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    • The best thing about virtual SCSM will prove that people can byo  Reduce waste generation 😀 and of course my avatar would have to have a tyre 🤓
    • a look at how USA Run Races - Recommended Guidelines for Small to Large Running Events...                    
    • Reflection on SCSM Virtual Club platform, simply allow sync-ing of all the major trackers seamlessly... otherwise, if not..then   what uncle did for past weeks...with Runkeeper...and latest Adidas Running..linked to Sport Heroes Technology (Ironman)....   uncle's digital sports experiences are updated at dashboard of SCSM platform >>>>> https://app.sgmarathonvc.com/en/dashboard hours ago, trying out with adidas running runtastic... works fine...👍 uncle is happy...register FREE, gets REWARDED with earned BADGES, in Both VR RACE and CHALLENGES...come in 1-session only, multiple-sessions with option of  Distance-only or Time-only   like this one register (Time-only) .....uncle gonna to do this one next week (Week 6)... 3-consecutive-day with 30-min run challenge...Streaker...     and as uncle as previously said, "Challenge can be repeated max of 3 times"... Streaker - back-to-back runs 90mins...to uncle this is like 5KM-5KM-5KM = 1/3 marathon distance challenge... SCSM 2020 Virtual Club is indeed...a Training Based Platform gearing up for VR Race or Real Run...with your favourite running/cycling/rowing/swimming/treadmill...apps yes, uncle can now really be "verified"...20+20+18KM or 58KM/week...is indeed acheivable...from SCSM Platform...without paying... for many reasons, uncle has no need for ST Virtual Run for 175KM...it can be done and "verified" with SCSM Platform in the next 2 weeks if uncle faithfully looking forward to Weekly (6-15) VR Race/Challenge Sessions... 😀 are you ready for 2020 SCSM (Grand Finale)? uncle thinks, you must get used to the format to know what is the Grand Finale Race or Challenge...because if this is a World Athletics event...Gold Label Road Race...certainly, it is worth the challenge to participate...right? just leave a motivating thought for all...“It’s definitely been a change in lifestyle and a change of mindset (during Covid-19 pandemic). And to keep yourself not only healthy in body but also healthy in mind, you need to get outside.” lastly, on the Alternative VR... walk, run, cycle...33KM...and being a cyclist on training....better for cycling...of course, uncle does both...so shall skip, since, someone can simply drive 5 loops...wait 8 hours...and register/verify as "walk" also can...pacing can be "averaged" out over time.... yes, Virtual Race is fun, Virtual Race is Healthy for most, especially newbies...but, if it can be "manipulated" just for "casual competitive" reason make it "qualifier" in the Leaderboard....tsk tsk tsk...how then to prevent "unethical" tactics of really do the running? even with "designated" routes...are you sure?  of course, there in never DNF element in Virtual Race, and the only judgement of your performance is how you decide to want in your submission of set of "results" via GPA log... food for thoughts...Virtual Race...register to buy merchandise of what you want to achieve...with no DNF consideration (because you can attempt again - like SCSM virtial challenge)...unlike in REAL RUN race...official timing plus Race Marshall's Decision determine your 1-time session only... choose your next VR Race with better conviction and determination...not another merchandise show piece like 1000 miles to Nowhere, complete in 3 months...if uncle can fly...complete the VR race also can..zzzZZZ...Sleep Can Wait...😀    
    • Not sure about SCSM platform, but I upload my running records in spacebib exactly like what sicklycat described. Very clear cut. I believe The Star Wars VR has lesser participants compared to ST, being more expensive and just a medal as entitlement.
    • I honestly cannot relate why an athlete need to slow down for other competitors in a race when their competitors encounter unfortunate scenarios such as taking a wrong turn. I understand that some athletes have this mindset that they must compete under the fairest conditions as possible, so that their win is more "honorable". Or maybe some athletes are just more compassionate than others. But there are so many uncontrollable factors and unforeseen circumstances in a race that it is simply impossible for a run to be 100% fair to all the athletes. In a race, all the runner should just need to focus on is to give their best, and any deviations from that is a letdown to their training/ trainers, and their time and hardship that they have put in to prepare for the run.
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