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    • I still have 2 races which have been postpone. Ground Zero Run and Safari Zoo Run.  I hope this crisis would have subsided by then, if not got to wait some years for the Safari Run. 
    • Yes. I had also written it off. Not just for running but probably for any large scale events like F1, Tennis, Football, Basketball etc..  I agree that in the immediate aftermath, the situation with regards to mass running events is cloudy at best and possibly grim at worst. As I mentioned, mass runs are discretionary expenses. It is something that we will spend money on only after all our basic needs are satisfied. And during the post-pandemic economic recovery phase, discretionary spending will be greatly reduced. Companies and sponsors will also operate on the same wavelengths. Companies struggling with economic survival probably can't be bother with corporate sponsorship  when their bottom line is hit badly and they are facing an existential threat. And what about the event organises? How many of them will still be around to organise mass running events? Some will probably survive but there will surely be casualties. Maybe even races with a long history will need to re-calibrate once the dust settled.  The world post-COVID-19 is probably going to be quite different to what we have experience over the last decade. 
    • I had already written the 2020 running calendar off...  Even if this blows over sooner than expected, the economy will still time to recover and I don't think taking part in a mass run will be something of a priority to many...
    • Not having to take part in any race this year should be the least of all concerns... People's livelihood are being severely affected, businesses are shutting down....these are more pressing issues that the society at large needs to address when this thing is over, rather than whether or not a mass run can still be organized.... If die die still need to run a race, you can always do so virtually: https://web.42race.com/events
    • From a runner in a city under lockdown... I'd suggest you get a treadmill. 🙂   Before this pandemic, I've always been toying with the  idea of getting one (for typhoon season up here where I am), but since my philospphy is that "running is cheap and free" I figured the hefty price tag (SG $1000-3000) for a treadmill would be a waste of money. But who would've known a pandemic like this would happen right? Good thing I have some free weights (dumbells) and a spin bike for cross training, and I'm still running loops insde the house! 🤣  I'm still thinking about one or two events for the next half of this year, but I really doubt this will be over even by then. The more reaslistic scenario is that countries may be facing a possible 2nd or even 3rd wave of infections... so perhaps I might just consider the whole of 2020 as a write off 😅
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