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  3. that is right.... i took this time to rest mostly to nurture my injury-prone legs back to its 20s... hahah... So maybe you are right that having virtual races definitely will spur us on even more... the only con is that it will feel like another LSD alone....
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  5. I am ok with virtual cos the i have some motivation to train. This year's training has been disastrous without having races to keep me disciplined.
  6. Actually i will prefer the race to be cancelled rather than virtual. What's everyone's take on this?
  7. With the increasing number of community cases, not likely we will reach Phase 3 soon. Previously the govt said "months". Also not likely other countries will lift travel restrictions on our country anytime soon, in view of the overall number of new cases still persisting every day. I would say travel anytime this year is out of the question. Locally, being able to run in such large groups is a quantum leap from the current "5 in a group" policy. I would say its 99% certain it would be a virtual race.
  8. wow... super long post @Lady Ice... i rem reading about the Hamsburg marathon organisers describing how they are going to ensure the safety of all before reopening their registration. It seemed that at least they have taken a step back to really consider all 360deg by listening to others. It is only 2 mths left so unsure if they can manage to pull this off though..
  9. i strongly believe that humans will still win this war with the virus, hence all runners just have to be a little more patient...
  10. Agree with Beast bro.... even if they really do allow the race to go on, who would actually sign up without having any fear?? It's gonna be a long race with hours in the race (without mask) exposed to people from all over.... the risk taker mentality vs the "itch" to have a streak race comes in for most people here...
  11. yup indeed.... so it might be the one and only chance to receive a HM/FM medal from this race...
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  13. Yah - it took me a long time to write as well!
  14. @Lady Ice At this stage, it is still advisable not to have mass events as people will gather, leading to big crowds and covid-19 infection for more persons. Good and long blog write-up post you have there.
  15. @AutumnRunner Agreed. Covid-19 is still present and some countries are not able to handle the current situation now (increasing cases, resources exhausted etc). We can do our part here by running alone and going to places which are not so crowded. Good pointers by Runners World there.
  16. I think they are adapting a "wait and see" approach - If the pandemic is not going to come down by the latest date for them to process the necessary logistics (and for government to give the green light), they are just going to convert into a "virtual run". Maybe some people in the organizing team has the positive mentality like our Autumn bro, but personally I rather they just make the decision to cancel this year's edition.
  17. OhMyGod, They said "consider the best way forward for SCSM 2020, given the evolving Covid-19 situation". OhMyGod long long ago, had said they had a Plan, a Virtual Run, that is a Virtual Run Plan.
  18. Hamburg marathon says they are going to run the event with 10,000 participants (one of the organisers delivered a talk about how they would run the event with social distancing and have written up info here https://tyrelady.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/dairy-entry-future-proofing-events-with-the-environment/ - it is a long blog post) They had some other information on their website about how they were going to start in blocks + wearing a mask only at the start and when going thru the finish, but all that information seems to have been removed now and recently been replaced with an announcement https://www.haspa-marathon-hamburg.de/
  19. Here is an update (of sort) of whether SCSM 2020 will proceed. Full Article: https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/coronavirus-status-of-standard-chartered-singapore-marathon-will-be-determined-by-safe My feel? If they have not decide by now, the probability of it going ahead is rather slim. The logistics required for this race necessitate a longer lead time than other races. So I doubt they can decide at the last minute to proceed. (Unless it's a scaled-down 'elite only' race)
  20. JPMCC Singapore cancelled, it was originally scheduled in March this year, then rescheduled on 26th November 2020, but eventually cancelled... Not sure how much confident the SCSM2020 will be held... Fingers crossed. Besides, Run for Hope 2020 was also rescheduled again to Q1 2021....
  21. Usually held at East Coast, this year becomes virtual run they are able to have HM and FM as well.
  22. Registration has started !!! The aim this year is to raise $800,000 for the cancer society.
  23. yea, and i also avoid crowded PCNs if i run as well, or run at odd timings..
  24. Agree with you bro. Most safe to run alone or with someone within your household.
  25. I still feel that it is not that safe to run in groups yet. Hence i prefer to run alone now or with someone in the household. The virus is still on the rise gradually after Phase 2 opening and we still have to be vigilant and stay clear of unknowns. Some pointers i got from the article. (Source: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a32815375/is-it-safe-to-run-in-groups/) What do you all think?? Before you consider running with a partner or small group, ask yourself: Are there any restrictions on activities or gatherings in my area? Are coronavirus cases in my community increasing or decreasing? Is community spread low? Am I feeling sick? Will those who I’m running with stay home if they’re feeling sick? Are we running in an area where we can spread out? Are we running in an area where we won’t come in contact with others? Have I or my training partners been in close proximity with others for an extended period of time, such as at a bar or restaurant, an office, or club? Do I live with anyone who is immunocompromised?
  26. health related matters is something that we should not take for granted and one should always be real careful... rest if needed...
  27. Yes it's good to check with a doctor. Another urine-related case is Rhabdomyolysis - breakdown of skeletal muscle into myoglobin due to overexertion which gets excreted through urine (cola-colored). This may result in kidney damage and irregular heartbeat. https://www.irunfar.com/2018/02/break-it-down-exertional-rhabdomyolysis-in-ultramarathons.html
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  29. that is true.... running is a harsh sport on the joints especially hence i am sidelined for a while this year as well.... getting health is the most important... hence please don't take it for granted too...
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