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There's no other best way to take a break from running by doing something different.

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    • come to an end of SCSM 2020 VR4 Week... Week 5 SCSM VR5 Races, what would it be?
    • found this one..Sundown 2020/2021 Virtual Run   link here - https://connect.justrunlah.com/virtual-challenge/sundown-run-2020/ more infor link here - https://www.justrunlah.com/virtual-run/sundown-run-2020/       basically...merchandising... not bad, a prelude of what Sundown Marathon 2021 [Virtual Race] shall gear up...from Oct 2020 - March 2021... this is a tie-up with JustRunLah! another Virtual Race interesting for uncle is this one... "designated route"@Mount Faber can be found at this link - https://connect.justrunlah.com/virtual-challenge/mount-faber-route-33km/     complete 1 session and be awarded this finisher medal... wah this one surely in Strava CR mode, a little more challenging means in FKT mode...uncle would need to reccee and plan...involve FKT routes (trail/high-elevation hill 327m run)...nutrition/hydration... btw, uncle were once active contributor in JustRunLah! forum for almost 3 years before it "folded" in 2019...lol
    • Order online Local Singapore delivery between 1 to 3 days All-weather UV protection 99% Size Large: 18×12 cm (WxL) Adjustable earloop Stylish and easy-to-use mask for everyday life NAROO MASK MICRONET™technology is an exclusive fabric knitc fabric that blocks 99% of ultrafine dust particles with sizes ranging from 1.7μm (40 times smaller than a human hair), making it a great alternative to traditional paper filter masks. Strong and sustained functions through 100+ washes, allowing it to be reused repeatedly Interwoven copper nano yarn is scientifically certified to be 99% effective at killing microbes FU+ COPPER ENG 001.mp4
    • Hi, Naroo sports mask is now in Singapore. Please visit us at https://naroomask.asia or WhatsApp us at +65 9236 4678 to enquire. Retail enquires are all welcome. Thank you and stay safe.  
    • uncle completed the VR4 - 15KM (weekend).. part of the (20KM Challenge and VR4 5KM + 15KM [20KM]).... and sharing with all a Virtual Race...   link from here   https://connect.justrunlah.com/virtual-challenge/run-for-your-heart-2020/ guess what...registration is FREE (not really, sponsor will conduct an e-consultation)  so uncle signed up for 42km, with an email, replied with a Registration ID* * Upload your evidence either single or multiple submission of accumulated distance say 42km so uncle submitted..44km in Run Distance and of course this one...kiasu...a record of list of running activities at runkeeper... Sport Heroes technology is SCSM 2020 Virtual Club platform to syn with uncle's runkeeper app to capture run distance activities now wait till September 29 (closing date)... maybe expect an e-consultation (hope not from Mental Health Institution to verify if uncle is seow lan "crazy" or not)... expect the delivery of Finisher Medal shipped only from 2nd week of October... if interested, you still have till September 29 to participate for FREE registration with FREE Finisher Medal and e-Certificate... this is an example of a Strava CR format...a run has to be verified with a GPS data file and the route has to be significant enough to warrant inclusion..simply with Virtual Run. Search: Virtual Race...lobang for Free Registration, Free Finisher Medal and e-Certificate...or anything cheep and good, since uncle got already GPS data to support as evidence...for CR - Course Record... found 1: 18-level Vertical Run Down To Hell Virtual Run (no dateline)...challenge: why wait until you are RIP when you go anytime?    
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