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    • I think they will do some sort of the same thing as Sundown Marathon. This year due to increase number of oversea runners, there were many more runners. The starting was break into wave after wave. I was running at the 6th wave despite I reach there early because I queue at the wrong entry point. It jam pack until ECP. 
    • Yup from their initiatives that they are bringing to the table so far, it is pretty obvious that they are more concerned with making money and cost cutting, than providing a better race experience. I don't think people will be missing SWW as they didn't bring a good race experience before either, and no use complaining coz we are going to be stuck with IM for the next 10 years...
    • I'm beginning to think that in the mind of IM, 'holistic and consultative approach' means let's see how we can squeeze more $$ out of this whole thing.  Think about it, with only 1 start point, you save the cost of having 2 sets of start points, setting them up, arranging the logistics, having the volunteers and security in place etc etc.. the list goes on. 2 different starting points means more cost. One starting points for the FM and HM will result in some cost savings - even if they have an additional baggage deposit point. IM is the same brilliant organiser that managed to squeeze 2 races on largely the same course earlier this yr with the SCMS Warm UP Race and the Asics City Relay. So it's not too big of a leap to imagine that they only have  on their mind. You know if the worse happened and IM really screws things up this Dec, I can almost hear the people saying 'SWW was better at this and that ' ..'bring back SWW!'  etc... 
    • No problem! Glad that it's of help to you! We don't have a car (thus running beyond our neighbourhood is not that easy) but we love to explore new routes and many other runners are probably the same like us too! So we hope to share what we know so that running beyond your own neighbourhood becomes more convenient and easier!  
    • The next one will probably be botanical gardens! We have already tried the route out and all the logistics as well so will be doing up the blog post soon