
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    I have asked them about this before during one of my interviews. They have told me that they won't be doing so for the foreseeable future.
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    I kinda take offense with that term as I used to be one of this kind of runners. Some of us are not as disciplined and motivated to run like everyone else, due to different life priorities, so joining races is one of the ways that "forced" us to run on a regular basis. You sign up and want to have good race experiences, as do these so-called "rubbish-bin" runners, so why the discrimination? Of course there are some with deep pockets, don't run with a fantastic timing, yet they post about their participation everywhere. If these are your friends or bloggers, you can choose not to read about them. Completely agree with you on this one.
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    I think the attendance had dropped a lot, maybe Singapore race route keeps repeating themselves, so many runners will select races carefully according to their wallets ? But still i see a few usual faces, usually we call them "Rubbish-bin" runners who basically join everything despite routes repeats...Pardon me for being frank haha..Pai-seh. For me Lesser runners also good bec more place to run Haha...its quite impossible to technically run long distance like 30km+ or even 21km based on your own will power (at least for myself), Else there will be tonnes of Yuki Kawauchi in Singapore. Just take this as a opportunity to once a while run 21km or 30km loh. Pacer wasn't included, i believe nowadays all these pacer are done out of voluntarily, i believe getting pacer group might incur additional cost. In fact pacer was'nt common unless for main events until recent years, dun be too pampered lah, its a privilege, not an entitlement. End of the day, or someday, we have to run alone in races, pacers are uncommon in other countries. And i think once u pay for a race dun think of "run myself free one, run myself free one" mindset..else u never be happy haha, enjoy the running process! And Actually hor give food not bad already with this pricing. (Dun complaint lah bro), no end de.. To sum up, Overall, this year edition of Newton was well organised, adequate water for all, no complaints for this 2017 Newton Run, thumbs up for organizers. But one point to bring up...i hope the race route rotates every 3 years bah, else next year again Marina barrage, i knew Singapore had limited places but i think just switch a bit. Thanks, regards
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    uncle, being an IAAF official on Road Races, meaning internationally sanctioned run races, shared that for competitive level Elite Runners.. otherwise, non-sanctioned road races (including sanctioned ones) for the mass participation...it is universal... Note: Gold Coast Airport Marathon (Australia) and Osaka Marathon (Japan) also IAAF sanctioned for example...both also do not "observe" any bottle-less (plastic)...so are those which are outside the Asia Pacific like US and even Europe... Education for all global participants of road run races - new and existing runners, event organisers, International Run Federations/Associations, Running Clubs, Schools and Institutions... I must salute for your effort for taking the lead...a-but-then...unless... Virtual Race...interetsing read from RunEatGossip from our beloved sgRunners (Tekko).. Incroporating runningsucks.blogspot.com "Posted on May 30, 2017 by Tekko: Time has really changed with the onset of what economists called disruptive economy. Taxi companies, hotels, travel agencies, bicycle rental are all being affected by this new way of doing business. But I never thought that running in a race, which is a very personal and physical thing can be affected as well. Typically, when one sign up for a race, he pays a registration fee which entitles him to run in the race, a goodie bag with some freebies, an event tee and after the race, a medal, a certificate and perhaps a finisher tee. During the race, there will be some sort of support, drinks station, road marshal and medical aid. There may also be a carnival area for the runners to enjoy after the race. Above all, one gets to run together with friends and compete with peers on a public course that is partially closed to traffic. And that is what a typical road race is like. But now it seems the disruptive economy has reached into the ambit of road racing. Now a person can register, pay a small sum of money and run a virtual race i..e he runs alone according to the race or challenge as determined by the app. There is no fixed route, no support and no finisher tee. Some will have a medal and nothing else. And you run alone. This is the part I don’t understand. Why pay good money to other people and then run alone without getting any support or for that matter any real challenge with other runners. It just doesn’t make economic sense to me. Couldn’t it be cheaper to just do one’s own run. Why need to pay other people for that right? Some may argue that in some cases, the participant can get a medal but we all know what we do with the countless medals that we already have from real races. Mostly they just get chucked into a cupboard to be forgotten. Some may argue that these app create special race challenges like a virtual parallel race with the KL Marathon for instance, or a distance challenge. But companies like Nike and Garmin and many other apps already has peer challenge programs which requires no payment. So why pay to run your own race? Can somebody tell me what is the attraction of doing virtual race?" Yes, uncle can answer you this: you are responsible for your "help save the world" effort if all can be "engaged" in a virtual race...everyone is made responsible to carry your own bottle when you run...run alone without getting any hydration and nutrition support...yes, collect your virtual medal, finishing tee and medal at the end of the virtual race...IAAF sanctioned or non-sactioned or otherwise charity or non-charity or simply no reason......you can lead only if there is no such thing call...mass race events... thank you sis for your noble effort, we are not sheep following the status quo...perhaps bro tekko did see the tunnel of light after all these years in running in road races...why pay and run in mass (commercial) races after all...food for thoughts...on why we run in the beginnig...to have an active healthy lifestyle...or we soon participate in commercial races promoting and endorsing their global advertisements...and I share similar sentiments on what your real causes and on the efforts...can virtual road run race be a blessings that bro Tekko is talking about living in a disruptive economy (world)... Surely, if virtual road run becomes a reality, I am sure we will no longer need Road Run Directors, Event Organisers, yes, Commercial Sponsors for Sports Wear, yes, Drinks from cups and bottles, energy gels served by sponsors' volunteers...and sgrunners will become quieter, because we don't need race analysts, race reviews writers (pre- and post)...run blogs...because when the first human started to run is to hunt for food (predator)...now aim for hydration (nutrition) points...barefoot running replaced with cushioned shoes...and it is commercialisation that makes running is really fun...and that is IT that is polluting the environment...
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    Hey @kohpapa - good points on the status quo. Agree that all parties are responsible. That's why am talking to all parties (runners, organisers and authorities). It's an education thing. Please note this is not just a typical SG event. This attitude is typical around the world and am happy to say some events have taken note and are evolving. It is noted that new runners will simply follow other runners. During & after the SCSM, there is a certain amount of trash that is not cleaned up and when it rains it is even worse. The kayakers can tell you about the trash that is falling into the canels as they have seen cups from SCSM in the water. The gel tabs are difficult to see and pick up, so a certain amount will also go back into our waters as they are near drains....especially when it rains. I cleaned up a 50m section after a 1/2 marathon , after the cleaners had apparently been thru. I picked up enough gel packets and tabs to at least highlight to all that there is enough residual trash to be concerned. As our oceans fill up with our trash, do we continue in the same way? The ocean is warning us about our trash with so many animals being found with plastic in their bellies, food now being found with plastic, water having micro-plastic, even our air having micro-plastic dust.....will our societies choose to do the easy thing and ignore it? Here is an interesting article on a whale that was distressed and they "put it down" and found 30 plastic bags in its belly https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/beached-beaked-whale-had-30-plastic-bags-stuffed-in-belly_us_58957a1de4b0c1284f262e91 This is as issue that can be resolved as long and we can start it off by being proactive and encouraging change of attitude with our fellow runners & cyclists. It's like if you are diagnosed with diabetes do you continue to consume lots of sugar? We don't need to be like sheep and follow the status quo like some ignorant unthinking being. We in Sg can lead and get the world to follow us! Will you help lead?
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    ah..a very thoughtful and noble forum...a-but-then Typical sg running events: If it is a U-turn route, there are 2 hydration points for the 10km category and 1 hydration point for the 5km category...10km runners get to drink 4 times, and 5km runners 2 times. Otherwise..on average...2-2.5km per hydration point..for any 5km, 10km, 16km or 21km distance race...will always never cupless...sponsors want visibility...cups with their names...in their hydration tent setup... bottle refills...unless DIY run...or training... as usual runners in sg...never run with bottles... and...status quo...if no isotonic drinks...will never participate....besides...if no medal...might as well DIY......hard truth...throwing...well...someone will clean up anyway...or...is there a bin available in race route...most probably...no... for the environment...race sponsors are equally responsible...no-frill drink or no-frill medal or even no-frill tee or if no finisher tee...no runner even bothers to participate...might as well DIY
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    I was too busy interviewing people and taking pictures. If I join the queue, who will do my blog work for me? Also queue was too long lah.
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    By right it's 19th July... so should have opened for registration @prisangel... I can't try it out though...
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    In my opinion, PR also failed. I do not believed that they were not aware. The road marshal near sport hub told us to make a u-turn back. That's where the 3km was missing came in. Road marshals aware & owners not aware? Lol...
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    Same organiser, smaller in scale... but totally different location...
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    Yep. Can't agree more. Super time consuming. Hehe.
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    All about the Launch Event for Great Eastern Women's Run at One Raffles Place. http://www.prischew.com/sports/running/great-eastern-womens-run-2017-launch-one-raffles-place/