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  2. Yah but who knows when will this pandemic ends. Even if we are allowed to organize and partake in mass events sports, that is going to be a year later in 2021 at the earliest. I sure hope people in the team like Ben Swee are doing well enough to continue managing Running Guild by then.
  3. Even without the cold, I'd have a buff mask & cap with flaps to ward off some of the blistering noontime sun, because you'd be on the course for so long on an ultra. I rarely do them nowadays though, because for average folks like me, training (and proper recovery) for them leaves little else for any other running/training...
  4. We just have to be a little bit more patient for now. We are getting hit pretty bad over here lately with a lot of new infections, so even without a lockdown order I've been only running indoors (again) lately. No runs over 60 min either- and to think I was doing so well with the hill repeats I was doing last month... but it will have to wait! There will be plenty of time for that later, provided I get through all this in one piece!
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  6. Yup. And I thought Running Guild may be organising a Virtual ultra-runs. that would be very very innovative and interesting though. Haaa
  7. @beastbro, Running Guild managed to organize Garang Warrior Ultra earlier this year 20 Feb. Subsequently the remaining 2 ultra events ie. Twilight Ultra Challenge & Craze Ultra are postponed to next year. Maybe for runners' safety reasons. Not sure BRUM will go ahead on 24 Oct. I believe Running Guild will emerge stronger from this pandemic.
  8. Hope Running Guild is still around after the pandemic. They are one of the badly hit group as they can't hold any events at all, and I don''t see them doing any virtual runs.
  9. Yes can run an ultra with a mask on in very cold climates. Have to so you don’t burn yr face. It also helps warm up the air you breath
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  11. Another victim... not surprising as mentioned...unless gone virtual..
  12. @Lady Ice I think that would be feasible for races with a small field of runners. My thoughts on the matter are that it would be expensive to join, because there would be fewer runners shouldering the overhead costs, and not that profitable for organizers, so there won't be much incentive for them either-- gone are the days when races were organised purely for the love of sport, unlike in the old days...
  13. It's funny that there are 2 events i did not join. This is one of them and the other was Home Team Real Run. Hopefully next year can join.
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  15. Very expensive for a race with virtually no race support such as water stations and baggage deposit. Guess I'll skip again this year.
  16. If everyone follows a designated path, that means everyone will run roughly the same course, i.e same distance +- a few cut corners. That's what i meant. This way is what CSC is doing which is fairer as opposed to other virtual runs organiser which just requires runners to submit their tracking log for their medals. What would be more fair is to only allow the use of elapse time.
  17. Oh boy, I sure hope crowds don't form up during these times so that they can get a mass run feel that they sorely missed. Also, hiring such ambassadors just to give out finisher medals is not necessary and just add costs to the runners that are not justified. I can already foresee this happening: They have ambassadors on the first day, but due to the crowd forming, they have to cancel ambassadors for the rest of the period. But the costs of hiring those ambassadors already factored in into the fees....
  18. I think CSC is looking at the path where a runner runs... if it is the designated path and the distance falls within their percentage of allowance, they should still accept.... cause GPS inaccuracies is not the runner's fault....
  19. At least this is fair, as everyone will run the same distance or less. Other virtual run does not ensure same distance because of GPS inaccuracies. Do they use elapse time or moving time? Coz alot of strava runners takes moving time for pace calculation, while races takes elapse time.
  20. My guess for the steep price could be that, they are some possible logistics involved. I think they mentioned there is a "start" and "end" line/point/sticker, so perhaps there is some minimal logistics to setup the starting area precinct or something. I also read that they will be giving out the medals on the spot, meaning there might be someone stationed there (if volunteers then it is FOC) to give out the medals at specific timings... The cost is high with respect to a typical Virtual race. Unsure if it is lower than the past years due to it being turned virtual.
  21. Agree on the price being on the steep side... virtual run with medal and shirt costs about $20 usually... design nothing appealing, and don't need a hydration belt also... And why is there $6 price difference for running a longer distance? The 12.8km lanyard costs more to make?
  22. I also feel that the price is not cheap. As for the course, somehow I feel it is ok and somewhat better to run at the designated course at the Marina Bay, since it is a bay run. Feels more 'in syn' with the race.
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