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  2. How undertrained are you? I don't think you are that undertrained to get sweeped or be diverted?
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  4. Too much going on with personal life, not enough training and long runs.
  5. I will go for this Forest Force, if there is no pending work/family commitment. Hope to see some of you there!
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  7. Just received a SCSM email to download their apps. TATA consultancy again.. They were the ones responsible for last year live tracking apps that didn't work from beginning to end. No one was tracked.. Can't believe despite last year major screwed up, they were the selected for this year apps.
  8. I've not decided yet, but will b tempted. Sounds interesting in my opinion...
  9. Noobie is in!! (only because of the single loop race format)
  10. Bro, are you signing up for the Forest Force 50? Am considering to go for the 25km as a LSD for Sundown.
  11. I've done the 50km at The North Face 100 and MSIG 50 before, but not this one. A different beast to tackle all together due to the uneven terrain and elevation. Yes, the shades will provide some shelter, but not all parts of the trail are sheltered such as the Belukar trail. During the hottest part of the day (12.00pm - 4.00pm), the trees will actually trap the heat in the trail, that's something you'll need to get used to during training. All the best buddy!!
  12. Last week
  13. The weather in May is expected to be hot... running 50KM will take longer time after sunrise, even in the tree or under the shadow, still hot and humid. so... better set expectation to yourself. 😅
  14. ZZIZZ

    Lunar (Pig) Run 2019 - 17 Feb (Sun)

    "Don't run when you are free, free your time to run instead!" 😝😝😝
  15. I’m definitely not in any shape to PB this year. My only aim is to finish with my two legs and not to get on the sweeper bus or kenna divert.
  16. After the successful crazy ultra, I think I have decided to downsize to participate the Forest Force 50 (50km trail running) happening on 4 May starting from Dairy Farm. Trails should be cooler under tree shade. Anyone had ran this before? From their website, it says "The main highlight is the 50km which is a single continuous run that doesn't involve any loops"
  17. stalky79

    Income Eco Run 2019 - 28 Apr (Sun)

    Signed up for my first running event of 2019 after rejections from hk, Tokyo, London and most probably Berlin
  18. Yes, and finish walking the FM below 6 hours too 💪
  19. Means I should have no problems walking the whole marathon. 😃
  20. wonderfulblevic

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for monitoring this forum and for replying. No need to apologise. It’s a small matter. I just wanted to confirm cos initially I thought it’s a sticker then when I peeled a bit at the corner, it doesn’t seem to be a sticker. That’s when I thought I had better ask. The goody bag is quite good and value for money. Thank you for making the effort and listening to suggestions and feedback here. I’m personally looking forward to the LED medal.
  21. means you're more than equipped to run 42km now 😉
  22. WalkingJoe

    Punggol North LEDM Run 2018

    Hi Wonderfulblevic We are sorry for the race bib having no holes and safety pins. My team first time use a new contractor, and this supplier apparently deliver the bib without holes and safety pins. While time is running out due to late receive from the supplier, we had to issue out to all, and seek runners' assistance to punch hole and pin on your own. Paisei Paisei... I was too focus to ensure the goodies bag are in order first. Joseph Punggol North CSC Chairman Overseeing Organizing Committee
  23. Sir, truth to be told, I walked most of the time. 😂
  24. You've just did a 101km LSD 2 weeks ago. More than enough to run 2 and a half FM 😅
  25. If you're aiming for PB, likely no. If you're aiming for completion, more than enough.
  26. Me too. Haven’t been running much for last couple of months due to work and just plain laziness. Hope to squeeze in (and survive) one 30+ km run this weekend.
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