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TRI 2019 - Swim, Run & Climb!

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Event details

If you haven’t TRI-ed, then here’s your chance to join in Singapore’s Only Run, Swim and Climb event!



Participant Age & Other Requirements
1) Individual Category participants must be at least 13 years of age as per the calendar year.
2) For Doubles Category, The first participant must be at least 7 years of age while the second accompanying participant must be at least 13 years of age, both as per the calendar year.
3) For the safety of others, long hair must be tied up to prevent the drippage on to the floor after swimming.
4) Participants are allowed to participate in all sections of the race in their swimwear under their clothes if they choose to do so. Participants are also allowed to carry a small backpack to contain their towels and/or swimwear in the race.
5) All participants must be able to swim proficiently without the need for a flotation device.
6) Participants are required to wear their own shoes when climbing on the highwall. Please ensure that you are wearing tight-fitting, covered shoes.
7) For the Doubles category, both participants must be within 10 meters of each other.
8) ClimbingHarnesses will be provided for 

Things to bring
2) Small Backpack (To keep your towels and/or swimwear)
3) Big Towel (To dry yourself up after the swim)
4) Goggles (Optional)
5) Swim Cap (Optional)
6) Running Shoes (To be placed at the end of your swimming endpoint)
7) Water Bottle
8) Swimming Costume / Trunks

Bag Deposit Area (Free) or Pool Lockers (Charges apply)
You can deposit your belongings at our Bag Deposit Area or use the pool lockers however additional charges applies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Qn: Can I still participate if I can’t swim?
Ans: Yes! For non-swimmers, you can skip the swim segment. Unfortunately however you won’t get the finisher medal.

Qn: What’s the minimum age required? 
Ans: For individuals category, they must be at least 13 years of age from the date of event. For doubles category, minimum is 7 years old for the first participant, while the other must be 13 years old & above.

Qn: Can I climb in the gym / swim / run after the session?
Ans: After 4pm, all race participants can stay on to climb for $10. Gym rules still apply. However the pool will not allow re-retry. Jogging track is open for public at all times!

Qn: Can I get the medal & t-shirt if I miss the race?
Ans: No, finisher medal and tees are only for participants who has successfully completed the race.

Qn: Can I make payment over the counter?
Ans: We prefer online payment which can be done with VISA/MASTER. However you can make payment over the counter before registration closes on 31st July.

Qn: What if I am sick on event day? Can I get a refund?
Ans: Unfortunately we will not be able to provide a refund. Stay healthy and we hope to see you!

Qn: Is there a transition area for me to change to?
Ans: Yes there will be a designated area to place your Towel, shoes & water bottle before you start your swim. However do note that you will need to collect all your items when leaving the pool for your run. All other belongings are to be kept in the lockers provided in the pool. Additional charges for the lockers apply.

Qn: Do I have to climb the lanes consecutively? What if I am tired?
Ans: You can climb at your own pace, meaning you can take rest in between your climbs. However you will need to climb before your wave’s cut off time.

Qn: How hard are the Climbs? I’ve never climbed before!
Ans: Don’t worry! The climbing walls will mostly be beginner friendly. However! If you are up for a challenge, let our Wall Race Officials know, and we will be glad to show you to our challenging lanes! You got to TRI!

Qn: Can my family members enter the pool to support and cheer me on?
Ans: Yes! However regular pool entry fees will apply.

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