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  2. The race was going smoothly, a wonderful environment at WCP, although it's not a usual running place for me. Looking forward to seeing the Race 3... Still don't know where it will be held, hopefully some interesting venue.
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  4. "This year there are races with longer distance. If u dun do, another guy will step in and do." Yes I do think that sounded rather harsh and selfish. Last year Ah siao and his team stepped in and put together a 32km because nobody wanted to, or was able to do it in such a short period of time. It turned out well as far as I can recall on the feedback, given the time taken to organize it the race experience was good and registration fees were also cheap. Naturally runners who had enjoyed it wanted it to be back. This year SG Run included a 32km distance which is a no brainer given that they already had a race on that time and it is just a matter of carving out a different route which uses more or less the same resources.. Pink Apple was also able to bring this 32km back as they managed to get a title sponsor this year. Yes we now have more choices, but while runners are left to decide what to support this year, let's at least not forget the team that stepped in to help the race community last year when there was a demand needed to be fulfilled. I don't think it is a matter of begging - Ah Siao and his team are not a charity organization, they will also need to review and decide if it is worth the efforts to organize it.
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  6. Actually why keep harping on Challenge 32, this Challenge 32 came out in 2018 bec newton run discontinued, and its like a "rushed out product in 2018" bec no one wanta hold 32km in 2018 surprisingly. So if this year dun have, then dun have loh, i dun see a need keep bringing them. This year there are races with longer distance. If u dun do, another guy will step in and do. Actually dun need to even write in etc, we as customers are king, dun sound so low like we need them etc...Sorry i a bit frank.
  7. Thanks bro SG Red Devil and bro lonewolf. I decided to travel light so wasn’t bothered by the lack of Baggage deposit. Was very self conscious on the way home though on the bus and mrt cos was still in my smelly attire. I must say it’s a very well organized community run.
  8. 2019 5th ELM Medal Race: The Performance Series Road Race #2: Progress Image Credit: jackykeongkcy
  9. A bit late but... No baggage deposits for all of running events organised by Tampines Central CSC. This applies to the yearly Lunar Run, National Day Run and Christmas Run.
  10. Planning something for SCSM so will come sooner
  11. There is a bag deposit & not compulsory to wear event from what i recalled. Enjoy the race.
  12. Did anyone join Shape Run this year? I decided to register at the last minute! Collected the goodie bag today, and it sure was heavy! And the Newton singlet material feels good! Date: 25th August 2019 (Sunday) Time: 5am - 10.30am Venue: Kallang Practice Track Website: http://run.shape.com.sg/2019/ Runner's Entitlement: Runner’s Tote Designed by Ang Ku Kueh Girl Newton Running Runner’s Top Shape Run 2019 Finisher’s Medal Shape Run 2019 Finisher’s E-Cert Special K Forest Berries Cereal Box (370g) TFX 7-day Fitness Pass Eversoft Beauty Shower (30ml) YouC1000 Vitamin Water (Lemon/Orange) (500ml) elkali Natural Alkaline Spring Water (330ml) Shiracha White Tea (500ml) CNP Laboratory Mild Calming Sun Lotion SPF50+/PA++++ Nature’s Wonders Baked Almonds (15g) Vagisil Fresh Plus Intimate Wash Sachet (10ml) All Kurma Dates (250g) Senka Perfect Whip Facial Wash (50g) Salonpas Gel Patch Salonpas 30 Amaris B Portable Fan su:m37° Timeless Hydration Kit with Secret Essence (5ml) and Waterfull Gel Cream Sachets Shopping Vouchers from Kose Cosmeport, Zenyu, su:m37° And more!
  13. Anyone has any idea whether there will be baggage deposit, and is it compulsory to wear the event tee shirt?
  14. Income Eco Run - During race pack collection there is box for recycling unwanted medals. Hmm...till next year?
  15. did the 2nd segment of the 3-part series today weather heng was alright my runkeeper clock 4.92km appx but then again, it's completing the 2nd stage counts and now awaits part 3 of the medal aft finishing 5 Oct's event
  16. did the 2nd segment of the 3-part series today weather heng was alright my runkeeper clock 4.92km appx but then again, it's completing the 2nd stage counts and now awaits part 3 of the medal aft finishing 5 Oct's event!
  17. Hello there, I tried looking but could not find any further info. Is there anywhere that I can donate/ recycle the race medals? AFAIK, in the past years, NTUC had some box/ drop points to collect medals for recycling. Any help/ info on this would be very greatly appreciated . :)
  18. Use this link if QR code does not work. www.yellowribbonprisonrun.sg
  19. Think your calc is off 12.5K participant at ave $60 for FM. Then it goes down from there. Dun remember how much the 1/2 marathon + 10K + 5K were. @Beast I once came across figures for road closures, water barriers and police presence for a short part of road - it's high. Additionally @stalky79remember this has changed from a one day format to a 2 day format which means longer road closures. Rent of venue for longer, hire of equipment and resources. The event organisers can only raise the price slowly over years. Of course presume the end game will be to make a profit otherwise this is just bad business. Presume once they convert to WMM and give the event more prestige will see prices be double at some point...... but they still have a lot of work to do in many areas and IM are working hard to improve all fronts. I can only see them having to outlay more in order to get to WMM I'd love to see a local hand food buffet at the end & have a downloadable certificate if I want a souvenir. Last year a runner gave me lots of t-shirts she had accumulated otherwise she was gonna bin them! Have managed to give them all away!
  20. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicesr.sg/ (More details to be revealed...)
  21. Hi @stalky79, the pick-up point will be near the mrt. There will be signages and marshals to assist with the directions on event day.
  22. 2 more days before registration is closed! Hurry and sign up today if you don't want to be disappointed!
  23. Frankly I don't need running tshirt and finisher tee, but I prefer the medal only. This also applies to the Imcome Eco Run...
  24. loss? from organising SCSM? cannot be come on, 40k participant with average of $60 registration fees that is almost $2.4m road closures would have taken quite a bit off their profit
  25. Just curious how you know how they made a loss? I would reckon that they would still profit and not yet to the extent of making a loss. If it is unprofitable Ironman wouldn't sign a 10 year deal to organize the event.
  26. I do not join a lot of events (just 1 or 2 a year), and I use my t-shirts for everyday wear. Medals are lying in the drawer.
  27. Whatever reason... this year we still have SG Run and Oxfitt II...
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