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  2. Sigh. Too bad still don't have any near my place. Looks like expensive cab again if I join. I think I'll probably not.
  3. I finally thought I can sign up for this but then saw I will be away the weekend of the run
  4. Race result out >>
  5. Looks like there will be more shuttle bus pick up points this yr compared to last yr. Hopefully, this will encourage more to sign up! Check out the list of pick up locations this yr.
  6. What was the cut off time for Sundown UltraM ?
  7. 100km cut off with trail quite stressful....not simple.
  8. never say never.... we shall see when is your turn loh haaaa
  9. until
    Charitable causes calls for charitable hearts! Metta Welfare Association in having its 8th running event, Metta Charity Run 2017, in a specially curated ‘Superhero’ theme run to honour the dedicated contribution of our ‘superheroes’: donors, volunteers, partners and beneficiaries. The Metta Charity Run 2017 will be held at the OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub on 26 August 2017. The event starts from 7.30am till 11am. Participants can expect a refreshing and scenic superhero running experience at the OCBC Sports Hub. The Run consists of a dual league of ‘superheroes’: a squad of heroic beneficiaries who live their lives fully despite their disabilities and our pool of magnanimous supporters – basically, people like YOU! Metta will not be where it is right now without your unstinting support. Metta Charity Run 2017 continues to hold non-competitive 5km, 10km run categories as well as the parent & child 1.5km fun run. This fundraising event, targeting to raise $180,000, provides runners with the opportunity to be amongst like-minded participants in a gathering to go the distance for a good cause and celebrate healthy living. The fun does not just end there. A mini carnival of food, games and entertainment awaits our runners to quench their thirsts in chilled drinks, fill their bellies with delightful treats and relax to captivating performances by Metta School students amongst others. Get lucky with our Super Draw and win exciting prizes while you’re there! Join forces with us as we work towards bringing a positive impact for our beneficiaries through this meaningful event. This annual community event organised by Metta aims to raise funds for the disability care, medical care, special education and early intervention programmes that Metta provides in aid of some 1,000 beneficiaries from across various races and religions. Registration for the Metta Charity Run is open and available at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Metta Welfare Association: Metta Welfare Association plays a pivotal roleinrealising its mission through nine welfare centres located islandwide. Currently serving over 1,100 beneficiaries from various races and religions, these centres are segregated into the areas of Disability Care, Medical Care, Children Care, Special Education and Alumni Care. Metta aims to deliver a holistic approach to development andenrichmentprogrammes for its beneficiaries. We seek the support of the community in our fundraising efforts to provide quality programmes and services to our beneficiaries.
  10. yes, finalizing some other commitments then can confirm. It will be my first if I attempt.
  11. Unable to go for the run due to last minute matter. Letting go run slot at half price. Note : Race is this Sunday (28 May) @ 5am 21km men Race bib is already printed with my name Will pass you full set of race pack but singlet size is men L & finisher tee size chosen is L size. Got shuttle bus ticket from Punggol if you are keen.
  12. Yep We will certainly be supporting Simon in spirit... from our beds.
  13. The day you've been waiting for is here, registration is now open for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017! Hurry on over to to get your running slots at Early Bird rates now!
  14. You signing up bro?
  15. TNF100km cut off is 18 hours. But agree that the picture of a forest might be indicative of a trail run.
  16. we will be supporting you mentally for your PB attempt... right @prisangel?
  17. Last week
  18. Can confirm Marina Run 2014 does have e-cert.
  19. Road or trail race also not sure ? This date used to be TNF100 race. Picture showed running into forest ? But 20hrs cut-off time for 100km probably is for road.
  20. All finisher of Marina Run 2016 10km and 21km received a finisher medal, a Newton finisher T-shirt and a race eCertificate ! The inaugural Marina Run is called Marina 21 K in 2011 with event tee even though it was printed finisher tee, finisher medal and eCertificate followed with Marina 21K@Punggol in 2012 with finisher medal and race eCertificate. No Marina 21K in 2013. It was renamed as Marina Run in 2014 with event tee, ELM finisher medal and eCertificate (unable to confirm since I didn't take part, wasted... the only ELM finisher medal issued by Marina Run to date). It became a "consistent" trinity run since Brooks Marina Run 2015.
  21. can finish good enough liao lah. if can poison more ppl to join me for this run, even better. if can poison autumn n u into the event, best! lol
  22. Yup. That's my conclusion too but I think you are probably right too. So either you dun pay income tax (in which case tax deductible is irrelevant) or if you do, the $30 or $35 doesn't really amount to much deduction from the taxable income (even if you factor in the 2.5x) but every bit helps I guess. The way I look at it. It's a win-win-win for me. I donate to a great cause, got all the race goodies and am able to claim deductible. What's not to love about this race!
  23. why are you disappointed? I believe there will still be adequate food for all...
  24. Yea Simon's training plan is super solid!! Based on that, I know Simon can finish this year's race with a PB.
  25. Two events? Why not go for the Ultramaniac award? Haha!
  26. How are the 2 related? You should finish your 21km before the majority of the 10km runners return. So you likely won't meet any organizational mess in finisher or food collection.
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