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  2. 2XU SG-Ultra Marathon (07 Oct - 08 Oct)

    Out of curiosity, is the route map for this race out already? Can't find it on the event webpage.
  3. There are still many runners They are more picky. If you join 2XU run early this year, the participants were more than 18k just for the 21km categories alone.
  4. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    Just a heads up for those who have signed up this race. Shuttle Bus services for this event is now available on Sharetranport site under Event >> https://www.sharetransport.sg/Buspools#/app/routes/event Very strange that this is not highlighted on the FB or website. IINM, HiVelocity is handling the logistics for this race and this would be the 3rd race handled by HiV (CSC Run and SIA Charity Run are the other 2) where Sharetransport is providing shuttle bus services.
  5. Lol yeah my representative was there too before the race start. I was able to only came down later.
  6. Lol so then that makes me not an ultra runner hahaha.
  7. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    going there is more worrying if the transit is only 1.5hrs...hahh
  8. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

  9. Osaka Marathon 2017 26 Nov 2017

    missed the flight to the PB-bound race?? He's more worried on the return leh leh...:P
  10. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    what about you?
  11. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    congrats.... and it will sure be a fun race.... 1st time running in Japan?
  12. Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017, 23 - 24 September 2017

    Well done guys for finishing and completing the race in as many rounds as you could... I am sure you guys enjoyed yourself from running on this urbanized but trying to be green PCN... whahahh...
  13. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    this is true as well... with so many runs in a calendar year, runners got to pick the races they want to take part in... and not many runners will run a race on a monthly basis thus with a budget in mind, being selective is normal.. However, I would say that there are still many runners around judging from the number of runners I see from where I do my training runs... its crowded during popular timings... so I would say the "fever" for running is still there as people becomes more health conscious, just that maybe more selective in picking races..
  14. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    Unsure also, just a guess... maybe XE just put in a venue that they think would give them least issues as they know the owners there well but somehow things, such as venue booking fees increases, might turn the table around... Something for sure, we wun know the exact reason.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ah, i was running with another 2 buddies i met during Craze Ultra. Not easy to identify you leh, cos most also look damn shagged LOL
  17. It did rain, but he wasn't affected at all. The hallmarks of a true ultra runner hahaha
  18. Runner's League - 10 Jun, 26 Aug, 07 Oct, 19 Nov

    On the whole, my observation is that the running "fever" has well and truly cooled over the past couple of years. There are also more runs (including more thematic runs) in the calendar nowadays. More supply, less demand. Runners are more picky. And if you are an unpopular organiser, you've got your work cut out.
  19. Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017, 23 - 24 September 2017

    Wah you garang! I was only thinking of "why didn't i bring my headlamp and flash back at them" hehe! I actually passed you on opposite direction several times. You were running with a couple of other participants so I didn't want to disturb. Next time look out for the most shack person lor that should be me !
  20. LOL wah epic haha. Like camping like that. But what if it rains.....
  21. Yeah, those e-scooters and e-bikes were a hazard to runners!! Was quite tempted to push a few of them into the waterway, but thankfully i didn't hahaha. We're taking part in many races together, but i've yet to meet you. Looking forward to meet you in person one day!!
  22. Missed the last train or bus??? No big deal. You should have just stayed behind with us. There's always somewhere you can lie down or take a rest at the race site while soaking in the cheery race atmosphere til day break. Don't believe? Ask @Jas007
  23. Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017, 23 - 24 September 2017

    Good race atmosphere as usual. Only thing that bothered me was the number of cyclists and e-scooters etc on the path, some speeding. Was quite dangerous and I was often blinded by their headlights and cant see whether they are coming from.
  24. Haha, I had to get out in time to catch the last train & connecting bus home. Lol. Otherwise... I'd have to sleep at your place??? LOL
  25. Probably you didn't linger long enough, as you'd left after i came back from my loops. But i saw the Beast along Punggol Waterway
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