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  2. Race Against Cancer 2018 - 15 or 22 Jul

    Last year was at ECP... not sure about the previous year... only race where they give you a plastic bag to hold all your finisher medal, banana, drinks... lol
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  4. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    looks like you have been stationed there for a substantial time thus you know so much.... its good information so that runners who go there for marathon running will have these in mind,...
  5. Got mine. Focus is ok, but not the one I was hoping for. And it's far from being hi-res.
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  7. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    I know there have been some operational issues in Sg but no way as bad as UK. Here are some of the common delays by the overland trains: - Strike (there's always a strike over pay every year by one of the unions - rail guards, drivers, platform staff....) - Suicide (perhaps happens every other year near the London area) - Leaves on the track - can cause slippage - No rail guard / no driver (for some reason they were late) - Wrong snow (London rarely has a lot of snow) - which can clog up the engine - Signalling issues (get that frequently) Am always thankful when I can get from A to B in a timely manner. Yes SMRT is way more reliable than UK underground/overground. UK trains are all privately owned! So probably why it can be unreliable.
  8. Lunar DOG Run 2018 - 25th Feb 2018

    It showed 'Internal Server Error' when I clicked on the PDF.
  9. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 2-3 Dec 2017

    Me too. Think they just auto select the first pic they took.
  10. They sent me a pic of someone else To be fair, my bib number was partially covered.
  11. There's only myself in the photo that they sent me.
  12. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    this sounds a bit..... you are serious right?
  13. oh Mr. Soh and not Dr. Soh... i thought who is Dr. Soh... i am not famous at all... not at all.... i have lesser readers over the years in fact.... Yes, will consider this race...
  14. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

    thanks for the link... i am surprised that SG MRT is more reliable than london tube now i think i better keep my hotel booking...
  15. i notice that they only give the photo that has somebody else in focus applies to my photo and all my friends' that i have seen...
  16. The Great Ocean Road Running Festival will be held in Lorne & Apollo Bay on the weekend of 19 - 20 May, 2018. Set in what is truly Australia's most stunning place to run, winding along the wild and windswept coast of the Southern Ocean, the scenic course is guaranteed to take your breath away. This unique experience to run or walk along the Great Ocean Road free from traffic is unmissable. The weekend features a variety of running & walking events to suit all ages and fitness levels, as well as Festival activities including yoga, kites, live music & more. Choose your distance and take on the Great Ocean Road: - 60km Ultra Marathon - 44km Marathon - 23km Half Marathon - 14km Paradise Run - 6km Run - 1.5km Kids' Gallop - 5km / 10km Great Ocean Road Walk Early Bird registrations are now open - sign up now to secure the best price on your entry! More information: www.greatoceanroadrunfest.com.au
  17. ENTER YOUR DETAILS BELOW TO WIN THIS AMAZING PACKAGE AND THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME! The winner will receive: Return Economy airfares to Melbourne from Singapore for two (fly out Morning Friday 18th May, 2017; returning Friday 25th May, 2017) Race registrations for two people in the event of their choice at the Great Ocean Road Running Festival 7 nights accommodation @ various locations in the Otways, Anglesea, Port Campbell and Port Fairy (18th – 24th May, 2018) Various activities including: Otway Fly TreeTop walk and zipline, 12 Apostles Helicopter flight and other guided tours. Vehicle hire for length of stay (Collected Friday 18th May and returned Friday 25th May at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport) http://greatoceanroadrunfest.com.au/win/
  18. Mr. Soh = Soh Rui Yong, famous in SEA Games 2017 and 2015. You are famous....only can see your dragon tail, cannot see your dragon head. Because you never show yourself in the pic. Runners in the world knew it.....haha...we enjoyed reading your experiences in the running events. Since you are eyeing Christchurch Marathon, why not go for it!!! Very easy to score your PB.....flat ground and cold weather.
  19. Dr. Soh?? I am not famous la... Pris Chew is much more as she won blogger of the year award... This is a race that I have always been eyeing.... Thanks Top Chan... Did you run it before?
  20. Creating Clean, Green Events as a Norm

    Hi. Ms. Lady Ice. Can you please ask the organisers to charge the registration fee cheaper since everything go green? Runners paid for it!!!! We, runners paid all the trash.....actually no frill is the best! Recently, SCSM event tee are too big for Asian people, we runners trashed the tee shirt...., is it a waste that we paid? We don't mind to bring our own cups, our drinking water......to the running event. You must remember, NO TRASH.....NO BUSINESS.....NO INCOME to organizers, cleaners, paper cups manufacturers, 100 plus manufacturer.......and SEMBCORP, no rubbish, no income....they use trash to generate power to Singapore.....then, we need to pay more money to use electricity which generated by fuel. Veolia, the cleaning contractor, no trash...no recycling income to them. Can you tell NTUC FairPrice to go GREEN, start charging the plastic bags? So many clean NTUC Plastic bags found in the bins, longgang and hawker centre floors.....and our Government use the money printing out so many rubbish that people actually don't need it. Go green is good....do you think people will listen to you? Do you think runners will listen to you, throwing the used bottles, used cans and used paper cups to the correct recycled bins? OMG....they are running for time...doing their personel best....even the champion Kenyan runner, grap his drinks on the table and continue to run, after drinking...just dump his bottle on the ground, 500m away from the water point. Some runners run until head kong kong....don't know where are the bins located, and they must meet the cut off time, so .....just throw away and continue to run. Nowadays, People go for convenient.... if every runners go green, less cleaners are deployed and employed, organiser make more profit not you.The organiser will thank you a lot and other will hate you....no income to cleaners.
  21. Be proud as a Singaporean! Fly our Singapore flag in Christchurch.....at the finishing point! Don't forget Singapore have 2 famous great elite runners....Dr.Mok and Dr.Soh. and Our famous runner bloggers got Pris Chew and You, Autumn Runner! The runners in the world are reading your exciting running event which you participated.
  22. ASB CHRISTCHURCH MARATHON 2018 - Sunday 3rd June 2018

    I hope to see you in the photo or video in 2018, and encourage more Singapore runners to run Christchurch marathon in the future. Dr. Mok can do it....YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
  23. Klang City Marathon - car accident

    If all runners stop and boycott that.section.. and either run on the pedestrian path or find a safer route,I think the organiser will know there is something wrong with their route. Main point is all runners unite...
  24. Race Against Cancer 2018 - 15 or 22 Jul

    For a good cause... it.has all the while been ECP right?
  25. Klang City Marathon - car accident

    if already running in the race and choose not to run the route...then you mean DNF?
  26. Last week
  27. Kings of the Trails - 11 Mar, Jun, Oct, Nov

    Coz you not trail runner mah... Yah I didnt... would have stopped for a while if I saw there was one...
  28. Race Against Cancer 2018 - 15 or 22 Jul

    Joined this year.... will join again next year
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