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  2. Hugs @kohpapa - hope to see you out there..... you'll hear me calling everyone to BYOB and Bin your litter during the run or hold it yah!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Agree thank you Uncle @kohpapa And see ya back here when you done with SA
  5. Thank you Uncle and hope to see you around again... thanks for grouping us together for the run and will sure rem the "stress" running "together"...
  6. Well, it is time to move on to SCSM [Grand Finale] from here, shall we? As Team Captain of Teams sgRunner2020, sgRunner and sgRunnersUnited, uncle would bid you goodbye to @beast, @starfinder, @Lady Ice and @AutumnRunner. Thank you for the memories of Once we were sgRunners United. In uncle's 10th year in sgRunners, this shall be the best to be remembered as "We Raced against the Best of SG and The World Elites". Even though this event is Virtual Race, the rules can be made flexible for there is not need to really form a Full Team, whoever can start first, just go ahead.
  7. Really enjoyed running with you all even though we are apart @kohpapa @beast @AutumnRunner @starfinder Now to focus on completing the 10K and 21K for SCSM and then will do my own 24 hour marathon for the full marathon
  8. Thank you. Think it is easier to run in the cold than the hot.... now try to catch you
  9. Sure bro, uncle also will be ending 2020 with Virtual Races with Medals...rest and recover well heading to 2021 [we are still in Covid-19 pandemic]... Now are you convinced, because of Covid-19 in 2020, why everyone has become Virtual Race Runner or Virtual Challenge Runner or *AR (Rouvy) Runner *AR (Rouvy) Run is an alternative to Swim Leg in IM Virtual Race...(Run) - Bike - Run...that is an IM Virtual Race format. Uncle wishes all, the very best to 2020 SCSM [Grand Finale], Happy Thanksgiving Week also. Announcement: This will also be uncle's farewell from this Forum, as
  10. I will give this a miss.... haaa... usually after SCSM is the time for my legs to rest for the year... haaa
  11. uncle agrees...since joining SCSM Virtual Club, from Week 6 VR6 [mid sept] heading to SCSM [Grand Finale]... Weekday Virtual Challenges (badges), Weekend Virtual Races (races) Of course, a week from after next...uncle heads for another one SC Marathon...Registered 2 FM events with this one...KLSCMarathon... KLSCM 2020 Virtual Run - One Marathon Virtual Run for Fun, the Other Marathon Virtual Run for Medal... anyone wants to join uncle?
  12. dear @Lady Ice, uncle is actually here... https://s.tgr.run/ you can register here... https://runnerreg.com/portal/registration/stgr-marathon-vr https://s8.gifyu.com/images/strava.jpg last sunday, uncle ran Marathon Virtual Race...currently Male 42K Top 10 ... today, uncle ran 1/2 Marathon.. expected to be Male Top 10... so is @pris, Female Top 3... What you need is Strava app...to upload results uncle next will be going for 10K and 5K...RunFaster... and add-on Finisher Wood
  13. Excellent run all. @AutumnRunner - fantastic performance @kohpapa - when's our next relay
  14. Top 1900 for overall for our latest sgrunnerunited results... nice... congrats to all...
  15. Result: Global Top 2000 Elite (8,085 total entries) Congratulations to Team sgRunnersUnited. SG Top 30
  16. I guess should be OK... depends if uncles wants a not...
  17. Uncle not allowed even to share personal opinions on non SA affiliated local races?
  18. Finally one last week before the VR challenge... what a series of runs .
  19. Oh... that will be a loss to the forum runners here...
  20. @AutumnRunner Well done bro! Best timing of 24:27! The final time for sgrunnersunited is better than sgrunner and sgrunner2020!
  21. Luckily I never see your message before I run... else sure overly stress...
  22. Last week
  23. Love the suspense. RunFastest 4 will be great what ever he does. We will be happy that he is able to run for sgRunnersUnited
  24. aiyo, good morning [SG Time], @AutumnRunner must beat @Lady Ice best PB in 5KM to make Team sgRunnersUnited to become Singapore Top 15 and Global 700 Elite..no wonder RunFastest 4 is so "stressed"... Latest : Singapore Top 30 and Global 1400 Elite...
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