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    • The logo on the website has been changed to reflect the Newton brand logo. So now it reads "Newton Challenge 32"" I was thinking of the same thing. So I guess no more Pink Apple version? No more post run buffet?
    • But just like the choice between a vegetarian restaurant or meat serving restaurant, you have the freedom to choose what suits you. balls hurt hor? 😛
    • So, the difficulty for last Saturday Bukit Timah run is considered to be 'entry level'...😭 Can't imagine the hard-level, I might die half way. I still didn't recovered from the back pain and sour legs caused by this run, even at a much much slower pace than road HM run. Usually I can get fully recovered in 24 hours after a road HM... Looks like trial run is really a fierce animal and very different from road run.
    • The tougher the race is, the more excited runners will be... 😆😆😆
    • There is a few things i dun understand,  1) If its not the real Newton challenge, how can they suka suka call themselves "Newton Challenge" Is'nt it somehow copy right infringement ? Totally wrong ! Copy is ok, but it seems like a stingy race.... 2) It was mentioned "Shuttle service: Hard-pressed to put together a last-minute event", They have one bloody hell year to prepare, whats the last min issue about??  3) Baggage service is part and parcel of a race, i knew many will go light, but having a baggage service for runners is like bare-minimum thing. Not all can go light, like ladies, they need a bag to keep sanitary pads etc, and nowadays i believe most runners will need a place to keep their smartphones, a bag to store so as to change to a new set of clothes to take transport.  4) Seems like they are very stingy on cups too, hydration is also part and parcel of a race, i know we want to go environment friendly etc, but not everyone will, at least do have some cups etc for drinks, dun force down people's throat to go environment friendly. To me is pretty wrong on this. Its like u are vegetation but u must also respect those that does eat meat etc.   5) Everyone knows East Coast park is a "wulu place", without Shuttle bus service, we will spend a bomb on taxi, if they start at 4am+, that would mean mid-night cab charges as well. I knew some dun mind taking taxi or Grab, but spare a thought to those who live far. How many teenagers runners. Poly students, JC students, NS men who have limited or no earning powers? This whole event sounds so money cost saving, last min feel, i might as well do my own runs in East Coast Park in loops.