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    • London Marathons plans 50,000 Run in-place and 50,000 Remote..
    • yes, this is FREE if you are HM-ready...     need STRAVA app   you just need to sync STRAVA (My Apps) to NYRR..     this one will be uncle's March 2021 schedule on HM... and if you are FM-ready.. Abbott World Marathon Majors (WMM) Global Run Club.... https://app.abbottwmmglobalrunclub.com/     uncle registered for FM Premium Entry... this one will be uncle's May 2021 schedule on FM... of course, uncle is eagerly waiting for this one to register....Pyongyang Marathon Virtual 2021...April 5-11, 2021...on FM...      
    • On that note, I do agree that I feel fortunate that our government is able to make swift decisions to procure vaccines and we are now ahead of other countries to get ourselves vaccinated. The frontliners are now getting vaccination first, and I believe a more widespread public education of vaccination should kick in soon to inform the public on the pros and risks so that we can make our own informed decision. Regarding the Olympics on the other thread, I guess Japan is in a difficult position as they have already committed massively (financially especially) on it and this will amass to a sizeable economic loss for them if they can't eventually hold it. So it is a must go for them to cut their losses, even if it means less tourism dollars from those who are here to support the event.
    • In any case, at least Singapore is procuring vaccines from countries who are transparent with their data. While I agree there's some risk (as with all vaccines), at least you and your doctor can make an informed decision for yourselves based on the best knowledge that the doctors. scientists and researchers of these manufacturers are aware of. As for us over here, if we (ever) do get a vaccine, it seems we'll be forced* to accept one from shady manufacturers that have repeatedly withheld, or distorted their third stage clinical trial data. I know COVID's (practically) non existent there in Singapore, so it doesn't seem that urgent, but as far as a decent vaccine for this plague is concerned, I think you guys should consider yourself fortunate. I'm certain a lot of people elsewhere would gladly get in line in your place there if Singaporeans don't want it.  😇   *it's an open secret here that they've already bought off the major decision makers in that aspect.
    • What's up everyone? 😁  I'll be doing a few virtual races myself (only the free ones) for this year, just for the heck of it, although I presume it would be safe to consider a real race somewhere near the end of 2022? (SCSM2022?) 😅  That will mean my theoretical maximum heart rate will be slower by 2 then (minus 2 years) but that's life LOL. I've been reading up on news in Japan, and the way things are over there, I think the (already postponed) 2020 Olympics are really doomed. They'd be crazy to push through with it. I should've gotten one of those Tokyo 2020 Olympics promotional shirts they were selling when I was there in the months before the pandemic - it would've made a good conversation piece someday 😜
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