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  2. So I'm new in this activity called running, all weekends I get up in the morning, I have breakfast and then I go for a run, I've been doing this for one month now, and I want to know if anyone can give me advice and tips on how to run better, faster and running in general, I'm also a soccer player, so I imagine running is going to help me out, I will have a better condition, and I will learn how to breathe. So it would be nice to hear advice from you guys.
  3. To make it multi-terrain, they just have to make runners run through Coney Island including the little strip of 'beach'
  4. Those thinking of signing up for this race, I come across an e-shop run by RUN magazine that is also selling race slots at a slight discount. This race is one of those where you can enjoy a 5% discount. It's not much but it's better than nothing and every bit helps. Grab your savings here >> Do note that if you are buying from RUN e-shop, you would be sent a promo code to register at the registration site (run by 1-Xcess)
  5. Nuts to be, please take note of some changes to the route & locations of the CPS: 1. CP1 will be shifted 1.5km further to the entrance of Ulu Sembawang Park. There's no change in the route to get to this CP. 2. There's a route diversion along Simpang Kiri Park connector after CP3 (before Yishun Ave 2). 3. CP7 will be shifted about 200m away from its previous location. Please view our FB page for the specific changes/description HERE. For those looking to clock another long run along the race route, there will be a night session from MR to CP4 (37km) or CP5 (51km). Gather at MR Amenities Centre at 11pm.
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    any races that you will be taking part soon? or probably in the near future?
  7. Actually this is not really slowly easing... it's rather fast and furious... hahah
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  9. That is pretty nice!, and good luck, keep running.
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    Yes that makes sense, thanks again, let's keep in touch.
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    no problem about it @Activelifestyle255. Some of my friends have the same feedback but I asked them, which portion do I delete away? After thinking through, the conclusion was that each portion carries it's own weight where different runners finds a different importance in each. To remove one chapter means some runners would lose the focus, thus I remained all but keeping the details as concise as possible. I read yours too and it's more about the health benefits that running brings. That's good and hope you continue to motivate the rest of your friends and community at large.
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    Thanks, I check out your website, quite interesting competitions, I'm having trouble to read the article it's long haha, check out my website, and let me know what you think
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    Hi Carlos... indeed is 18years young.... it's great to have such healthy mindset at such an early age and I am sure you would be able to get what you require here in this forum... Welcome once again...
  14. they stated Punggol Waterway Park and indeed there could be a chance that it would be the same route, so let's see.. I was wondering where to find the different terrains route in Punggol initially and gave up thinking about it while waiting for the organisers to release the infor... if it's same route, then its only tarmac and hard "cklay" (coney island)... let's see...
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    Hey I'm new to the forum and new runner, my name is Carlos I'm 18 yers young and I want to say that I hope to learn about running, health and fitness in this forum. So I will be arround here
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  17. I had initially contemplated going to their Launch Event today, during lunch break. However, a quick check on their FB showed a scary long queue, and I decided otherwise. Will have to sign up online instead!
  18. You still not convinced that it will be the same route as Runners League Leg 01? Only time will tell. I doubt very much there will be any so-called multi-terrain for this run. If you noticed, they make no mention of this in their publicity material so far. The emphasis so far has been 'which team are you on?'
  19. I also interviewed Jasmine Goh at the launch event.
  20. Can't find anything about the route yet. this is crucial information since the location has changed totally. Another important information is if there will still be different terrains to run on as per consistent with Real Run's usual format.... need a few of these to decide.... ... of course neglecting the hoohaa about the logistics company involved... ahhah
  21. wahaha.... let it go liaoz .. this race has been a success for many years and I believe it would not change to include male runners in many years to come...
  22. All about the Launch Event for Great Eastern Women's Run at One Raffles Place.
  23. From the quote above, it seems that they are enticing people to sign up now for a chance to win competitive prizes which only those with a timing chip can qualify....
  24. Just in case any of you are wondering what's gonna be served at the various checkpoints, and plan your hydration/refueling strategy properly:
  25. Registration starting today!
  26. The event owner and organiser is the HomeTeamNS Real Run Committee.
  27. At the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, you can bring the family to run for a good cause and enjoy fun-tastic activities! Registration ends 6 Aug:
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