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Run-Together-Session and Gatherings

Disclaimer (Read before you join sgrunners running gathering)

1. All the run-together and gatherings mentioned here are not in any way part of SGRunners.

2. Therefore, do not run alone with any of the members of the SGRunners forum. Doing so, is at your own responsibility if anything were to happen to you.

3. It is your personal responsibility to take care of yourself and your properties during runs and gathering that are mentioned in this forum. No one shall take any responsibility for your injuries, damage or loss of property or even death.


  1. Clubs and Groups

    The Beauty of Singapore Running Scene

  2. Area Runs

    North, South, East, West Runs. For those in search of running kakis nearby your area!

  3. Holiday Runs

    Feeling guilty of eating those sinful food! Burn it in our public holidays runs!

  4. Other Runs

    Sunny exotic runs with a theme.

  5. Cross-Training

    There's no other best way to take a break from running by doing something different.

  6. Gatherings

    This sub-forum is meant for gathering events such as the-tarik sessions, movies, and other eating sessions.

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    • where are we in the Covid-19 pandemic stage... according to WHO...transmission by asymptomatic cases...what and what measures...   prevention of local (community) transmission and imported cases... conducting testing for large population for evidence-based research needed... of course, coming out with Vaccine... in the meantime...Winter 2020 soon...spread of transmission is coined as "Wave 2"...and if there is detection of a new strained of Covid-19 different or mutated...then WHO will have to announce asap...is that going to be "Covid-20"?
    • side-tracked...SAA's Elections 2020...and the winner is...     SAA's priority should always be our athletes.. a little background on the new SAA President...Lien Choong Luen...reported in 2016...     extract from mothership news (sept 24)...       can SOH make it to SEA GAMES 2021? while eating 🍿... alamek.. Lien and SOH were from the "Raffles" alumni...Aljunied Malik (SA aka status unknown) also...Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin (SNOC) also... please end lah... SOH vs Aljunied Malik (SA)... SNOC got issues with SOH because SOH anger Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin (SNOC)...just say and criticise less "publicly" to avoid SAGAs and having end up going to Court... really... Note: uncle has no "for" or "against" - "Raffles" alumni...simply uncle is not...and don't want to be "sued" until uncle portable running pants go "bankrupt"...     let's eat 🍿...interesting development for the run community....not with power politics that once "rules"...who should be the BEST selected for the Fastest...guess who will be very excited about the new SAA Management Committee?
    • verdict...you decide before the Final Judgement from the District Judge...don't know when..Court is adjourned... but, let you be the sgRunner's "Judge"... liew wins because got witness say...   and SOH is very jealous of Liew...World's Sportsman award leh...the Authority nominated, and even PM praised...how can that be a "wrong" decision...some more the Authority had investigated..all Liew did is the "truth"... and SOH's defence has not proved..Slowing Down is "slow to a crawl".... and SOH's defence flip-prata...first say 2 mins then later amended and then say 7 min...Last Chance...don't anyhow say...after U-turn...within 100-300m...a witness said got overtake Liew... and SOH's May the truth prevail...attention seeking to win social media followers to "support"...dream on... eat 🍿.....let's celebrate... Liew 🍿  SOH 👎
    • I am guessing the registration price should be around $40-$50 so that they make it seem like you are getting more value than you paid for. It is an unique entitlement for sure, but unless you are a collector or you have a girl that you can gift the pendant to, otherwise not exactly useful...
    • guess most of the $88 goes to the crystals.....
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