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    • wow...aunty @Lady Ice... sure...just like 2020 London Marathon Virtual Race...replayed...24-hour... 5 dec (sat)..shall start 5am Local Time...complete 42.2km..like normal...since uncle got report to work on 7 dec (monday) 3 miles is about 5KM...which is fine...next 1 KM uncle just pick litter..since Pit Stop (hydration and nutrition) is planned for every 6km...preferred route...PCN along Kallang River...hopefully will see otters feasting on fishes... how about the rest? btw aunty @Lady Ice, interested in this one... reply if you are keen over at the ASICS World Ekiden 2020 Virtual Race Forum thread...please read instructions on how you use sgRunner's name (option) to register...  
    • Uncle - Aunty make one for you that I intend to do on the 6th Dec: 26 miles in 24 -26 hours. If 24 hours - do 3 miles for the first hour and then one mile an hour thereafter. - For each mile you must plant a tree or a shrub of some sort to highlight the importance of vegetation in our world for our lungs and to negate the effects of pollution - During each mile - you can litter pick to clean the mile. - Thereafter - repair something, repurpose something, renew something.... ya know Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose Hope more of you will join me for this special event for our finale for the Covid year  
    • just to get consensus from all: 1) are you excited, so-so, or disappointed by the SCSM 2020 Grand Finale Week announcement? 2) what have you sign-up for and are you going to pay for the Challenge Bundle? to start off, uncle is very disappointed there is no FM. uncle signs up 21KM + 10KM [SCSM Grand Finale VR Double Up Challenge] just for good Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Fun... Not paying for this one... The Weekly SCSM Virtual Club VR and Challenge Events have kept uncle prepared and ready for any Ultra Distance VR events... uncle going for this one tommorrow...LAST one of the WMM 2020 Virtual Race... "Run for Medal (Marathon) " - There is no time limit. However, runners must complete the full 26.2-mile distance in a single run activity during one calendar day and upload the activity to Strava.  Because of Covid-19 Pandemic when ALL Races have been cancelled, and there is no Local Virtual Races (Challenges) that has exceeded beyond Half-marathon distance, the closest being 2020 STVR 17.5KM which ended on 23 Oct. Besides, SCSM Virtual Club which started 10 weeks ago with VR (weekends) and Challenges (weekday), these sessions are not FM-ready. Note: Kid's Virtual Races also completed (1.5KM and 3KM) You need at least 2 months of Preparation and Progressive Runs both in Distance and Duration. Last week VR 9 Double-Up Challenge...we completed 13KM + 8KM = 21KM VR Double-up with 2 Sessions. Perhaps, uncle provides this info...how then should we prepare for Marathon Virtual Race... Participant can opt for 50% discount on online Coaching Essentials to prepare for Marathon...  Enough said, uncle better prepare for tomorrow with the FM Virtual Run with Medal which uncle wants for 2020...have a great weekend! 😃
    • SCSM VR Competition Race Honorably....   https://oly-one-product.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/SCSM/SCSM+VR+Race+Rules+Final.pdf  
    • Hey Thanks @RaijinFJ - really excellent really busy. Just making sure the virtual events round the world have my input LOL..... so have been talking to the organisers and added my 2 cents to how the virtualisations can be made better. Looking forward to see how the AR will work for SCSM.  At the same time as working am trying to circumvent the potential destruction of the Clementi Forest in Singapore to have greater consideration (https://mothership.sg/2020/10/clementi-forest/) Understand about the towns in the forest but destroying an entire forest to "create" a forest will mean the death of millions of animal lives in that section of untouched forest in Singapore and a loss of species. Am pretty upset that the govt has not protected it. Otherwise how can we say to Brazil and Indonesia they must protect their forests? Singapore says they will plant a million trees, but planting a million trees and destroying a forest.... yah yah I know need housing for an expanding population but there are other places.....like on the Green Corridor as they have already destroyed parts of the forest there to make it look more like a cultivated garden. Also have got involved with local government in the UK to develop proper cycling and walking infrastructure. So have learned a lot. Have been trying to share that knowledge with LTA that they need to make some tweaks to their plans and ensure they consider that bicycles should be treated as vehicles and not as pedestrians otherwise those shiny cycling paths are useless if cyclist have to stop at every minor road as well as try to maneuver right angle paths!  Already tested some out last year. Needs more tweaking.  Then of course there is leading a couple of eco-groups within the community. Haize - need to do less and get more people taking responsibility. Let's run SCSM  
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