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There's no other best way to take a break from running by doing something different.

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    • With the crowds at parks and wet markets and not adhering to social distance guidelines, and I must admit not easy too, a matter of time these places are shut down if the infected cases do not decrease.
    • CORONAVIRUS: WALKERS, RUNNERS AND CYCLISTS SHOULD AVOID ‘SLIPSTREAMS’ WHEN SOCIAL DISTANCING, RESEARCH CLAIMS (UK report) (info - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/coronavirus-social-distancing-walking-running-cyclists-advice-a9457431.html)      
    • RAPID MUTATION Coronavirus ‘mutated into THREE distinct strains’ as it spread around the world (UK report) (info - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11369330/coronavirus-mutated-three-distinct-strains-spread/)          
    • Avoid East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach, Punggol...this weekend... go to ulu ones...like ulu pandan...empty adopt SDM...wee hours like uncle's 4am and stop by 6:30am...avoid public transport because "safe distancing" applies...and someone will easily spot runners...because sweaty body will make people complain of body fluids spread via virus...violate "safe distancing" because of you sit too close to somebody...and violate "social distancing" because why you never stay home... don't how lian with your "running" gear like you are runner (limpei is ex-Sundown, ex-Standard Chartered, ex-2XU Compression)...uncle is always with sandals that is why...as though uncle go market buy for family...need to transfer...and being uncle...stubborn lah...yes, bring food back after run...be a shopper...be blamed as shopper... got people go market with running shoes?..normal shoppers in wet market all sandals...even super markets...sandals are normal... wear dark with little brand (hello kitty, pokemon)...to hide your sweat...why sweat too much for what...is it necessary? come on...racing for what...how lian...you can run Ultra? meaning, you don't adopt and there is no need "runner's high" because there is no need to gear for race...only to keep fit...and to be aerobic...because that is the reason just to sweat, because you are "warm up and heated to burn fat"...cool down with more time...what is the rush also...take a walk away from the crowd....or prepare home bound...discreetly...if you can U-turn home bound...or commute safely home bound... yes, trail running is preferred...because most of the time...you are not visible in public preying eyes...the only places congested at MacRitchie, Bukit Timah Hill, and Daisy Farm because got carparks...and also avoid North Hill and Lornie Amenities area...because lots of walkers and hikers can come from Venus Loop via Venus Car Park...these are the ones that visible to the public..and so bad publicity...and avoid...easy target for "Safe Distancing" and "Social Distancing" violations...expect Enforcement Officers to catch you there....     Finally, 2M rule (wear Mask always, unnecessary Mingling should be avoided)... 1st M - wear masks to run? 2 scenarios for you: 1) Everyone DON'T wear mask except you 2) Everyone wears a mask except you you can wear Mask for SGUnited...so Mask is essential always...bring along, like your "running" gear  2nd M - maintain a non-sweaty body state like you never violate Mingling with no essential reason...or with essential reason because you want to exercise alone All are welcome share here so that we will update "alert" as well as....yes, CB is only a warmup for Lockdown... as someone has already said... cb sg...become like in Italy when even jogging, park walks are banned...20 March 2020 reported.. because an Italian mayor once shouted out to tell citizens to stay at home   and later very soon....what we have once enjoyed... these places at National Parks or PCNs will be and can be "OUT OF BOUNDS"... because of Covid-19 "Social Distancing" and "Safe Distancing" that we don't know much and we don't really know how that to be implemented in cb sg. Prepare to run round table for 21km...thousands times.. or virtual run watching this video with treadmill or not leave your running sweat and "runner's high spirit" at home and not outdoor...wear mask or not for Social Distancing and Safe Distancing....SGUnited...by then it is up to you for there is no need for 2M Rule at home. 😷
    • I think those who want to run better continue to do so when they can. CB is just another word for lockdown. The problem is the govt is so adverse to the word that it try to be creative with its term. Just like we call it 'Safe Distancing' instead of 'Social Distancing' but everyone knows it mean the same thing. Given the current trajectory, I would not be surprised if very soon, you would not even be allowed to go out for exercise or a walk. (Just like over the causeway)   
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