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  2. Will the London marathon be cancelled because of coronavirus? (info - https://metro.co.uk/2020/02/27/will-london-marathon-cancelled-coronavirus-12311496/) London Marathon 2020 Cancellation Policy (extracted from the General Conditions of Entry - https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/en-gb/general-conditions-entry/) Option for Withdrawal (info - https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/en-gb/withdraw/)
  3. S’pore Athletics (SA) is caught in another boo-boo on SRY (source - https://mustsharenews.com/singapore-athletics-compares/)
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  5. Coronavirus reaches South America as Brazil confirms first case (extracted info - https://www.thenational.ae/world/the-americas/coronavirus-reaches-south-america-as-brazil-confirms-first-case-1.985033) Update: Pakistan becomes the latest country to be struck by coronavirus after Brazil confirms case of the killer infection in a 61-year-old who travelled to Italy
  6. The routes are out from Forest Force 50 15km - 25km - 50km - So, they cover Zhenghua Park to Mandai for the 25km. Wonder if the routes will be almost identical if the Start Point is Hindede (Summit from Hindede side).
  7. The routes are out 15km - Dairy Farm >>> Zhenghua Park >>> U-Turn >>> Dairy Farm 25km - Dairy Farm >>> Zhenghua Park >>> Mandai >>> U-Turn >>> Dairy Farm 50km - Dairy Farm >>> MR >> U-Turn >>> Zhenghua Park >>> Mandai >>> U-Turn >>> Zhenghua Park >>> Dairy Farm
  8. Tainan cancels its marathon as New Taipei presses on...Participants who have applied to run in next year’s marathon instead due to concern over COVID-19 would not have to pay registration fees again (info - http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2020/02/27/2003731707)
  9. London Marathon issue statement amidst ongoing coronavirus concerns (info - https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a31113453/london-marathon-coronavirus/) One AbbottWMM Major is For Elites Only (Tokyo Marathon), Which one will be Next?
  10. Personally, yes. It is better to be safe than sorry. Runs can always be completed again once this thing is over. That said, understand people are very upset at the cancellations as they have trained hard for the runs.
  11. Another $1,000 from Singapore Athletics to SRY.
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  13. DORSCON level could be lowered if COVID-19 spreads widely worldwide: Gan Kim Yong (info - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/dorscon-level-covid19-transmits-worldwide-coronavirus-12469484) 1. What if the DORSCON Orange is drop back to yellow The following is extracted from MOH website: https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/risk-assessment-raised-to-dorscon-orange Measures such as temperature screenings at events will no longer be mandatory or enforced, would you still take part in the race? 2. Metasprint Series - the only Local Race that has not cancelled any of their races and has followed the MOH advisory guidelines during DORSCON Orange Do you agree and support that Race should not be cancelled "in an open space, you won't catch the virus from a passing person"?
  14. My personal opinion of the best option is deferment of race slot to next year. Virtual marathon also sounds like a bad idea..... those who needs logistic support must be self sufficient... but I guess its still better than no refunds at all... I see yh90 in the comments... Guess he got a Seoul Marathon slot?
  15. We have seen how different each organiser manages cancellation (due to COVID-19): Hong Kong Marathon - refund and defer to 2021 Tokyo Marathon - no refund but defer to 2021 Seoul Marathon - refund but no deferment Nagoya women's marathon - none of the above but virtual marathon.
  16. Update: Seoul Marathon 2020 (Apply for a refund) Reaction from the Participants Note: there will be an official announcement regarding if the marathon will be cancelled, postponed or modified.
  17. Younger SRY was a "rash" and competitive youth, and to be the best is his passion, as a full time athlete, he has to find other means to support himself, plus a future of himself, and someone whom he can also share his passion with. Tough to be challenged by so many "negatives" which have yet to be proven to be "true". Need to defend oneself with financial means to "win" only in High Courts, not in Races. So far, SA has to pay for the damages from the High Court. SRY vs SA - 1 : 0 next vs Ashley Liew, SNOC, RunOne... beyond 2020?
  18. I didn't know he was from RJC... He could have been a high flyer but he stood to his passion as a full time athlete. Props to him for that.
  19. SRY's sharing of having the best Workout of 2020 in Queenstown Stadium
  20. 2020 Metasprint Open Water Training (register - https://metasportevents.net/2020-metasport-training-clinics/select_competition) 2020 Metasprint Duathlon (8 March) - All You Need To Know (info - https://www.metasprintseries.com/the-duathlon-all-you-need-to-know/)
  21. Thanks for the update bro! Now I can mark my calendar.
  22. Mayor says coronavirus should not affect Boston Marathon (info extracted: mybestruns.com) The Boston Marathon has never been canceled or postponed in its 122-year history, although it was stopped in 2013 after two bombs were detonated near the finish. The Boston Marathon had never been canceled or postponed, even by snow squalls in 1925, 1961, and 1967, sleet in 1907, or 100-degree heat in 1905.
  23. Thanks @lonewolf, SRY is "fighting" an uphill battle against pending lawsuits. Seems like he is determined to "correct" the wrongs on accusation with the "right" facts. Let's see how the events unfold, legally. SRY is an inspired athlete for all, battle against vs The Rest of the World on his plans on breaking his own PBs. Again, we report facts, and we let the Courts decide on the legal verdicts. Just enjoy SRY's journey against all odds.
  24. I originally started this thread to discuss SRY's omission from the 2019 SEA Games. But since that event has long past and the thread has taken a new life on its own, I have changed the Title of the thread to correctly reflect the current situation - Soh Rui Yong vs The Rest of the World : ) Thanks for the update, Uncle!
  25. Update: Ashley Liew vs Soh Rui Yong Defamation Suit
  26. Update: Uncle explores route... For your interest, Forest Force 50 15KM route on 29th March 2020 (Sun) Met their production crew at Dairy Farm Nature Park side...while uncle exit to Singapore Quarry... Please follow only Hiking (Runner) Trail like this one at Chestnut Nature Park. Yes, if uncle kena caught running at Mountain Bike Trail, kena FINE will be $2,000. Got tip from one of the crew "runners" from the Forest Force 50 Organising Committee, go to the Summit from Hindede side to take the route to Daisy Farm Nature Park, and that is the "pipe line" route of Bukit Timah Nature Park. Sounded like the same Forest Force 50 crew also knew about the Trans Singapore routes. Same theme - a "continuous" route. only 2 trail races here in Singapore... running during wee hours with trail lights...
  27. Update: Info and 15KM route video Follow this video on Volvic Forect Force 15KM route Met their video production crew as well as "acting runners". Even engaged a conversation with one of the them and find out more information.
  28. please contribute your post on anything you have run to this sub-forum thank you for your contribution, enjoy your running experience
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