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    • interestingly, uncle has been virtual races 5K/10K/HM/FM since Nov 2020... and perhaps give all some tips on this one 21KM or HM... 1) Multiple Submissions - Virtual "Challenges", meaning there is no need to submit One Session Virtual Race. In some of FM events especially WMM events, 1-day 1-session no Pause no Stop. There is no need for this 2XU run. 2) Since there is no need for 1-session 1-submission, means if up to maximum 6... 3-km - 5 km run is reasonably per session. 3) Even for those who want to attempt the 1-session 1-submission, uncle would break into 5km, 7km, 6km, 3km loop...and if necessary, use your HOME as base for anything "Toilet Break", "Hydration" and even "Nutrition" (like for FM) as well as Change of Gears such as shoes, even uncle needs to take a cool shower under extreme hot weather. Good to change to dry clothing or socks. As long as your route is within Home Based, you can always get emergency help with Family/Friends as a standby. Important to have them informed which are the likely routes. As for uncle, 5K/10K/HM/FM is the same 10KM route, just "U" turns just for 5KM, 7KM, 6KM, 3KM. No need ECP. No need Hills. Just make sure, there should not be much interruptions of traffic. Of course, uncle's best time is after 1am - 7am (Sundown timing). 4) Weather is very unpredictable, you don't want to get caught with starting a 10km route in a "thundery storm" condition...uncle had encountered several times...bear with the strong wind and heavy rain water bursting to your face, how about your shoes soles come out...then carry your shoes back to Home-based... change to a backup pair of shoes, change of wet clothing, wet socks...move on...that will be FM when uncle has to do 1-session 1-submission. 5) Toilet break - for both "pee" and "brownies time"...sometimes it is unfortunate, when you least expected...toilets are out-of-order...how about when "brownies" already unbearable that the only way is to "Save the Earth" - release to the Nature. Yes, today is Earth Day...uncle happy to see blooming of flowers where uncle once released "brownies" because uncle really cannot "tahan"...no bad for "Save the Earth"...make sure you leave no evidence of your presence such as CCTV nearby. Scoop up after done, uncle noticed there is no sign for "human poo" so uncle just "run" road.. means run fast fast lah and don't get caught. Again, uncle's best time is after 1am - 7am (Sundown timing)...so every living beings all zzzZZZZ. Importantly, Pink Apple has responded to feedback that instead on 1-session submission, why not up allowing up to Maximum 6. As a good start for all who has never had any Virtual Run, you just need to submit any evidence of "visual" timings up to Maximum 6. Good luck everyone, virtual challenges or race can be fun. Like uncle's 1-time 1-submission...   uncle had 3 finisher medals in 1...cool right?  
    • For long virtual runs, just treat the petrol kiosks, vending machines, mama shops as the "virtual" water stations. The thing here is to plan the route smartly so that one can easily gain access to these "virtual" water stations. Although virtual runs allow one to run "anywhere", one needs to be smart about where they run too.
    • Good call by Pink Apple to extend to multi submission instead of only one.  Personally I think people who sign up for 21km mostly can finish 21km at one go. However, for those who are not used to running virtual runs that come with self-supported hydration, some period must be given for such runners to plan and adjust themselves to get used to running the entire 21km on their own. Before the CB/lockdown period, I used to think that doing self-supported runs is challenging and not easy to do, but the CB/lockdown period allowed me to explore and adjust myself to completing virtual runs around my neighbourhood. So speaking from personal experience, it is do-able and train-able, just that most runners need to go through an adjustment period/phase, and it is probably unreasonable for Pink Apple to ask runners to complete their 21km virtually at one go and giving such short notice to prepare for it.
    • uncle who had made previous posts on this event, and with the following updates made... Kudo credited : International runners from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will be entitled for free mail delivery service. The shortfall : There will be those who sign-up for the Virtual Run in 2021 who will get discount for the next physical run...and many new entrants are from both Local and Overseas for the next physical run... Yes, Pink Apple has the financial means because they have built up "loyalty" in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. For those who have signed up, enjoy up to maximum of 6 submissions...initially Virtual Race [1 submission] which has become Virtual Challenge [multiple submissions]... submissions start from April 26...according to updates from FB. Congratulations on your finisher entitlements and a free entry for the next physical run. 😃 The next physical run will be a new normal of future races with Covid-19 Safe Event Management. Again when that happens, we still don't know.    
    • Yeah. I also think allowing 6 runs is over-generous. A more reasonable number would be 4. But I suppose by allowing up to 6, it is still up to the individual how he want to challenge himself.  Pink Apple is just kicking the can down the road.  Imagine giving the 10,000+ runners who registered in 2019/2020 a free entry to the next physical run. That's easily a few hundred K of lost revenue (even if only half take up the offer) How would they make up for the shortfall? Maybe they will charge $50 for a 5K, $75 for 10K and $100 for the HM.   
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