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    • Yes. Some experts say that their best bet with these first generation vaccines is that while they may not stop you from getting sick, or infecting others, it will at least reduce its lethality, and possibly help you avoid the long term effects of getting an infection (myocarditis, etc.). If getting vaccinated means turning a (potentially) lethal "viral pneumonia" into something like just a bad cold, then I'd say its worth a shot (no pun intended). And since you may still be infectious, and can cause the death of someone (elderly, with health problems, etc.) who isn't vaccinated, one must still wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
    • The world is practically... at war. I know that may sound a bit "over the top" for you guys there in SG, but even with just 257+ active cases, a strong government (relatively) free of corruption, and the financial capability to vaccinate the entire 5.5M+ population, the economic impact of this pandemic is devastating (just like during the great world wars). I'm pretty sure you guys feel the pinch there too. It may not be as bad even over here (our active caseload is actually lower than that of Malaysia) and certainly much less than in Europe and the Americas (North and South) but my main point is, we are all interconnected in our suffering. We are all taking a hit one way or another, and the enemy... is not only stubborn, but seems to be getting stronger. 😯 I keep remembering the alien autopsy scene in the movie Independence Day. When they try to reason with the alien and ask "What is it you want us to do?" The alien, speaking as a collective, gives a one word reply: "DIE..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlawibQ_QKI    (push the video to 0:29 to go direct to what I'm saying)  
    • An interesting note for Team sgRunnersUnited members, Last year we had 3 Teams for this World Online Ekiden Global Race [FOC] In Japan, coming soon in 2021... Per Team Registration in 2021 is...
    • Went down to SPH last weekend to collect the finisher items. It was held in their auditorium with about 7 or 8 small counters and their staff behind a screen. There was a small queue forming but everyone kept their social distance and things were moving fast. Collection was done in less than 10 minutes. They gave a small goodie bag with 100 plus and some sponsor's snack items. But of course I was only interested in completing the trinity medal.  
    • Long haul is right... Given the current situation, even with countries ramping up vaccination, I don't think any runs will open up to international participants this year, so no more overseas runs till next year, and that's hoping for the best.  I just wish that by December we can look forward to SCSM being able to conduct a mass run of some sort and we can re-live the experience of attending and completing a run as a community.
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